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All Wealth Comes From The Earth
May – September, 2017
Special Sessions with Embodied Astrology

From May – September 2017 I'm proud to be the artist/entrepreneur in residence for Works Progress Agency, a socially-engaged design agency and incubator. During this time I'll be researching astrology as a tool for creative self-employment, sustainable business and alternative economics. As part of my residency I'll be offering special readings at a discounted rate for clients who are interested specifically in exploring business through astrology. Click the button below to schedule your session.

For those of you interested in learning more about astrology, check out my upcoming classes at Works Progress Agency here.

Identifying Purpose & Passion

This reading is perfect for those who are inspired to be self-employed or otherwise occupied productively through living their most passionate purpose. We’ll focus on identifying your specific talents and strengths, planning for upcoming opportunities, developing your projects, and weathering the ups and downs of life while still staying committed to your dreams. $75

Creative Prosperity Strategies

This reading is great for those who are already somewhat established in their business, artistry and/or life path but who would like to think more creatively about getting paid for doing what they love to do. We’ll look specifically at foundational, underlying conditions that set the context for your beliefs about finances; current areas for growth and attraction of wealth; upcoming strategies for generating resource; and redistribution in support of others. $75

Planning and Manifesting Your Projects


Vibrant Collaborations (Synastry)


Work/Life Balance

This reading is specifically for those of you who are currently working on a project, event, business or idea and want help around timing and planning strategies. We’ll use what’s called horary astrology to identify the best days and times to do things like: apply for funding; submit plans; have an opening; sign a contract… and more. Additionally, we’ll identify a few daily magical practices that can help you continue to work with astrological energies through your project cycles in the most effective ways. $75

Synastry readings are the combination of multiple charts in order to better understand your relationship dynamics, opportunities and challenges. We’ll look specifically at which areas you and your partner(s) are most interested in exploring. We will discuss the ways in which you can best work with your differences and conflicts, as well as ways that you can provide unique support, insight and fostering of potential in each other. These readings are open to collaborations and couplings of kinds. $75 for each person

We all need to feel useful and have positive ways in which we contribute through work and labor, but there are also many other important elements of life that need attending to in order to fully support our right work and labor! This reading is for those of you who are satisfied and engaged with your work but are wondering how to best support the constellation of your life and needs as a joyful and healthy balance. $75