I'm happy to consider requests for barters and in-kind donations! I value clarity of agreements and trustworthiness in the people I work with and will require a clear agreement of terms before we exchange services. I'm open to all kinds of proposals so if you don't see what you offer mentioned below, please describe what you would like to exchange in the text area.

Barter requests:

  • Astrology, psychic, tarot, other occult consultation
  • Bodywork, energy work, other health/healing services
  • Web, social media, design help
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, tax assistance
  • Household and skilled gardening help (Portland only)
  • Skilled demo/deconstruction, construction, and carpentry (Portland only)
  • Vacations

*I reserve the right to choose barters according to my needs and availability. Thanks for your understanding.

Name *
What would you like to barter for? *
Describe the skills and/or products that you would like to barter. I accept dollar for dollar exchanges unless hourly exchange makes more sense. Please specify how you value your exchange.