Astrology & Embodied Integration
for Barter & Trade

I love exchanging astrology and embodied integration work for trade! My wishlist and general barter/trade policies are below. If you don’t see what you’d like to offer listed, it doesn’t mean I won’t be interested. If you have a question or would like to make an offer, please either contact me or fill out the form below.

My ongoing wishlist for barter/trade

Bodywork and energy work
Organic and sustainably produced foods (I’m an omnivore)
Wildcrafted herb and plant medicine
Gardening, landscaping, handy-person and construction/carpentry
Vacation-stay opportunities*
Clothing & jewelry (esp. Custom T-shirts)*

My barter policies

  • I reserve the right to decline barter/trade offers for any reason.

  • *Taste is subjective, please don’t be offended if I decline your offer, it doesn’t mean I don’t fully appreciate your craft, it may just not align with my current desires at this time.

  • Hour-for-hour exchange with other client-based practitioners (bodyworkers etc.)

  • Currency rate exchange for goods and products (cost-value of goods exchanged is equal to the cost-value of my sessions)

  • Hourly rate exchange at $35/hour for labor or other hourly services (4 hours of labor = one standard session)

  • If the exchange is not exact, I’m open to partial trade in either direction (i.e. the difference is paid through cash, either by to you me, or from me to you)

Name *
What would you like to barter for? *
Describe the skills and/or products that you would like to barter. I accept dollar for dollar exchanges unless hourly exchange makes more sense. Please specify how you value your exchange.