I understand that offering financial support is not always a viable option, for everyone, at all times. If you have chosen this option it is because that is true for you now, or because you wish to barter or exchange for the value of this class. Please respect that this option is not intended for you to take without offering something in return. My time and labor are valuable. If you receive benefit from my work, please give back to me in return in one of ways described below. Thank you.

I accept non-monetary forms of payment! I love to barter! I am currently requesting barters for: organic food (Portland OR), manual labor/ house and garden help (Portland OR), accommodations while traveling (various locations), massage, reiki, energy work and other healing sessions, herbal medicines, healing stones and gems, and access to education opportunities. I’m open to all offers and reserve the right to negotiate and/or pass on any offers. If you’d like to offer a barter, please feel out this form.

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