Embodied Astrology is written and produced by Renee Sills.

An astrologer’s daughter, Renee grew up speaking the language of astrology and has been fortunate to learn from Heidi Rose Robbins, Emily Trinkaus, Carol Ferris, Judith Hill, Eric Francis and many others. She has been practicing as an astrologer since 2012, offering her clients chart interpretations that include individualized yoga, meditation and self-care regimens. She posts free bi-monthly horoscope columns, podcasts and guided meditations which focus on how astrology manifests in our everyday experiences and through our bodies.

Renee has been a yoga teacher since 2004 and is the co-founder and co-director of Sola School of Contemplative Arts – a somatics and mindfulness-based yoga teacher training program that has a strong focus on accessibility and social justice. Through Sola School she offers yearly courses in Experiential Anatomy and specializes in teaching the complexities of the human body through unique, inclusive, and fun approaches to movement. Renee is a certified Somatic Movement Educator and a registered yoga therapist with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists.)

Embodied Astrology is one of many creative projects that keep Renee's life full and joyful. She works primarily as a socially-engaged artist. Along with astrology and yoga she uses dance, writing, performance, film, music, and other modes of expression to create experiences for herself and others that inspire and provoke self-awareness, relational freedom, and empowered creativity. Visit her personal website here.