Astrology for you

Often called the language of the soul, many people will tell you that a good astrology session is better than therapy. This is because astrologers don't need the whole back story and can quickly get to the root of an experience or problem. Not only does astrology provide insight and context to past and current experiences, it also helps you plan for the future by giving you tools to understand and navigate your personal evolution and its timing.

My approach to astrology is holistic, intuitive, and embodied. I see each person as a unique synthesis of culture, era, and identity defined by circumstance (gender, race, class, etc.) I use the tools of astrology to understand how light, season, temperature, and magnetism affect the development and current states of my clients' physical bodies; and in turn how those influences shape thoughts, emotions, and instincts. My readings are not predictive, though I do provide detailed information and support for upcoming areas of opportunity, challenge, and growth. I incorporate my skills and background as a yoga and meditation teacher, artist, and feminist scholar to provide you with insight, resolution, and empowerment. I offer honest and straightforward conversation, guidance and development for personal practices, and other useful tools for unique individuals living in complex times.

I currently offer chart interpretations for individuals, couples, and groups. Read more about my offerings below.

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Astrology for Individuals

Personal astrology sessions provide an in-depth look at your birth chart with focus on many of your inherent tendencies, strengths, obstacles, needs, and desires. Individual astrology readings with me cover the recent past, present and upcoming astrological influences to help you gain understanding and context for the present moment and coming years. In these readings I consider your natal chart in relation to aspects (the changing sky) and progressions (the growth of your chart over time), as well as relocation charts if applicable. The style of the reading is conversational and can be focused on your current interests or specific questions if you wish.

I offer personal sessions by phone, Skype, or in person. All clients receive audio recordings of their readings and copies of the charts used.

Individual sessions come in three packages:

BASIC: This package includes only the chart reading. Sessions are typically around 60 minutes. $150

EXPANDED READING: This package includes the chart reading as listed above, plus a 30-minute audio recording follow up. You can schedule your initial session, and request the follow-up within 6 months. Please give up to three weeks for delivery. The follow-up will be emailed as a link to the recording download. $200

EMBODIED ASTROLOGY: This package includes the basic reading and is followed by an Embodied Integration. Embodied Integrations are energy work sessions which immediately follow the chart reading. In this time I'll work with you to attune your somatic awareness and intuition towards towards the roots of behaviors, strengths and challenges as they’re described in the chart. The integration will focus on the most important areas of your current astrology and may include guided felt-sense awareness, hands-on touch, imagination, work with spirit guides and incorporation of objects, herbs or medicines. This portion of our work will also be audio recorded, and along with the recording as a practice reference, I may suggest other practices or areas of research to assist with your integration. $225



Relationship Astrology - Synastry and Compatibility for Partners, Families & Teams
$250 + $100 for each additional person

Astrology is a fantastic tool for working with relationships. Synastry and compatibility charts describe each person's influence upon the other, and illuminate the unique nature of the relationship. These readings provide insight into instincts, behaviors, and needs while also facilitating mutual understanding and appreciation. Synastry sessions are great for spouses/couples, business partners, friends, family, or any combination of people who are invested in each other's health and happiness.

Relationship sessions are about 90-minutes long for 2 people and about two hours for 3 people. During this time, I briefly review each person's chart with a focus on present and upcoming transits and progressions. This is followed by cross-comparison of charts where I discuss each of your individual characteristics, such as communication, love language etc., and the influences of each person's chart upon the others. In the final portion of the recording I discuss the composite chart, which reveals the unique chemistry of the relationship as its own entity.


Embodied Integration - $100

Embodied Integrations can be scheduled as a standalone session, or as an add-on to a chart reading. In this session I’ll use your chart as a diagnostic guide to locate areas of energetic tension and dis-ease within your system. Then, I'll work with you to attune your somatic awareness and intuition towards towards these areas, which often reveal roots of behaviors, strengths and challenges in your personal life and ancestry. After these areas are located, we’ll work together to integrate them holistically in your system and find ways for you to anchor, support and resolve their patterns. These sessions may include some or all of the following: guided felt-sense awareness, hands-on touch, imagination, work with spirit guides, incorporation of objects, herbs or medicines. This session will be audio recorded, and along with the recording as a practice reference, I may suggest other practices or areas of research to assist with your integration. Standalone sessions are about 60 minutes, add-ons to readings are 30-45 minutes.

Group Sessions

I enjoy work with groups of all kinds! Astrology can offer tons of insight and practical tools for families, businesses, ensembles, and other groups where people need to understand each other and work together. If you're interested in working with me for a group session, contact me and let me know a bit about your needs. I design readings on a case-by-case basis for groups larger than 3. For groups of 3 or less, please see above for relationship and synastry.

Coaching and Mentorship

I offer ongoing coaching and mentorship to individuals and groups. Availability and pricing is case-by-case. For more information and to discuss your needs, please contact me.