Embodied Astrology Readings with Renee

Embodied Astrology Readings with Renee

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Often called the language of the soul, many people will tell you that a good astrology session is better than therapy. This is because astrologers don't need the whole back story and can quickly get to the root of an experience or problem. Not only does astrology provide insight and context to past and current experiences, it also helps you plan for the future by giving you tools to understand and navigate your personal evolution and its timing.

My approach to astrology is holistic, intuitive, and embodied. I see each person as a unique synthesis of culture, era, and identity defined by circumstance (gender, race, class, etc.) I use the tools of astrology to understand how light, season, temperature, and magnetism affect the development and current states of my clients' physical bodies; and in turn how those influences shape thoughts, emotions, and instincts. My readings are not predictive, though I do provide detailed information and support for upcoming areas of opportunity, challenge, and growth. I incorporate my skills and background as a yoga and meditation teacher, artist, and feminist scholar to provide you with insight, resolution, and empowerment. I offer honest and straightforward conversation, guidance and development for personal practices, and other useful tools for unique individuals living in complex times.

I currently offer a selection of astrological consultation services. I work with individuals, couples, and groups. For detailed descriptions of the kinds of services I offer, click here

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PLEASE NOTE: These chart interpretations will be available beginning August 2018. After purchase you can expect your audio recording and charts to be emailed within two weeks. To schedule a session for July, click here.

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