Understanding the Astrology of 2019

Understanding the Astrology of 2019


Join me for an experiential and experimental journey into the near future where I’ll provide you with clear, fun and accessible means for understanding the esoteric and symbolic language of astrology. This class will give you a basic map for the next 12 months of upcoming opportunity periods, potential challenges and best practices to help you take advantage of this year’s astrological weather.

In the course packet you’ll receive a thorough handout that includes tools for reading and applying the current astrology to any natal chart. Included in the course packet are legends for planetary transits through the signs, rubrics for understanding how each planet will affect an individual’s chart based on their rising sign, calendars for the retrograde cycles and eclipses, plus a 2019 lunar cycle yearly calendar.

The audio/video presentation includes:

  • How to read planets, signs and houses, and apply the presented astrology to your own natal chart.

  • Important dates, periods of challenge and opportunity

  • General and specific themes for 2019’s exciting astrology

  • How the planets and signs work through your body, environments and relationships – and how to work with these energies and events through embodied awareness, breath, creativity and intention. 

  • Q&A

Beginners and more experienced astrologers alike will enjoy this unique approach to astrology that blends  meditative and somatic practices with personal, political and spiritual reflection. No previous knowledge or experience with astrology is required.

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