On February 18th, 2019 the centaur planet Chiron will move into the sign Aries where it will travel through 2027. As astrological symbols, Chiron represents the journey from suffering to spiritual awakening, and Aries expresses the individual ego and mind. During this 9-year transit, we’ll learn about the ways we create and perpetuate our own pain through ego battles and self-centeredness, and will develop skills for healing the root causes and implications of self-inflicted afflictions in ourselves, others and the world we share.

Given on the day of the new moon in Aries, this special 2.5 hour workshop will include

  • A ritual and meditation for Chiron in Aries

  • Instruction on how to identify Chiron and Aries in anyone’s chart

  • Basics on Chiron and Aries’ functions in a natal chart and by transit

  • Background and mythology of Chiron and its archetype “The Wounded Healer”

  • My interpretation of Chiron in Aries and its association with mental and societal health

  • Sign-specific interpretations for Chiron in Aries

  • A guide to key dates and transits for Chiron in Aries

  • Preparation for working with this transit for self-understanding and relational wellness

  • Remediation practices for working with the challenges of this transit

  • Practical and magical methods for working with the opportunities of this transit

This workshop is offered live and online via video conference. Participants will be sent PDF handouts. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO JOIN THE VIDEO CONFERENCE if it conflicts with your schedule or other needs. The workshop will be recorded and available for download as of April 8th.

Requirements: In order to participate in this course, it’s helpful if you know the exact time of your birth. If you don’t know the time you were born you can still participate, though the information may be slightly less specific. I don’t need your birth details, but please prepare for the course by visiting and creating a free birth chart. You will need to know your ascendant (AC), or rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time you will need to know your sun sign.

This course is offered via Zoom. If you plan to attend the live video class, please make sure you have the software installed. You can download the install Zoom’s software from this link (it’s free to install.)

Delivery: A pre-order confirmation will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase. This confirmation is a PDF with the basic course details. It is not the course or the link to it. A link to the video conference will be emailed to you by April 4, 10PM Pacific Time. If you do not receive a pre-order confirmation, or a link to the course by April 5, please contact me.

For those who will not attend the live video conference, a link and instructions for accessing the online class will be sent by Monday, April 8, 12PM Pacific Time.

Format: This course will be offered first through a live conference call via Zoom, and participants will be sent the course handout via email.

The class recording and handouts will be available as an online class, accessible through my website on a password protected page. Videos will be available for download or can be streamed. The password and instructions will be sent to you by email. If you pre-order the class you will be able to access it by April 8th. If you purchase the class after April 8th, it will be available immediately.

Send this class as a gift! Just order using your own information. When you get the email with the course link, forward it to the gift recipient along with your personal message. Please do not click the access link, as your purchase only admits one course per participant.

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