Renée was able to articulate complex ideas in a very accessible way. What could feel like a very esoteric dialogue feels more like a chat between friends. She offers her insight with humbleness and humour. I left the session with a deeper understanding of myself and my patterns; ready and open to the challenges and possibilities ahead.
— I.S.

I recently had a reading with Renee and she clearly has a deep knowledge of astrology. She was able to explain the influence of planets in a way that was meaningful to me. Her reading was insightful and inspired me to navigate my path with more clarity and purpose. I found it very helpful. I would highly recommend her.
— K.C.

I also want to say that I have listened to 2 podcasts and I am feeling a deep resonance w your thoughts on these matters. That is helpful and comforting. Especially since I don’t run into this much resonance commonly. I just think that’s really cool. It’s more than that. My listening to your podcasts over the last 24 hrs feels fated to me.

Just wanted to reach out and tell you that. Thanks
— C.P.

Your work has played a huge part in my life over the past year.
— K.B.

Thank you for your monthly offerings and divinations, they’re always so insightful and resonant. I forwarded them onto a friend who’s in a tough stretch, and your words deeply moved her and just destroyed the false veil of her lifelong internal story.

If you don’t already, you should know that your work is moving people and shifting consciousness.

So a simple thank you on behalf of myself and my friend!
— T.D.