Life is short. Time is precious.
Let’s make sure we’re a good match!

Please take the time to learn about me and what kinds of services I offer. If who I am and what I do resonates for you, and you recognize yourself in the descriptions below, then I would love to work with you!

My clients range in age.

My clients are diverse in race/ethnicity.

I always seek to acknowledge and hold the complexity of a person’s ancestry and inherited privileges and traumas. I am committed to a lifetime practice of seeing and dismantling white supremacy and I carry this commitment into my sessions with clients of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The majority of my clients are womEn and femme identifying.

The male-identified people I work with appreciate me for my ability to help them see how their male privilege works in the world, while also appreciating their humanness and sensitivity.

Many of my clients are queer-identifying

I deeply enjoy working with people across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum as well as those who are exploring alternatives to monogamy. I am cis-gendered, femme and queer, and I enjoy exploring polarities and androgyny. I celebrate and affirm variant expressions of sexuality, gender and relationship/commitment styles. My clients appreciate that I consider gendered societal conditioning and that I encourage them to embrace their authentic and evolving gender identities, sexual expressions and relationship needs.

My clients come from a range of economic backgrounds and financial capacity.

They take the time to understand my sliding scale and they agree to use it responsibly.

Who I Work With

I work with visionaries, artists, educators, healers, activists, movement-makers and spiritual workers. I specialize in creative strategizing and thinking outside the box. I help people envision and implement creative self-employment, regenerative resourcing, experiential and human-centered education and work spaces, radical sacredness and earth-based spirituality. I most interested in working with people who are actively seeking and creating alternatives to capitalism, and who are working to bridge disciplines, create commons, elevate BIPOC, queer and trans folks, and women and femmes.

I want to work with you to:

  • Love yourself deeply and sustainably

  • Embody your values

  • Be accountable to yourself, other people and the planet

  • Nurture healthy boundaries and generosity of spirit

  • Identify and hone your unique talents and gifts

  • Cultivate your vocation and work in the world

  • Resolve and work through money and resource issues

  • Cultivate respectful and nourishing relationships

  • Investigate and develop your spiritual awareness and intuitive capacities

  • Connect and heal with ancestral lineages

  • Deepen your relationship with your body and care for your body