Birthday Reports

Each year-ahead birthday report is a special, expanded yearly horoscope that applies to both the sun and rising sign. This report includes:

  • A  special expanded reading (MP3) outlining the major themes of the sign’s solar year

  • Suggestions and recommendations for personal practices during this year to increase your wellbeing, take advantage of opportunities and work skillfully with challenges

  • A 15-20-page PDF of important aspects and transits dates in the next 12 months with written descriptions of each aspect/transit including important opportunity periods as well as potential challenges. 

Each year-ahead birthday report is discounted to $10 for all monthly subscribers. Subscribers receive  discounts on all of my online classes as well as free monthly zodiac season journals and calendars. Subscriptions are pay-what-you-can, subscribe here!

To purchase a report select your sun or rising sign below. Your report will be emailed on the first day of the season of the sign that you order. IF YOU ARE ORDERING FOR FUTURE SEASONS, PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE READING UNTIL THAT SEASON BEGINS (zodiac months begin between the 20-22 of each month).