Swimming in moonlight - Pisces full moon

Happy full moon day friends. I'm wishing you smooth sailing and warm currents traveling in all the right directions. May the stars and the moon and the sun all shine rays of hope upon your journey. This evening the full moon is exact in Pisces. When the moon is full it is in opposition to the sun. An opposition is a polarity. Imagine two people standing across from one another in a circle, looking at each other, each person feels themselves and their part of the circle personally, the other person and other side might be an opponent or a might be a guide... The circle is the container of the moment, the two players fill it with meaning. An opposition is a separation but it is also an axis, or a continuum between two points. Opposing forces can give each other power and build each other's radiance just as much as they can brace and push against their differences.

Dane Rudhyar, one of modern astrology's greats, made his study one of cycles and relationship. He urged us not to look at any phenomenon as isolated or even meaningful in itself. Everything depends on context. Where you're going has everything to do with where you've come from. The full moon in Pisces came from the new moon in Virgo. What seeds did you plant two weeks ago? What have you been proverbially chewing on lately? What is your question? The full moon might offer some answers, a bit of reflection to your ponderings...

The moon in Pisces is a moon that has a little bit of everything and isn't convinced it's anything at all. Emotions are nebulous, vast and encompassing. The moon ties us to our mothers and maternal lineage as well as the learned emotional response we've absorbed from those influences. Whether or not you know the woman who birthed you, you still spent some months living in her body. The stuff of her is the stuff that made your form and your original imprints. Pisces is the womb and the amniotic fluid; the sea that we all come from and return to; the waters that birth creation, and everything that is in those waters.


The moon is also conjunct Chiron today, symbolizing the wound and the lessons we've learned through our pain. This full moon asks a question about lineage, particularly the feminine lineage (living in all of us) and the pain that she carries. The last new moon in Virgo was a question of service: how will you serve? What do you serve? The full moon today points to the most painful and tender, yet unknowable parts of ourselves. They are unknowable in part because they're so old and have come from all generations past and future. They are unknowable also because it doesn't matter if you know all the stories, it matters how you choose to live with them now. The Truth is that we are all suffering. The Quest is to see our suffering for what it is- not a personal slight but a universal gift in that we can gain the knowledge of how we need to heal. The Service is when we wake up, rise up, and show up for each other with our distinctly personal and unique healing magic.

The moon today speaks directly to the relationship we humans have to Earth and to Water, and to our continuing bad habit of dumping shit we don't know what to do with in the water, or burying it in the earth where it will be absorbed by water. Our human race , our animal cousins, the plants we need if we want to keep being inspired... All of us need water to survive. And we need clean water. We know this.

Water is to Earth what emotions are to our bodies. We all know the feeling of swimming in our feelings. Our emotional response is also our physical response (muscles tighten, hormones secrete, eyes soften etc). We need clean emotional space if we want our bodies to be healthy. The Pisces moon knows that all of us swim in each other's emotional space all of the time. When it comes down to it we really are made of the same stuff, and all the stuff we make is the stuff that we are made of.

Other elements to this moment in the heavens include Mercury in in Libra setting off the Pluto/Uranus square, asking us to communicate diplomatically about our terrifying compulsion for power and our urge to revolt. Neptune in Pisces opposes Venus in Virgo inspiring us to ask not "what can this relationship do for me?" But "what can I do for this relationship?" And Saturn, Mars and Vesta are still holding it down in Scorpio, getting real and getting feisty about the fact that no one is else is going to clean up after us, and we really just need to grow up and do the work that needs to get done.

This is a full moon to dive in and dive deeply. Let yourself experience the everythingness of your nothingness and all that arises from that. Remember to bring your oxygen tank. Stay calm as the dark, blurry shapes move past you in the depths. Feel that your experience has everything to do with how afraid of it, or how enthusiastic you are.

This my friends, is a super moon. To find out more about what this full moon means for you, get your free astrology chart and locate 16 degrees Pisces.

All my love, Renée

This coming Sunday, September 14th Melina and I will be presenting Embodying The Zodiac for the Portland Astrology School ZED talks. Hope you can make it!