I share free affirmations and audio horoscopes for all 12 astrological signs monthly at the start of each zodiac season. Horoscopes are written using sun signs. Sun signs correspond to the month of your birth and prioritize the sun as your most important planet. Since the sun represents basic ego needs, sun sign horoscopes can often be quite accurate on a general level.

I recommend also reading for your rising sign (the sign of the zodiac that was on the eastern-most horizon the moment you were born,) and your moon sign (the sign the moon was in the day you were born.) You can easily find out your rising and moon signs using this free birth chart tool.

Horoscopes based on sun signs are considerably less nuanced than an individual astrology reading will be. If you are interested in having an in-depth and personal interpretation of your astrology the best option is to book a session!



I use affirmations in my horoscopes to give you simple tools for working with current astrology on psychological and spiritual levels. Affirmations are interesting magic that work in two ways:

  • They focus on potential and positivity. They are simple invitations to open yourself to experiences and receptivity. They can create new ideas and possibilities that you hadn't considered before. They provide a friendly gesture of support and validation to remind you of your basic goodness and areas of life that are ripe for expansion, clarity, and healing. 

  • They illuminate restrictions and negativity. Often, affirmations actually create tension and a productive inner dialogue as you repeat them to yourself and notice your resistance and negative self-talk that comes up in response. In this way, as you continue to work with your affirmations you can clear through deep subconscious blockages that prevent you from realizing your happiness and full potential.