August 2016 Aquarius Full Moon Horoscopes

Dear Friends, Please join me for a special year-long course in astrology, yoga, mindfulness, art and activism. Learning To Love More is an experimental course of study that explores philosophy through creativity, lifestyle, and personal practice. The course runs from September 22, 2016 – October 1st, 2017 and focuses on expanding a contemporary understanding of the yamas and niyamas which are the relational and personal practices described as the ten living principles for those on the path of yoga.

Jupiter enters Libra on September 9th and will remain in the sign until mid-October of 2017. Jupiter is the expansive planet of knowledge and represents the supreme teacher. Libra – the sign of mutual understanding, balance, and shared decisions offers a chance for deep exploration of our relational habits personally and collectively. Coinciding with the beginning of Learning To Love More I will start offering weekly online astrology insights with meditation and body-centered practice for working in-depth with the opportunities presented by this transit.

This course is for those of you who want to courageously explore the multi-dimensional nature of relationship through astrology, yoga, theory, and art. Read here to learn more about the course and stay tuned for weekly astrology and yoga classes.

Much love and full moon blessings, Renée

August 18th Full Moon in Aquarius astrology – Listen here Somatic meditation for working with the Aquarius full moon – Listen here

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These horoscopes are written partially as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.

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ARIES A lot has been changing the last few years in the construct of your self-identity. Who you are, and who you are becoming has mostly likely undergone a radical makeover that is still not over. The last year has seen you refining the ways in which you attend to your health, home and habits – which you must understand are crucial for both supporting and motivating you to continue to grow in the most positive ways. Current astrology highlights the ways in which your larger community supports your ability to continue to refine and attend to yourself. My hope for you is that you look around and find that the people who surround you are not only supportive of your priorities, but are in active pursuit of their own which in turn compliment and reinforce yours. Your creative interests will shine brighter with an audience. A village will help raise your children. Academics are strengthened with a study group. Worship is supported by the congregation. Your full moon affirmation is, The person I am becoming requires consistent care that includes eating well, taking care of my body, and attending to my boundaries. The person I am becoming also needs consistent community. I invite those who are seeking health, healing, and happiness to inspire, support, and remind me. I will do the same for them.

TAURUS This full moon is lighting up the areas of your chart that have to do with your creative output and the attention you receive for it. By creative I mean the constructs, contexts or creatures that in some way embody a function of your ego expressing itself. This could be children, creative projects, or even new romance (that sweet, sweet time before another is actually known and you can still project all that you want them to be.) How you receive attention happens both internally and externally, meaning that it happens… and then you have some kind of response and perception of it happening that may or may not be aligned with the intentions of the attendant. My advice to you is to stay calm and play it cool. You’re getting ready to burst into a new incarnation that will surely be a surprise to everyone, including yourself. The affirmation I’m giving you for this moon is good for the next two weeks, the next 6-months, and the next 2 years. Consider printing it out and putting it somewhere you can see for that long. Check in with it again in February at the Leo full moon and in 2018 as Uranus approaches your sign. As long as it does no harm to others, I can be who I am and do as I please. I model healthy self-interest and proud dedication. I follow the path of least resistance by refusing to struggle or suffer. I do what I need to calm my heart now. I recognize that drama arises as a distraction, and my giving it energy is an excuse for inaction. I choose where my attention goes. I choose to focus my attention on the brightest, clearest light shining from the place(s) I want to arrive in. Nothing will deter me.

GEMINI I’m guessing that you have a lot of questions and ideas about relating these days. How to, when, what, and with whom? Those who you are relating with might have been frustrating or upsetting in some ways and their movements (or lack of) contribute to the overall overwhelm of all the things you’re thinking about. Don’t fret. Things will start to move in a more forward feeling fashion now and I hope you can start to work less hard at it all. Keep your focus on what feels good in your homespace and attend to the details that bring you comfort and expand your sense of security. Remember that security does not mean hypervigilance, spy cameras and watch dogs… it’s the simple feeling that your basic needs are met and will continue to be met for the foreseeable future. If you can let yourself relax enough to see that you are safe, perhaps you can also relax your assumptions/expectations of those around you and trust that they will show up when and where they are needed. Your mantra and affirmation for this moon is, I relax the need to control anyone else and I release my beliefs about how others should act. I accept that the only point of view I see consistently is my own, and I acknowledge that my vision is imperfect. When I feel safe and content I am able to be spacious in my relations. When I feel rigidity or fear closing in on me in regards to another, I return to my privacy/my altar/ my sanctuary and remember all that I love in life.

CANCER This full moon arrives in the area of your chart that has to do with shared resources. This includes money, power, and personal energy. Where we share with others is where we are the most vulnerable. Therefore these places are often where we experience secretive, manipulative, and emotionally attached behavior in ourselves and others. A Cancerian worldview is naturally generous and the way you deal with sharing cannot be separated from the idealism you have about how sharing should be. Watch out for the limits you place on yourself when others respond in ways that don’t match your emotional expectations. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that you aren’t good enough. It is a challenge for you to rise to the occasion and build sturdiness in your self-esteem. The more courageous you become in standing up for your own heart the less you will feel the need to manipulate, or be manipulated by others who will use your self-doubt against you. Your affirmation for this moon is I trust that what I have to give is good. I trust that what feels good in my heart will be valued, supported and rewarded. I will keep working to manifest this integration in my daily life. I will not allow myself to splinter or detach in self-doubt.

LEO Leo, your heart is big. You know how to love. It’s something you are willing to work for, and something that you are damn good at. What you love, who you love, and how you love will always be a work in progress. It is part of your life destiny to continue to ask questions about love and to let the questions expand your ability for empathy as well as self-determination. Remember that our love for others doesn’t have so much to do with them. We can’t escape the lens of our own bias, it’s impossible to see outside of our own experience really. So let the ones you love reflect back to you as teachers who bring you to task for your own authenticity. Let love be your chariot on the spiritual path. Let love be giving yourself in service. Let love grow you into a shining, radiant sun that holds itself in the center of everything and commits to the responsibility to keep radiating even when there is suffering and doubt. Your full moon affirmation is, I am in service to love, I don’t judge the forms it takes. Illusions, delusions, and confusion will not close me. I invest in defenseless-ness. I stand with my heart unguarded and brave.

VIRGO Keep working, keep going. You. Are. Almost. There. What will help you in this moment is to give yourself a break though… But by that I don’t mean sit down and rest. I mean don’t criticize yourself for the seriously dedicated being that you are. Take a deep breath right now. Receive this: You give a lot and you give with excellence. You have sacrificed a lot and you have done it with graciousness and purity of intention. You have worked hard, and are working hard to be a grounded, stable person and the world desperately needs that. You have also worked hard and are working hard to own your shit and be accountable in relationships, and the world desperately needs that. I know it’s hard when reflection and validation for your efforts don’t come easily from others. You have to give it to yourself. You have to know that the work you do in your internal process is so good, so healing, and soooooo necessary for all of us to learn from. Thank you. Repeat this to yourself at least once every day, I am good. I am whole. I am healthy. I can ask for what I need. I deserve care, consideration, and comfort.

LIBRA This full moon is a spotlight on your desires for creativity, romance, fun and full-on-ness. It also highlights the ways in which you feel responsibility to your community including those who have passed on or haven’t yet arrived. Remember the wisdom of John Cage, “Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time. They’re different processes.” You have to trust that what you’re doing is meaningful, even if only for you… And remember that individuals whose lives are filled with meaning create meaningful communities. You’re in the process of birthing something and what that is will be revealed, tested, and expanded upon in the coming year. It has everything to do with how you self define, which in turn has everything to do with how you internalize the responses and reactions of your relations. To get clear about what you’re trying to communicate, stop worrying about whether others get it or even like it. If you let your reason be personal fulfillment you will find meaning in all tasks. But if your reasons have to do with assumptions or expectations of what others want and need your tasks will never be complete and will be a drain on your energy. Your mantra is, I celebrate my own fulfillment and recognize the health that is born from my happiness.

SCORPIO Something is ready to change. Recent developments at home and your ongoing efforts to have a life and routine that feels fulfilling are pointing at an urge for expressing yourself in new ways. The last year has been one in which you have been very aware of others – more so in your extended community than close by. You have probably felt both terrified and titillated by prospects of interaction, and you definitely have had to take a close look at how your expectations and desires have influenced the ways that others receive you. There’s an ongoing effort right now to increase your wealth, and to do so in ways that are recognized and affirmed by the world at large. As you enter a phase that will last for the next year you will have to get up close and personal with some pretty deep questions about your intent and core beliefs that motivate you. Your affirmations for this moon are in preparation for that, and they take the form of a question and a prayer. How do I look out for my own best interests without doubting, dissing, or destroying the interests of others? May my home, wherever it is, be inclusive to all and may our relations sustain sanity and wellbeing.

SAGITTARIUS If you’re anything like the Sagittarians I know, you’re a storehouse of information that is useful to other people in some way. Your ongoing pursuit of learning has probably led you to know a lot about something and what that something is might now be held in a place of tension. You don’t want to just drop the path you’ve been on, but you also seem to have an inner knowing about needing something else. What is it? It has a lot to do with your birthright – expansive curiosity, desire for travel, love of the mystery. It also has a lot to do with the things that feel fulfilling to your heart (not your brain.) The puzzle you’re facing right now is how to utilize the information and dexterity that you have developed while also honoring your heart, honing your sense of individual mission, and shaking out the cobwebs from anything that feels like it’s keeping you stuck creatively. Let the current tension burn through your resistance to becoming who you are. Your mantra for this moon is from Rumi, “Let the beauty we love be what we do.There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground. There are a thousand ways to go home again.”

CAPRICORN This full moon wants to help you iron out some wrinkles in the fabric of your self-worth. It’s urging you to look at the ways you have been addicted to suffering and the ways you have been permissive of your own repression. You can go to all the healers in the world, but if you can’t make a decision to change a habit then it’s on you. What do you want? Look at it bravely. Name it, feel it, touch it, smell it. Be willing to look at your own self sabotage… and then forgive it. This moon isn’t about taking you to task and making you beg for forgiveness. On the contrary, it’s asking you to take a high-minded view and survey of your life. Look around and see what an incredible resource you are for others. See that you are and have been loved, valued and honored. And then do the thing that is probably the most terrifying – love, value, and honor yourself. You’re approaching a moment in your personal transformation that is alchemically the diamond forming from coal. Before you get there though you need to dig a little deeper into the shadow. Bring the light of your self-value with you. Trust me. It will be the thing that gets you through. I acknowledge the pain, in myself and others, that causes us to create more pain. I release the need to punish. I release the need to be punished. I release resentment. I open my heart to forgiveness. AQUARIUS The deepest healing comes from the deepest wounds. We all want to be whole, integrated and healthy but it’s rarely an easy task to address the shattered, splintered, dis-easeful aspects of our psyches. Healing has to be both acceptance of the rejected aspects of our beings, and rejection of aspects we’ve allowed to sabotage us. It takes a village of sane, loving, mature folks to raise our inner children and right now that village wants to find you if it hasn’t already. There are some strong messages in your current astrology that are pointing to relationships as being the doorway to healing. Practice seeing others in their holistic health and total complex beauty, and then be brave enough to let them reflect you to yourself. Remember that your subjective POV will never see even a fraction of who you are to the world around you. Your affirmation for this moon is an image rather than words… Imagine yourself like a prism, catching rays of light that are bouncing off all the ones around you and illuminating insight into the spaces inside you that shine back in return.

PISCES A big theme for this year is your path, your dharma, your destiny and how you’re dealing with what you want to DO. The direction you’re heading in life is benefitting from a good dose of pragmatic reckoning and you probably have more energy these days for attending to the actual tasks of your path rather than just the visioning. However, concurrently there are forces acting upon you that feel dissolving and dreamy. The urge to manifest and the ephemerality of manifestation are going head-to-head in a battle for your attention. You’ve been wondering how to solve the puzzle of “reality” while knowing that reality is just a dream… Thankfully, this full moon features some kind of clue that gets right to the center of the conundrum. This is a week to pay attention to all kind of messages, signs, and signals. They will come from your dreams as well as your chores and simple tasks. Be present, be inquisitive, be receptive. There’s some shaking up that wants to happen in how you earn your way in the world and it’s going to require your discipline and your dreaminess, your ambition and your expansiveness. Additionally, a boon might be given to you by someone who knows you well, so as you consider subtlety through your senses make sure to include sensitivity for those who come your way. I easily traverse the space between dream and reality. I pay attention to the messages given to me and I trust my instincts in understanding them. I digest the abstract and ephemeral and I take concrete action.