First class - April 1st - Aries!!!

We are so excited to begin our new class series, Embodying the Zodiac, with ARIES! the first sign of the zodiac. Embodying the zodiac - Aries

Every class will begin with somatic (body-centered) meditation and visualization, then we'll learn which parts of the body, body systems and energetic anatomy correspond to the sign, its ruling planet and element. We'll practice postures, breathing and mantra to help balance and support every body with the positive energetic and physical manifestations of the sign. Each class will end with journaling and a personal exploration of what the sign/planet/element mean and practical tips for how to manifest and balance in the month's energetic offering.

Everyone has every sign and planet in their birthchart, so make sure you check in every month to learn what each sign means for you!

If you're not sure what your chart is, or how to find where different signs are in your chart, check out this handy tool:

If you need help figuring it out you can always reach out to us here in the comments or on our Facebook page.

And keep checking back in- our plans include regular blogging, tips for each month, maybe some horoscopes, maybe some Youtube... Big plans!

Much love- Renee & Melina

Embodying the Zodiac- ARIES April 1st 7-9PM The People's Yoga Second Studio (4940 NE 16th Ave, Portland OR) $10, $9 for members