Martian life on Earth!

Embodying the Zodiac is monthly series that combines Western astrology and yoga in an easy-to-understand format that's fun, interesting and open to all levels of experience with yoga and astrology. Yoga and Astrology have always been linked and are both equally important elements in the Ayurvedic healing tradition. Each planet has affiliations and corresponds with specific parts of the human body and the neuroendocrine system. Bringing guided attention through kinesthetic awareness, visualization and breath helps us to access and vitalize the associated glands and bring balance and health into the body parts. Next Tuesday we'll be exploring the qualities and characteristics of the sign of Aries and we'll look at where and how Aries and Mars (the ruler of Aries) influence our bodies. Aries rules the upper portion of the head and Mars rules the adrenal glands and muscle tissues. An over-stimulated Mars or Aries might result in hyper-tension or headaches while an under-stimulated Mars or Aries might manifest as chronic fatigue and lethargy. In the class we'll practice meditation, visualization and movement techniques to bring Mars (adrenals) into harmony with the rest of the body and we'll align our heads with our hearts and the firm foundations that we are rooted in.

xx- Renée & Melina

April 1st 7-9PM The People's Yoga Second Studio - 4940 NE 16th Ave $10

Early 18th-century illustration of Mars (al-mirrikh) for the Bestiary of Zakariya al-Qazwini (Walters Art Museum)