Buckle your seat belts and breathe: Capricorn new moon, solstice, holiday astro-happenings

Solstice greetings everyone. I trust that you are staying warm and doing the seasonal work of navigating enough space between yourself and the others in your midst that you can share warmth together without causing too much irritation.

This has been quite a month! I have been spending a lot of my time ricocheting between elation and devastation. It's been part of my daily mantra to remind myself that everyone else is also experiencing some form of this internal Jekyll/Hyde dance, that seasonally, culturally/politically, and astrologically this is a buckle-your-seatbelts and breathe moment, and that when the going gets tough you better look where you're going. We're doing a lot of bumping into one another right now.

On December 15th we had the 6th of 7 exact squares between two of the most powerful outer planets, Uranus and Pluto. Uranus (uranium, electricity, innovation/invention, rebellion/revolution) is in the sign of Aries (headstrong, impulsive, "Me"-centered, fighter.) Pluto (plutonium, death and the unknown that happens after, immense power that's so big you can't see it) is in the sign of Capricorn (calculated ambition, structure, regulation, and things that are/feel old.) These two energies are at a square with one another, meaning conflict, but like any other planetary aspect, this is also just a moment in relationship between two entities.

This square angle is a waxing angle, meaning that the cycle of relationship between these two is a force that is growing. This particular story spans 138 years, beginning with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction (when they were at the same place) in the mid 1960's during an era of huge cultural upheaval and revolution: the peak of the Vietnam War and anti-war protests, Civil Rights, 2nd wave feminism, the availability of birth control and accompanying sexual freedom... The extreme cultural and societal events of the mid-1960's set the tone for the place we are in the story of the current moment. For those of you who were born in the 60's, these past couple of years have no doubt been catalytic for you.

This astrological era began in the spring of 2011 when Uranus entered Aries and began "applying" as a square to Pluto. This square/conflict between uranium and plutonium was heralded by Fukushima, a nuclear disaster with an impact that is still unknown, due in large part to government suppression of news of the disaster as characterized by an article that came out this spring. Pluto in Capricorn represents patriarchy, big government, big business and big control issues. Pluto in Capricorn is exerting its influence to maintain the status quo of corporate/governmental power over individual freedom, including freedom of speech (sharing news, speaking out, being heard), freedom of movement (border issues, migration, refugees and exiles), freedom of choice (birth control, abortion, orientation/sexuality/marriage) freedom of religion (Middle East, always) and freedom to just be (in a body, with skin, that has a color).

Although these years have been intense and heartbreaking they are also opening doors for wide-sweeping (r)evolutionary changes that just might propel us into a new paradigm. Attempting a peace summit between individual freedom fighters (Uranus) and bureaucratic control freaks (Pluto) is going to take effort on all of our parts, because we all know that change starts small. The revolution will only partially be televised... And the images that we take in will grow from, and grow into the landscapes of our imagination and collective consciousness. Notice what you're watching now folks, the (mostly peaceful) protests for recognition that not all stories are created equal are a call for us to each also look inside and pay attention to what stories get bandwidth on our brain-stations. Listen for the stories of internal conflict. Uranus wants freedom but will also leap before it looks and can cause needless chaos. Pluto is a control freak for sure but also wants absolute and total transformation that comes only from a willingness to look at our fears straight-on.

This Sunday's solstice is not only the longest night of the year but it's also the new moon in Capricorn. The darkest night of the year and the dark moon are both times to go inward and rest in the mystery of the unknown. The seasonal, cyclical and symbolic darkness is an invitation to move back from our busy-ness and well-lit halls of holiday consumption and grieve. It's ok to feel sad. There's death and destruction all around us and darkness of spirit seems to pervade everywhere. The death of young black men for nothing is tragic. Violence against women exemplifies our collective dis-embodiment. The horror of war, genocide and fascism is horrific. Our Earth!!! How can we not be appalled, outraged, grief-stricken messes?

Listen. Going into the darkness is facing the fear. Actually letting ourselves feel the sadness of our separation from each other, and from our planet is facing the fear. Feel... Just let yourself feel what arises. The negative side of control-freak Pluto rules through fear, but specifically through the great lengths that we will go to in order to avoid feeling the discomfort of fear. The (r)evolution is the willingness to feel. Intimacy. Be with what is. Intimacy and love are not all roses, puppies and scented candles. Intimacy is being with what is, all of it. If conflict is the struggle to be right: polarization and disagreement, then intimacy is the agreement to be with the complexity: to recognize that there are no easy answers but all the possible answers will begin with listening.

On December 10th Venus joined Pluto in Capricorn where she'll remain through early January. The day before the solstice Venus conjuncts Pluto (therefore squaring Uranus). Venus, the planet of love- what we love, how we love and often who we love is merging with transformative power. All the scary, control-trip stuff about Pluto in Capricorn aside... Capricorn is an earth sign, and in its most loving incarnation symbolizes the grandmothers/grandfathers of the Earth who are also the custodians of the future- they ask the question, "What will serve in 7 generations?" The generative potential of Pluto in this energy asks us to face the toxic poisons of our own oppression and to mindfully, methodically make space for health to arise.

During this same weekend Uranus will turn direct after having been retrograde since July. Uranus turning direct is a willingness to change and free oneself from struggle. Uranus stations can feel intense and bring up strong feelings of frustration, irritability and desire for autonomy. Uranus square Venus/Capricorn, just minutes before the exact solstice (when the sun is at the lowest point in the southern sky) and the Sun's ingress into Capricorn is an accentuation of all the cardinal points (the beginning of the cardinal signs: Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, LIbra). Two short hours after the solstice, the moon will join the sun in Capricorn exactly (the new moon) bringing our emotional, instinctual and deeply personal experience directly into the heart of the global, cultural matters. New moon, the sun changing signs and into a cardinal sign, Uranus/Pluto/Venus square... The cosmos has one very clear message for this moment: It is time to let go of the old and move towards the new.

And for the cherry on top, as all of these events are taking place the planet Saturn is moving through the last degrees of Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius two days later on December 23rd. Saturn moving out of Scorpio is judgement (Saturn) for all that has died (Scorpio) in the last two and a half years (since Saturn has been in Scorpio as well as the length of Uranus/Pluto square). Saturn entering Sagittarius will be a call for truth (Sagittarius), that you can expect will have a loud voice when on the 24th and 25th Mercury (the communicator and cosmic mouthpiece) also conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn.

Friends. Buckle your seat belts and breathe. This holiday season will not be short of surprises. Expect the usual stress and emotional turbulence of the holidays to be magnified, expect the unexpected, be careful what you say and be even more careful about how you listen.

Remember that everyone on Earth is having a tough time right now. Everyone. Including the ones you blame: including the jerk dictator politico pundits, including the corporate puppets, including the family members that make you crazy. Remember that underneath all the names we call each other and the acts we put on for each other, we are all struggling. Remember that the struggle to assert yourself actually can be made with the intention for the good of all...

How can your personal liberation and agency be a gift? How can your individuality serve the greatest good? These are the questions to bring with you into this time. We are all asking them together. Notice the compulsive conflict, "I'm right. You're wrong!" Notice yourself noticing. Breathe. Remember complexity. Be patient and love yourself. Remember that violence, in any form, against another will come back to you. Be kind with your words, and gentle in your delivery. But also be honest, be courageous, be real.

Solstice, New Moon, Uranus/Venus/Mercury/Pluto square and Saturn Sagittarius Movement Meditation:

Find a space where you have some space. Be alone or with kindred souls. Play music if you want. Shake. Shake your body beginning at your hands and feet. Shake your legs and arms. Shake your torso. Shake your hips and booty. Shake your head. Let out shaking sounds. Shake for at least 10 minutes. Shake and don't stop if you get tired. Shake, shake, shake. Keep going. Liberate yourself. Liberate your body. Shake. Quake. Let it out.

Continue to the point of hilarity, exhaustion, uselessness and utter freedom.

Repeat as necessary.

Yours, Renée

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