Cancer Full Moon: Initiating with Feeling for 2015


(((Full Moon in Cancer ~ Sunday, January 4th at 8:53pm PST)))

Welcome New Year! You are yet another number, another marker for the timekeepers. The cycle ends, only to begin again. The seasons tell us so.

A new year, new month, new week, new day, new hour, new minute, new second, new moment.

The gates have opened, and we step inside. As the first Full Moon of the year, Cancer initiates 2015 with feeling, and a soft white and welcoming glow. Like a mother's arms, open to embrace us, nurture us and to tell us it's all going to be alright. While at the same time, throwing a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues that have been festering there since before the holidays. This Full Moon is a good time to release what is no longer serving us, and throw whatever that may be into the lunar fire. Perhaps our emotional attachment to the past? Purging what holds us back and clearing and creating space for what truly lights us up inside.

As many of us made our New Year's resolutions, we may have thought about letting go of what keeps us from moving forward. I know I have been doing a lot of this lately, and I feel I am not alone in this shedding. And yes, we can continue this process through the Full Moon. Perhaps a little house cleaning? Both physically and energetically. I did this yesterday, and feel much more spacious and free. Build an altar, create a ritual, write down your intentions, wishes or resolutions. But, also take a moment to notice where these things come from. How do they arise and why? Do they come from a place of shame, or a place of love? When our intentions are born out of love, they are filled with a power and a magic that aligns us with whatever they may be, as well as with the support of the universe.

The Moon is at home in Cancer. Feelings of love, security, safety, and togetherness are illuminated. This Full Moon is feminine, feeling and receptive. Meaning, she is listening to us.

I am reminded of a song/chant by Guru Ganesha Singh. Some years past, I had the wonderful opportunity to chant this with him while he was on a tour for Peace in California. A room full of people chanting MA, was the most profoundly comforting, sonic experience I had ever been a part of. A Mother's wish for her own is simply for them to be bountiful, blissful and beautiful.

MA Ma Ma Ma Ma Bountiful am I Blissful am I Beautiful am I Ma is the original name of the Mother. Chanting Ma invokes the Divine Mother and opens the connection with your own mother. Chanting Bountiful am I, Blissful am I, Beautiful am I is affirming the successful manifestation of every mother’s prayer for her child. ~GuruGanesha Singh

This Full Moon is also a Grand Cross Full Moon, and I won't go into the specifics of the planetary positions, but this is definitely a time of Self Realization. What truly matters, and what is illusory, as well as what and who we truly are. Situation shifts. Family, home, career, relationships and contemplating our purpose. By no means is this a light and sweet Full Moon. Deep, transformative energies are afoot here. Just because something appears soft, yielding and loving, doesn't mean it isn't powerful. In fact, just the opposite is true.

Energy Medicine tip for this Full Moon!

The following is a very simple energy medicine exercise that can be done anytime we need comforting or calming. It's called a Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug. This position simultaneously calms Triple Warmer while energizing the Spleen Meridian:  

Wrap your left hand around your right arm just above the elbow.  Wrap the right arm around the left side of your body, underneath your breast.  Hold this position for at least three deep breaths.  Reverse sides.


The Triple Warmer also called three burners in Chinese Medicine, is our primal survival system. It fights off illness in our bodies and is also known as our flight or fight response. Keeping the triple warmer balanced is especially important because many aspects of our modern way of life are registered as invaders by our triple warmer causing it to fight. You know your triple warmer is overloaded if you can't ever relax, even after meditation, or if you generally feel anxious all the time. Triple warmer is considered the "father" as it protects us but does not care about the quality of our life; only that we survive. Spleen is seen as the "mother" because it processes everything physical and emotional and very much cares about the quality of and harmony in our life. 


XO Melina