Energy Medicine Tip for Mercury Retrograde!!! Keep moving forward and enjoy!

Astro Energy Medicine Tip for Mercury Retrograde!


Let’s face it, these two words, *Mercury Retrograde* can stir up some mixed feelings. People love talking about Mercury Retrograde and have all sorts of opinions, ideas and even anxiety surrounding it. But have no fear, it's just Mercury Retrograde. We will survive! And the following is an energy medicine exercise designed to help us all to keep our energy moving forward.

This simple exercise is called THE THREE THUMPS. It is a quick exercise that will help boost your immune system, stimulate all of your energies, and increase your strength and vitality. Think of it as an ON button for your energy, and to get it moving forward.

K-27, Thymus, Spleen Points

1) With both hands, take your first two fingers and thumb and make a three finger notch.Thump/tap or massage the K-27 Points. These are the Kidney meridian end points. Stress can reverse the energy flow through the meridians. Even walking will tire you if your energy is flowing backwards. Stimulating the K-27 points, the end points of the kidney meridian, gets the energy flowing in a forward direction through all your meridians and jump-starts your energy system so you feel more alert and energetic.

The K-27 points are just under the clavicle, or collarbone. To find them, place your index fingertips on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone, right about where one would knot a tie. Then move your fingers down over the collarbone, out to each side about an inch, into the soft tissue under the clavicle to the left and right of the sternum. Most people have small depressions there.


Crossing your hands while thumping on the K-27 points emulates the body's energies crossing at the neck. Keep thumping the K-27 points with your fingertips of your index and middle fingers, while taking three deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Thumping the K-27 points has the added advantage of making reading easier by improving oxygen flow and increasing the blood supply to the brain. Doing this exercise before reading reduces eye strain and may even help with "dyslexia" and other learning difficulties.

HINT: Trace sideways figure 8's on the wall with your eyes while performing the Thymus Thump. This improves coordination between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

2) Thump the Thymus. The thymus gland monitors and regulates the body's energy flow. The Greek word thymos actually means "life energy!" Any imbalance in energy flow through any meridian will be corrected and rebalanced with the Thymus Thump.

This gland lies just beneath the upper part of the breastbone in the middle of the chest, and it plays a vital role in the body's immune system. Because it is the link between the mind and the body, the first response to emotional or physical stress is shrinkage of the thymus gland and a reduction of life energy.


Stimulating the thymus rebalances life energy and supports vibrant, positive health.

The thymus also controls healing. True healing power comes from within, and keeping our life energy high supports any healing process. You know your thymus is activated when your life energy is high and you dwell in the positive.

3) Thump the Spleen Neurolymphatic Points. In Chinese medicine, the spleen organ-energy system interacts with the pancreas, stomach, small intestine, kidneys, lungs, and circulation of the blood. Spleen energy controls extraction and assimilation of nutrients from food and fluids.

The Spleen Neurolymphatic Points are part of the lymph system, which aids the immune system by removing toxins from the body. Thumping these points removes toxins, fights infection, modulates blood chemistry and hormones, counters dizziness and stress, and helps metabolize food.

Find the Spleen Points by moving your fingers under the center of each breast, under where a woman's bra would end. Then go down a rib and out about an inch or so to each side.

Ideally, you want to thump these points with the tips of your fingers. Bunch your fingertips together, and use the left hand to tap the left side, the right hand to tap the right side.


Sometimes these points can get sore, which means you have some toxins built up in your lymph system. If these points are really sore, it might be more comfortable for you to rub them instead. After a few days of rubbing the soreness should disappear, and then you can begin to thump them.

Stimulate these points for two to three minutes while breathing deeply.

If you ever find yourself feeling like you are coming down with something, or dizzy like you are about to pass out, massage these points for a good 3-5 minutes until you feel the energy surge back into your body and head.

HINT: Massaging these points also helps boost your metabolism, since the spleen energy is so involved with the digestive process. Especially if you are watching your weight, massage these points for a few minutes before and after any meal.

Lastly, remember to drink plenty of water. Enjoy!

With Lots of Mercurian Love,


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