(((Full moon in Virgo))) Here’s to your Health!


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Many mutable vibes abounding this coming Full Moon in Virgo on March 5th. The Virgo-Pisces axis is that of the Healer and Spirit, and lights up the potential for healing on many levels. With the Sun and Chiron in Pisces, the Wounded Healer energies are at work. These energies may have us thinking about and wishing for healing, for ourselves and for others and maybe, just maybe, for All?

Virgo Full Moon themes include: the need to detox, purify, fine-tune, edit, simplify and come home to ourselves by spending more time alone. The Virgo archetype is that of the Priestess and Healer. Virgo seeks to serve and to help others with specific skills she has acquired along her journey. Virgo lives very much in this world, and on this earth. Practical magic and very specific tools may be used for healing and purifying. Medicines such as herbs, tinctures and all forms of plant medicine, made by earth and hand for precision and for purpose. Crafting and ritual are also important and powerful here.

Pisces is a transcendental impulse, our imagination, the collective unconscious, empathic connectivity and the flowing back to source. Think of how water flows and moves it’s way around objects, until it finds the lowest place to be held by earth. Pisces heals with it’s ability to merge with anyone and anything, and yearns for us to experience the unified field as a meaningful whole that unites All. Feeling other’s pain so much, at times unable to distinguish it from it’s own suffering or victimization. I sometimes find the shadow axis of the Virgo-Pisces can also be that of the Martyr. Those times when Pisces feels more pain than joy, and falls victim to it’s empathic nature, unable to protect itself from negative, energetic influences. Also, when Virgo tries too hard to make everything perfect, and feels the need to do it all in order for anything to get done *right*.

But, these two mutable signs truly meet in a place of healing potentiality. If the finite can engage the infinite, if precise - the imprecise, the defined - the undefined, and certain engages the uncertain and unknowing, and vice versa.


Some contemplative questions for this Full Moon could be:

How perfect does anything need to become, and is it perfect already as it is?

How can we be of service more to others? In what ways are we gifted to help?

What in your life could use a little more care or love, and perhaps a little more patience?

Can you invite the spirit of life into your daily routine so that every act becomes sacred?

May we all heal and be healed, and love and be loved.

Full Moon Love and Illumination,