Courageous Seeds

Planting seeds is not just for farmers or windowsill gardeners. 

With every thought, and with the thoughts before the thought, we plant seeds.

New moon days are auspicious days for planting seeds. The darkness of the sky allows the seed to settle into the richness of the Earth. To just be in the unknown potential of growing. 

On the dark moon the most auspicious seeds for planting are the wishing seeds. The seeds that hold some kind of magic potential that only comes with wishing; with not having a plan of how something will happen; with pouring our hearts, desires, and longings into our hands; throwing our hands to the heavens and offering our hunger as ceremonial sacrifice. With wishing we admit our humanness and desires. When we intend, plot and plan we somehow think we can manage it all. A sincere wish does not have any idea of how "it will work out", but is an allowance and invitation for the spirits to carry our wishes for us and allow them to open doors we might not have otherwise seen, or give gifts in the guise of challenge, or lead us blindly along some crazy idea that ends up being exactly the right thing that we never could have planned.

With wishing we allow ourselves to not know, and to sincerely, foolishly, lovingly trust that somehow, someway the Goddess will work in mysterious play, and our wishes just might come true.


This new moon sings the song of courage, willfullness, ferocity, and the fiery spirit of Self. Aries rules the upper portion of the head and the function of mind that forms identity and says, "I am." Aries asks "What kind of idea am I?" In Aries we seek to understand ourselves as SELF and to initiate, individuate, change, move forwards and separate. The wishes we might make today are wishes of ONE who wishes to claim herself for herself and who knows that the most fulfilling relationships will be the ones in which she is not trying or pretending to be anything else. 

Aries' planetary ruler is Mars, is currently in the sign of Taurus, and this new moon takes place in the last degrees of Aries, mere astrological minutes before its ingress into the sign of the Bull. So while this moon invites you to wish from your wild, warrior self- this moon is also about sustenance, solidity, fecund ferocity, magnetic magic, and seriously earthy vibes.

While Aries says, "I am." Taurus says "I have." With Taurus we understand the importance of resource and the organic materials that manifest into form. Taurus is prolific, abundant, and wise in the ways of accumulating wealth. Mars acting through Taurus can often feel frustrated with Taurus' preferences for pleasantries, practicalities and steady gain over impulsive assertion that might lose it all. While Aries gets us moving Taurus gets us into material forms and reminds us that our ideas are nothing if we don't have the resources to back them up.

Today your wishing powers are potently alive with the magic of both signs. May your wishes be for your conscious  individuation; whatever abundance of resource and support you may need; sensuous and indulgent instincts that say YES to being the one-of-a-kind that you are; the unique resource that your authenticity will bring to others. Today may you wish not only for yourself and your own resource but also for the transformation of collectively held values around resource. Today may we wish to see the abundance that IS and remember our part in not only preserving it but also generating more, for the wealth, health and happiness of all.

Happy new moon loves. May all your wishes come true.

xo- R