September 2015 Horoscopes

This month's horoscopes begin with the energy of the Pisces full moon on August 29th. Read about it here I'll be following up next week with more on September's astrology which has some potent points including Saturn moving back into Sagittarius, Pluto stationing direct, Mercury Retrograde, and two eclipses!

Much love, Renee

Art by Mariano Peccinetti via Society6

VIRGO Happy birthday friend. Here is a poem for you:

I will name my heart Abraxas, and offer its preferences to the becoming, and to the light, and to the dark, and to the waves of heat and sorrow which ripple and arise in these moments.

There is no knowing that is not, in its reduction, pure love. Even when the work is tireless, even when my eyes cannot see the reasons, even when my ears are deaf to sane guidance…

I trust the honest reflections of my love and I trust that there is no separation I will lose myself to this love. I am already lost. It is in the giving that I am found. It is in the giving that I am found.

Your September chart speaks of oneness that is unquestionable, and the abundant opportunity to transcend the separations that arise from keeping track; tallying; differentiating between self and other. This month illuminates the ways in which you cannot separate the service you offer to others from that which you receive. Regard any moment of intimacy- whether it is joyful or uncomfortable- to be the teacher. Whatever is arising is the teacher. Notice your preferences and the choices your heart makes to distinguish between giving and receiving. Ask yourself in those moments if it’s useful to distinguish the difference at all. Open your heart to receive in all the ways that feel the most bizarre, unequal, and not what you would do. Be prepared to let go of your ideas of what it means to give, as well as all the ideas of what you think makes you such a good caregiver. The love that you hold is bigger than your ideas, so let them go. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Sama Vrtti- equal parts breathing. Watch your breath without forcing it, after a few moments of simply observing begin to count the length of your inhalation and then match your exhalation to it. There is no goal for length of breath, but notice what arises in the space between inhale and exhale.


LIBRA You may be feeling a call to quietness and stillness now. It is important to give yourself the space and time you need in order to allow your focus to become a bit more blurry, a bit more vast, and a bit less pointed. The urgency of daily life is coming loose at the edges of your ambition. Goals and deadlines are ephemeral. What is important is making space to listen. Build altars to the unknown, offer prayers to your ancestors and to those who have not yet been born. You will find the answers you seek in the kinds of nourishment that encompass and consume you fully. Beginning now and for the next year your job is to rest as deeply as you can into non-linear living and therefore you must allow yourself to completely embody and embrace the mystery. Things won’t make sense and you can’t force them too. But if you step back and away from being so logical and planned you might just find that there’s an abundance of guidance for you. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Sensory deprivation and pratyahara. Float tanks. Headphones. Blindfolds. Your sense organs exist, the objects that they sense exist, and the space between is perception and preference. Turn the attention of your sense organs inward.


SCORPIO The last year, and especially the last few months have had an emphasis on personal expression. You’ve had big questions around who and how you are in the world and what you want that to mean… it has become obvious to you that if it isn’t affirmative, joyous, and creative at least half the time, then your notions of what “work” is need to shift. These shifts are coming and starting to become more apparent this month. Collaboration and group process are going to be featured prominently in the next year if they’re not already, so start thinking about who you want to play with. Consider that creativity is magnified and enhanced when great minds can think differently and push each other to expand. Replace the word “compromise” with “co-create” and start asking others for their input and opinions. Your creative instinct right now will be served hugely by thinking big about the big ideas you have that can only be achieved with many hands. Trust that others are not only willing, but waiting and wanting to work with you. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Building human pyramids and other geometric structures that will make you laugh when they fall down.


SAGITTARIUS A big question right now is the differentiation between work and service. Ideally we could all offer our talents and efforts in the ways which make us happiest and find that together we are able fulfill all of our needs with total joy and no one being compromised or uncared for. That is not the world currently however and earning a living often means sacrificing ideals and/or comfort. This quandary is strong for you right now and may be pushing you into a space of dissecting your efforts into moralistic vs monetary. This is not necessary my friend. As the next few months move forward you will find that your powers of magnetism are enhanced when you drop the question of value and fully embody it instead. What you do and what you offer to the world is indeed needed. Some will be able to pay you and others will not. I advise you to set your price point high for those who can afford it, and offer the rest for free or sliding scale to those who are not wealthy with dollar bills. Change the currency in question to love, help, attention, or anything else that you feel you need and might be currently wondering how you’ll get. Please trust that there are many who have plenty and will be more than happy to compensate you for your efforts. Please trust that compensation will not always come as exact reciprocity, or in the same moment as your service. Please trust that you will be paid, with interest, for all your efforts. The more you trust and let go of needing to know how you’ll get what you need, the more you will get exactly what you need. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Offering foot massages, paying “it” forward, and random acts of generosity


CAPRICORN The space you’re entering into this month is akin to Jedi warrior training. You are embarking on a kind of self and mental discipline that will, if used correctly, open doorways into a kind of spiritual understanding that can completely shift not just your life, but the lives of others as well. Your self-concept has been molded upon beliefs and views that may not be applicable or useful anymore. Now your work is to methodically and impeccably examine each piece of your life philosophy, especially the pieces that are founded on fear. Begin examining yourself by asking the question, “What do I serve?” Notice the prostrations you make from fear: where and how do you doubt yourself over and over again? Where and to what demons do you offer your energetic attention? Treat this as empirical research rather than self-effacement. Your meditation this month is to imagine yourself feeding a fire with your suffering. Every time you feel fear, confusion, anger, despair, resentment and competitiveness imagine yourself feeding a fire with your feelings. The fire can either burn your joy or clear new space for it to expand. The fire will burn your joy if you stay attached to what you feed it. If you can feel the feelings fully but let go of the mental content around the feelings and imagine that your stories around the feelings can be dissolved in the flames, then you may find that space for new awareness opens up quite easily and that your personal power becomes clearer and cleaner. Do not be afraid of your own discomfort. Feel it fully and offer it to be burned and transformed. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Family dinner meditation- Imagine you sit at the head of the table, as your emotions and habitual thinking arise imagine these feelings as characters- make them as gross and dramatic as they need to be. Don’t judge them, but feel yourself fully accepting them as they are and invite them to sit your table, be present with them until they can rest and receive your attention. The fire is the centerpiece on the table.


AQUARIUS This would be a good moment to meditate on the space between idealism and desire. Idealism often (but not always) includes some version of austerity… “If we could all use a bit less then everyone would have enough.” Desire often (but not always) arises from a purely self-referencing place. What if desire and idealism weren’t different? What if we could effect change through following craving and bodily instinct? This is a good month for you to pull back from any cover-ups masquerading as good intentions and closely scrutinize your values. Notice if you subvert your desires by placing them lower on the totem pole than abstract ideas of greater good. Ask yourself if it’s possible that your cravings might carry a key for unlocking your offerings to the world. Be unafraid to question your ethics- not in any way that would cause destruction- but in order to clarify them further. If you’re using mental constructs based in theory to oppress your bodily instincts then now would be a fantastic time to allow just a smidge of hedonism into your daily rituals. Please… take the time to ponder what it is you really, really want. If those wants don’t cause harm to anyone else, and if they can be attained with enthusiastic consent and a bit of courage… Go for it. It’s time for you to expand your idealism to include different kinds of freedom. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Fantasy and masturbation with and/or without company


PISCES The highlight this month is on partnerships of all types. You are in a fantastic space to truly, deeply, say YES, and to open your eyes and your heart to receiving what others have to offer. Please remember that it feels good for people to give. It feels good to feel that someone accepts what you have to give. It feels so good to say “thank you” and know that the person you’re thanking accepts your gratitude and doesn’t need to turn it back around with a, “No! Thank you!!” You may find that this month ushers in a year of receiving with grace. The more gracious you get at accepting the generosity of others the more you will be able to give back to the world. Your partnerships and what they bring to your life is in direct relationship to your work, ambition, and public image. If you have big ideas of your autonomy, or if you harbor fantasies of how awesome you are all on your own… Now would be a fabulous time to let those go and imagine yourself kicking ass with your favorite friend, frenemy, and partners of all kinds by your side. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Noticing how awesome it is when people are generous and loving with you in any way that makes sense to them, and saying thank you with all the heartfelt sincerity in the world.


ARIES Your sign is known for its immediacy and action. You are the force that forges new life and breaks through stagnancy into movement. However, the process of becoming is dependent upon a multitude of small details that all together add up into force. This month brings an awareness of the importance of these details to you. There’s a nearly silent stirring somewhere in your soul. There’s something you are wanting to birth, to bring into being, and you may or may not know now what that is. Regardless of what you can identify as your goal, the path to reaching it will require consistency and dedication. Consider yourself a disciple now rather than a guru… Even if you are only a disciple to your own purpose. Let every action, every thought, every word be full of intention and your hunger to become. Mind the details of your life as if they are precious gems- give your attention, care, and loving presence to them no matter how tedious. Breathe deeply and know that your becoming is happening, it has already happened, and will continue to happen. Your patience and commitment will only make your light brighter. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Make mandalas, sandcastles, and ice sculptures. Appreciate the patience and attention to detail and remember that all that is becoming exists only in this moment right now.


TAURUS Did you know that the circulatory system is continuous? Sometimes “they” talk about it like arteries, veins and the heart are all separate when in fact they are not. The heart is at the center of this amazing network of give and get back and its job couldn’t be done without the pathways along which the blood flows. Your non-anatomical heart, the one that beats with the rhythm of love, the one that feels feelings, expands with yearning and contracts with fear- that heart is also the center of a continuous system of give and get back. You’re about to move into a phase of your life that will have you looking closely at the spaces in which you share with others. It’s prime time for you to be inspired by those outside of yourself and even outside of your close circles. I challenge you to take the next month and research any disciplines, methods, or movements that you have been inspired to learn more about. Find out about the people who made them and are making them. Reach out to them! Read Steal Like An Artist and get busy appropriating other people’s ideas and turning them into your own unique expressions. The next year is inviting you to take charge of your creativity in a very real way. This includes anything you could call art, anything you could call play, anything you could call romance, and anything that makes your heart bigger and brighter. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Copycat-ing and riffing. Don’t be shy about it but also don’t be a brat. If you’ve been inspired by someone then give mad props and honor them to the best of your ability, and then take what they did and do it your way.


GEMINI Themes this month include perception, expression and the place of inner stability that is needed to reach out for what you want. Your ruling planet Mercury is in another retrograde phase in the place of your chart that holds your inner child, the place in you that aches to just simply BE. Other elements of this month’s astrology put a focus on the ways in which you have learned, since you were a child, about what your beingness should be. You are in a space right now to recover something that may have been lost or overlooked in the development of all that you do. Questions to ask right now include, “What makes me feel safe?” “How do I know myself?” “How can I bring myself into relation with others in ways that I feel both safe and seen?” and “If I didn’t have to do anything for anyone else’s approval what would I do?” The coming months are an open opportunity for you to write your own rules of normalcy. There is no need for you to continue to claim familiarity with habits or conditions that no longer serve you. There is no need for you to do or be anything or anyone that you are not. Take this time to remember what you already know. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Spontaneity and listening to your own impulses. Doing as much of exactly what you want as often as you can.


CANCER Your values are shifting. Your relationship to love is shifting. You are beginning to embrace an idea of wholeness that no longer needs an external source of validation. You are seeing that the world outside of you behaves in response to the world inside of you. You are feeling a growing hunger and tenacity to take your life by the reins and steer it away from the pitfalls of your insecurities. You are discovering that your sensitivity, kindness and ability to love does not need to leave you at the mercy of those who are more cool or calculating. On the contrary, you are seeing that the world around you responds with gratitude and appreciates your sincerity. Take this month to retrace some of the steps you’ve taken in the last 12 years. You’re due for an update on whatever the program is that’s running how you see yourself in the world. Where have you made choices that have been more out of a need to be needed, or a need for approval, than they have been for your own satisfaction? Consider what satisfaction means to you and what you want it to mean in the next 12 years and start making choices for your future self. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Loving kindness meditation for yourself. May you be happy and have the causes of happiness. May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering. May you never be parted from freedom’s true joy.


LEO You have to trust yourself. You have to trust that others want to support you. You have to trust that what you do, and want to do, is worthwhile, and that you do it well. You are moving into a time that is about manifesting resource and support, that is about getting very real, very disciplined, and very serious about what is fun for you. The more you can trust your essence and commit to it the more support you will receive. This is not just about being yourself. You have to work for it, you will work, and you will work hard. But the work you do is joyous if it is aligned with your highest vision of who you can be. The guides and guardians that you are looking for are waiting patiently. They are loving you and applauding your efforts. This has been an intense summer and it may feel like you’ve forgotten what you were doing before it all began. Don’t worry. You had to go back and address some issues of your heart and healing. Things are about to shift and you will find that the turmoil you’ve felt has been a necessary cleansing. This will continue throughout the year to shake up and clear out anything that’s clogging the pathways of your biggest, best, being. This month is about redefining how you speak to yourself about yourself and recommitting to the intentions you’ve known in your heart forever. PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Light meditation. Breathing in pure light and pure love. Breathing out and letting it expand into everything and anywhere you’re not sure it could be.