Pisces Dreamtime Full Moon & Expansive LOVE

With That Moon Language

"Admit something: Everyone you see, you say to them, 'Love me.' Of course you do not do this out loud, otherwise someone would call the cops. Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect. Why not become the one who lives with a full moon in each eye that is always saying, with that sweet moon language, what every other eye in this world is dying to hear?"


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I'm sending out this post a few days shy of September in order to include a bit about the upcoming full moon that will be shining brightly this Saturday. Your September horoscopes are seeded in this full moon and are available here.

Today (Wednesday, August 26th) the sun comes together with Jupiter in the sign of Virgo. It's been 12 years since these two held hands in this sign and so therefore represents both a culminating and beginning. Jupiter entered Virgo earlier this month after a year-long stay in Leo. Jupiter is the god of expansion, generosity, abundance and excess. Often referred to as 'the Santa Clause of the zodiac', Jupiter gives and gives and gives. It seeks to make bigger whatever it touches. Jupiter brings opportunity for growth as well as for discernment. Jupiter is balanced by the planet Saturn, god of restriction, austerity, justice and discipline. I'll get to Saturn next week with a longer September astrology post, but for now let's just say that nothing exists which doesn't have a shadow. Jupiter is considered the great benefic but its influence can also sometimes bring too much.

Virgo is a sign that is difficult for Jupiter to work in. Virgo values acts of service, selflessness, and attention to detail. Jupiter can feel restrained and weak in this sign. Since Jupiter functions to expand consider that the coming year may bring an abundance of Virgo themes. Watch yourself and others for overdoing it with work and detail-oriented neurosis. Definitely watch for an abundance of self-criticism and perfectionist tendencies. Anyone with strong Virgo or Pisces in their chart should be savvy to overwhelming feelings of needing to give, so please make sure that you also give to yourself.

Working positively with Jupiter in Virgo you can make this next year about cleansing toxicity from your life. Take in less toxic media, eat less toxic food, and clean your relationships from toxic patterns. Use Jupiter's expansive energy to grow yourself in ways that are health and healing related, that have an emphasis on service (volunteering or finding the ways in which you can help out), and that otherwise purify and refine all aspects of your life. Virgo is a deeply spiritual sign masquerading as the Queen of Practicality. Jupiter in Virgo would like to help you take conscious and meticulous steps towards integrating your spiritual practice into everyday life and making space in yourself that feels quiet and clean enough to hold an abundance of divine force.

The sun and Jupiter together in this sign ask you to plant seeds of intention that will flourish for the next 12 years. Since Virgo rules service, today is a good day to reflect upon what your soul is here to serve. The Virgo archetype is the virgin. Please don't make this about sex. It's not, or not only. It's about sacredness and what we allow into ourselves. Virgo asks that we have discernment towards what we take into our bodies, hearts, and minds. Remember that it is impossible to really create solo work. Anything you output is a collaborative effort between your insight/instinct and all that you've ever taken in.  Virgo needs purity, cleanliness and sanctuary. Its desire is to ensure that what it brings forth into the world is divine. What is your understanding of divinity? Is it a deity, nature, love, oneness? In what ways do you wish to contribute to that divinity? In what ways can you make space in yourself, in your home, and in all your relationships to honor that divinity? Today is a good day to start this reflection and the full moon this Saturday would be a good day to offer your intentions through any kind of ritual that is meaningful for you.

The sun is in Virgo so the full moon is in the opposite sign of Pisces. The moon will also be close to conjunct (together) with Neptune, the planet that rules Pisces. Neptune's contribution to the full moon makes the Pisces theme much stronger and more palpable. A Pisces full moon is dreamlike and Neptune is the god of dreams. This weekend is an excellent time to surrender yourself into dreamtime. Notice your dreams for sure and also engage in your life as if it were a dream. Look around you and notice how all the material objects are mere moments in time, matter shifting form. Notice how relationships are made through reflection, projection and perception rather than anything you can say is permanent. Notice signs and symbols everywhere and trust whatever your first instinct is that they mean. This weekend is a great time to make art, make music, dance, sing, dream, make love, and get lost in a good book. It's not a great weekend to push reality into more realness though, so if you have big projects that you're working on allow them to take on a more creative and floaty feeling. Since Virgo loves to work it is a great weekend to dream about what kind of work you want, but wait until next month to start making the moves on manifesting.

As you notice the dreamlike quality of life please pay attention to perception and preference. Good dreams easily become bad dreams with one fearful thought. Bad dreams easily become good dreams with one hopeful thought. For most it's probably easier to get sucked into a bad dream than a good dream, in life and in dreamtime. This is a good weekend to practice directing your thoughts towards what kinds of dreams you'd really like to have. A "bad dream" in Pisces includes feelings of loss, separation, desperation, and confusion. Watch yourself and others for feelings of sadness that are much bigger than the cause for tears. There is no need to shy away from feelings, but also take care to notice what grounds you and keeps you tethered on the earth as well. A "good dream" in Pisces includes feelings of expansive love, deep and divine connection, and bliss. Watch yourself and others for feelings of elation that could be subject to later disenchantments. There is no need to limit your joy, but also take care to notice what grounds you and keeps you tethered to the earth as well.

Regardless of the nature of your dream this weekend it is a good time to practice praying, connecting to sources of inspiration, spirituality, and nature. Offer yourself to what is bigger than you and your life. Offer anything that feels like it's holding you back. Connect and remember that you're connected. May this full moon illuminate your greatest love.

There are a few other notable astrological events coming up this month that I'll be writing a bit more about in the next week. Until then... Here are your September horoscopes.

xoxoxo Full moon blessings and many happy harvest days Renee