October 2015 Horoscopes

Interested in the general astrology of this month. Read about it here and learn about significant aspects throughout the month with practice suggestions. Found on Tumblr


Your life feels like an exercise in lucid dreaming. Ordinariness is never ordinary. The mundane holds signs to fantasy. There are talismans in everyday chores begging you to pick them up and make them meaningful. The dreamworld is close but how to actualize the ephemeral might be a mystery right now. Don’t worry about knowing which rituals to make, or if you’re doing them right. Don’t bother critiquing your artistry. The only thing of any importance is your intention and sincerity. As you continue to come into contact with, and commit to the dreams that inspire you, the structural foundation of your being is transforming. Continue to redefine yourself to yourself. Try on new identities every day and humor the possibility that you could claim them. The relationship you have to yourself is just like relationship with anyone else… You hold it hostage if you refuse to let it grow and change. For now it’s important to let fantasy and a sense of support from beyond the veils come through into your being. For now it’s important to allow the reworking of who you have thought yourself to be, and how you’ve taken yourself for granted. For now it’s in your best interest to allow yourself an expansive and expanding inner vocabulary that will not be confined by limiting self-beliefs or outdated notions of what your potential is.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Choose something you see everyday, maybe multiple times a day, and when you see it ask, “Am I dreaming.” Notice if those object/people/places come to you in dreams and if you’re able to ask that in your dream. If you can, and you ‘wake up’ inside your dream consider asking your dreamlife to show you to yourself. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Moonstone


The place where creativity comes from is a mysterious place. Creation, and whatever the force is that creates, by necessity includes everything that is… since everything that is, was created. I know that’s obvious but I want to state it because right now you are in a unique position to hold the hugeness of what anything and everything could be, while at the same time attend to the details. Attending to the details right now is, in fact, the best thing you could possible do. The more specific you can be, and the clearer you are in your specificity, the more you will find the universe in a grain of sand. Does that make sense? The essence of creativity is contained, in its completeness, in the smallest and tiniest bits of manifestation. One place in your life that would benefit from your attention to detail is around your finances and the way(s) you make money. The astrology of right now is building towards the next two and half years of aligning your values to your practice. I don’t mean that you have to fully believe in everything that you do, but you should at least know why you’re doing what you do. If you have work that isn’t your heart’s desire then at least make sure it somehow serves the manifesting of that desire. Attending to the details and the practicality of existence with your eye on ushering in the universe and your soul’s highest vibration can be your intention now!

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Doodling. As in drawing without the idea that you’re going to draw anything. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: MC Escher prints


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Where you stand is directly related to where you sit. History repeats itself. The resonance of lineage exists. It’s something that will be there no matter how much therapy we do; how many shamans we sit with; how many atonements we make. The currents and vibrations that have passed through your family of origin are stirring right now. The energy that’s arising wants to heal. There is a plentitude of goodness, a wealth of understanding, and an abundance of opportunity to soothe the collection of wounds that is any family’s inheritance. As you (re)discover both your independence from and interdependence on all that has come before and all that will be, it is also prime-time for a makeover of your values. It’s time to look closely at what values you have been carrying that you no longer wish to carry; these could be philosophical values as well as items of financial or emotional value. Notice how the values and valuables you carry influence and are influenced by the bigger picture and larger dreams you have for your life. October is a good month to dedicate your small rituals to the principle of alignment. As above so below, as within so without. Be clear that what you carry on from the past serves the highest good for your future and the people you want in it.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Standing in Mountain Pose (just standing). Imagine your body as a mountain. Two thirds of the mountain are underground, one third rises up from the Earth and towards the heavens. Feel that. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: The colors white (for innocence and openness) yellow/gold (childlike enthusiasm, confidence) and green (wealth, health and renewal.)


Ok Capricorn, it’s time for some autumn house cleaning! This month it’s time to clear out the clutter in your mental space. What confusion is there? What stories that play on repeat about your flaws and failures? How about fantasies or delusions that keep you addicted to patterns/behaviors that you know really aren’t in your best interest? October wants to shine a big bright light into the murky recesses of your subconscious. How do you do this you say? Seek help! Open yourself to assistance from teachers, healers, and guides. Let it be known that you are humble enough to learn something new, but self-respecting enough to be discerning about who and what you learn from. Yes, suffering is everywhere and part of our existence on this planet… that said, you are in a place right now to examine the invitations you’ve been putting out to the cosmic educators. If you don’t want to learn lessons by suffering through them anymore then let it be known you are ready for lessons learned through love and joy. The trick with this though is that you have to believe that you are worth it. Your self-concept and therefore what you put out into the world from your place of internal power needs to align with enough self-respect that you can accept gentleness, joyfulness and generosity. Self-respect doesn’t have to be 100% self-love all the time. You are allowed to feel insecure, scared, and eager to grow. But you have got to get out of your own way! Be disciplined and be committed. When self-hatred, self-doubt, or regret start oozing out from under your thoughts, get out your mental swiffer and sweep that stuff up! Don’t sweep it under the rug though. Look at it, see it, know it, thank it, and release out into the open air to resolve itself into a more productive mode of being.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Sama Vrtti- equal parts breath. Inhale and exhale for the same amount of time. Gradually increase the length of each breath. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: This affirmation written on your hand or on a piece of paper that you see a lot, “I manifest what I think about. I bring into being what I focus on. I can choose where my attention goes.


Intimacy is a word that, at least for me, connotes warmth and closeness. Rarely does the word evoke the more challenging aspects of relationship such as power struggle, jealousy or suspicion. When we share resources with others (money, materials, energy/effort, water, food) we quickly realize how impacted by and impactful we are with perception. The perception of separate self is both necessary and a hinderance. It’s necessary because at least on this planet separateness is defined in the spaces between our bodies, and to recognize separateness is also to recognize responsibility… As individuals it’s important that we attend to the ickiness that is unavoidably human, and the unavoidable and often necessary reactions that arise in response to the ickiness of others. By ‘ickiness’ I mean pain. Pain of loss, pain of separation, pain of discomfort, pain of lack, pain of excess. All of us, without exception, are currently experiencing mild to extreme pain in the face of what it means to be human. We are responsible individuals when we attend to our own pain productively and don’t smear it on someone else in an effort to feel better. We are responsible as communities when we remember our greater health and wholeness rather than focusing on distress and polarity. What is arising in you in response to intimacy right now? Whatever is arising is the lesson. Consider your ultimate ideals of a happy, healthy, and integrated whole: societally, globally, internally. This month is a good one to be intimate with yourself. Make sure that you are savvy to the internal spaces that need your attention, patience and forgiveness so that you can extend (and receive) those qualities to others. The spaces of exchange that you find yourself in hold the key to a greater mastery of your work in the world- the visions you want to manifest, and all those who will share them with you.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Loving your inner child, or inner children. Especially when they’re freaking out. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Figure eights, eternal knots, infinity symbols.


Sometimes I like to play a game where I list all the words that use ‘self’ as a prefix and think about what they mean to me. Self-love and self-mastery are two I would like to invite you to ponder in the coming month. Self-love is often misunderstand as egotistical indulgence, but I think that in reality it arises from a disciplined combination of self-respect and self-care. Self-respect happens usually when you are not feeling all that self-loving but you choose the option that is the most dignified and serves your highest purpose even if the more immediate or dramatic would be oh-so-much-more satisfying in the moment. Self-care is not just body products and spa dates. It is a fierce cocktail of inner observance that keeps you from overextending, undersleeping, under/overeating or otherwise using your mouth as a gateway for substances that aren’t truly nourishing. It is also the work you do on your mind. Mental health is HUGE for self-care, and regular therapy, check-ins with friends, a journal, and some meditation are a solid prescription. Self-mastery arises from self-love… it is the supreme mastery of a being that is willing to accept themselves flaws and all, and to be courageous enough to love, and to act anyway. Self-mastery is recognition of your own limits and the willingness to show up to meet them. The moment you are in has one foot solidly planted on the path of self-mastery. This month may bring you plentiful opportunities to reflect, especially in your partnerships and close relationships, on your commitment to self-respect, self-care, and self-love. You are doing the work. Keep at it.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Self-respect and self-care. For real. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Whatever the future you thinks is the best outfit.


Alright Aries. It’s time to put that plan in action. What horizons do you want to set your sights on? Who is that inspires and motivates you to know more? Where is it that you want to explore? What’s that you say? You don’t know how to do all of those things because your day-to-day life is so full? What’s that you say? You can’t quite figure it out because something feels like it’s gnawing on you and is keeping you distracted, confused, suffering, and feeling a bit like you’re on drugs? Don’t worry! Here’s the thing... The more real you get about pursuing the knowledge, spiritual understanding, and personal life philosophies that are interesting to you- the more your daily life and unconscious moods will align to support you. Similarly, the more you make your daily life a testament to the beliefs you wish to embody- the more you’ll find the unconscious thought patterns will resolve themselves. And finally, the more you hold the mystery of what you can’t see with gentleness and forgiveness- the more your daily life will feel gentle and forgiving, and the more energy you’ll have to explore. The key is to look for, and see, the connections between what you do on the daily, what your hidden mind and heart do, and what your biggest vision for yourself wants to do. The connections are there. It is up to you to acknowledge them.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Connect-the-dots, sudoku, crosswords, and any other games that train your brain to see patterns. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Quotes and affirmations from your greatest teachers. Sew them as patches onto your shirts, write them on your shoes, tattoo them on your skin (think about that one for a while though ok?)


You like to be meticulous don’t you? You like to know how everything will go, and where to put which pieces, and why they need to be there. You delight in the details of creation and it is true that your patience and perfectionism are the foundation of your best work. But right now the enormity of ideas has you swimming. Right now the complexity of existence is too big to manage by placing things just so. Right now you are wondering how to express the everythingness of everything. Right now the details feel false and incomplete. I will remind you that your creativity is hugely tied to your emotional and empathic resonance to the larger world. This month is bringing ample information and opportunity to touch your heart, and in the process of doing that to also touch your dreams. Allow yourself to feel. Feel anything that passes but don’t hold onto it. Imagine that emotional sensation is like water, let yourself float and sway but don’t grasp. Allow each detail to awaken your heart and let your mind be open and vast. The ways that you are creative and the ways that you create your daily life are changing and that has something to do with forces working on you from the intensity of what you perceive in the outer world. Listen, you don’t need to know right now. Trust your instinct. Keep creating. Take joy in every small task.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Making sand mandalas WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Conversation starters, and your open heart on your sleeve.


Things seem to be getting a lot more real in relationships. You’re ready for a level of presence that could imply some words like ‘maturity’, ‘commitment’, and ‘grounded’. Regardless of relationship status, this month has you feeling some feelings in the area of life that relate to concepts of stability, home, and foundation. You know that in order to show up the way you want to for others, and to do the work in the world that is your calling, that you have to attend to what you came in with. And it looks like a lot of healing wants to happen. It looks like some generosity and ample opportunity for gratitude is showing up in the places that feel like home. Gratitude is a precious energy that has the ability to expand and increase itself by providing reasons to continue feeling grateful. My suggestion for you in October is to adopt a practice of grateful recognition. Bonus points if you make something rather than simply saying or thinking it. Any small love note, handmade card, song, or piece of art that lets someone or something know that you appreciate, see, accept, and celebrate them. As you practice recognizing and offering to what makes your heart feel big, the bigness of your heart will grow into the relationships that make your heart feel big.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: As mentioned above, make gratitude gifts WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Lavender oil or dried flower in a pouch. Every time you smell it allow your brain to relax and feel yourself settle and rest. Take a moment to think of someone you love. (If you don’t happen to love the smell of lavender try rose geranium or chamomile instead.)

CANCER Looking at your chart for this month the word that keeps coming to me is ‘focus’. Not in a commanding kind of way or as a direction. More like a coalescence or conjoining… Imagine birds flocking from the periphery of a visible sky to come together in formation. That is the feeling. There has been something you’ve been sitting on, or sitting with for a good long while. Chewing it over, rolling it around, feeling it out. Whatever that something is has needed this time. It’s an important element of your life philosophy that needed to incubate and develop. In the coming month, and even throughout the rest of this year, whatever it is that has been brewing is going to start becoming clearer, more manageable, and easier to articulate. You are in a space now where you are not so daunted by your own fear. In the past perhaps there has been anxiety about speaking from your heart, or speaking from what might feel like a confusing jumble of feelings. More and more though your voice is expanding. Allow this. Allow the words to come and listen to them for the lessons. It’s often when we just let ourselves speak that our deepest wisdom comes through. Notice the back-and-forth, notice the overthinking, notice anything that feels like scheming. Be as honest as you can be. Whatever it is you’re getting clear on will show itself by the end of the month. Your fears of failing or disrupting stability will not go away by keeping silent after that. The willingness you have to speak your truth means everything for the relationships you want to grow in the future. Trust. Your. Voice. And trust your vision.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Free-writing and stream-of-consciousness tangents. Babbling. Letting sounds come out that make no sense. Vocal warmups. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Blue, for the throat chakra.


I hope you’re thinking a lot about what you want to attract right now, because you have some serious powers of attraction working for you. This month brings an influx of energy into the sectors of your chart that have a lot to do with resources, where they come from, and who you share them with (or who shares them with you.) You’ll want to be clear about intentions and motivations as well as anything that seems too good to be true. That said, you might very well be on the receiving end of some pretty awesome goodness, in which case you’ll want to be aware of any deep-seated beliefs about your own worth or worthiness in receiving. Assuage any doubts you have about whether or not you’re worth it by getting to work. If you can commit to bringing your creative vision, in its fullest and finest, into the world; If you can keep your head down and your heart up and work with courage, love and absence of overthinking it all; If you can just put down the f*cking self critic for a hot second and let yourself give ‘em what you got; If you can do that, you deserve all the goodness you can get. And my friend, it is coming the moment you let yourself believe you can have it. Trust yourself and trust your life. Groundedness, stability and safety will not come by avoiding your heart’s yearning. You know what it is you want, you know what it is you have to give. Do not let yourself be held back by fears of what you won’t get or won’t have. Everything you need has already been given. Trust.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Supported backbends and heart openers. Inhaling. Receiving. WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Clothes that make you feel confident and classy.


How’s it going Virgo? How are you feeling these days? There’s a lot in transition isn’t there? I would imagine that your identity has been shifting dramatically for a while. It seems like it’s generally becoming more optimistic, more energetic, definitely more freed up and less constrained. That said your chart right now speaks to the slipperiness of self-perception when it comes to relationship and the ebbs and flows of self-image that arise in the reflection of another. This month may bring about a few opportunities to watch what your mind does with the presence of an ‘other’. Watch the stories you tell yourself about them, and the stories you tell about yourself as you imagine what they think/see/feel about you. Watch the impulses to take action and watch what happens if instead of impulsiveness you give something time and attend to yourself instead. Venus is heading back into your sign soon and bringing with her some sweet and potent ingredients for self-healing tonics. Let what you love inspire you but don’t try to trap it. Let who you love love you, but don’t hold them hostage. There’s a settling that is starting to happen in you and around you. It will be served by your patience and willingness to let life be a flowing, changing river of receiving and releasing.

PRACTICE THIS MONTH: Laughter yoga WEAR IT THIS MONTH: Mirrored sunglasses, so you can see others seeing themselves too