October 2015 Astrology

  Albert Weisberger (1878-1915), Illustration pour le Magazine Jugend - 1905

Hello friends, Happy equinox, happy autumn.

We’ve just entered into the phase of the year that marks the transition from external to internal. The abundant and prolific summer has given us lots to work with. Astrologically the summer of 2015 packed some significant punches. Many people I know feel that they’ve moved through some kind of initiatory vortex and have broken through into previously unknown spaces within themselves. On a national level this summer has brought some huge changes to policy and it seems that some strides might have been taken, but polarity is still just getting stronger. On a global level the inevitable shift in consciousness that accompanies dwindling resources can be felt, definitely seen in some places, but is starting to expand in intensity in all of our bodies.

The astrology of October continues themes of transformation and healing now with gift-giving Jupiter in Virgo; sign of the healer, teacher, and priestess of the sacred flame. All month Jupiter dances in opposition to Neptune and Chiron which are both in Pisces. Neptune’s M.O. is transcendence: to access divinity and oneness; to escape the suffering of separation; to be released from the mundane. Chiron is known commonly as ‘the wounded healer’ and speaks to the place within us all that feels a mortal wound. A mortal wound is the place where we get caught in the suffering our own inadequacy; the places where we believe that we are faulted and flawed and expect ourselves to be somehow perfect like a god. Chiron was released from his suffering when he was finally allowed to die. His immortality caused him pain because he could not heal himself, though he could heal all those around him. Accepting impermanence and imperfection allows us to release pain.

Jupiter in opposition to these two points brings the BIG benefits of Virgo to the table. Jupiter will help us to attend to the details of our escapism, addictions, and delusions (Neptune in its destructive influence.) Jupiter in Virgo wants us to put down the mask, stop the show, and get real and practical about attending to our own healing. Jupiter and Chiron both share qualities of the teacher, and with Neptune in the mix this aspect invites us to go deeply inwards into the pain that we carry from lineage, to employ nontraditional healing methods like music, film, art, and poetry (Neptune) and to allow ourselves to be absolutely, perfectly flawed (Chiron.) When pain becomes art it becomes healing, when pain becomes a teacher the teacher is a healer. This is all up this month in a strong way.

Jupiter will receive assistance this month from both Mars and Venus. Mars conjunct Jupiter lends urgency to the situation and isn’t interested in resting on the job. This Mars/Jupiter configuration wants to work; work hard and work it out. If you have some good pieces of internal shtuff to work out in therapy, this would be the month to do it. Venus reenters Virgo (it visited briefly at the end of July) and will conjunct Jupiter at the end of the month. Venus in Virgo is tricky… She can be critical and overly perfectionist. Put her energy to use by deep cleaning your home, beautifying your surroundings and organizing your art supplies. Notice the desire to nitpick relationships and make conscious choices to appreciate them instead. You will be glad you did.

All of this is square to Saturn on both sides. Saturn sits between Virgo and Pisces in the early degrees of Sagittarius. This configuration is called a ‘T-Square’. The T-Square aspect funnels the intensity of the opposition (Virgo/Pisces) onto the square (Sagittarius). This means that while there’s a ton of energy for healing work, there’s also a need for practicality (Saturn) and the bigger picture (Sagittarius.) Basically, we all have a ton of baggage and a lot of messy, open wounds. Saturn isn’t really interested in sitting around and navel-gazing all day. Yes please go to therapy and werk yer sh*t out, but then don’t think the work is over because when it really gets interesting is when you put it into action. Sagittarius is big thinking, big ideas, expansive possibility, and pursuit of meaning. We are collectively invited to see and know our individual healing as the healing of the whole. We must remember that it is absolutely crucial at this time for each individual to attend to their own pain so that we can collectively begin to heal the Earth.

Other news this month includes Mercury, retrograde until October 9th but in its shadow phase until the 24th, in Libra. This is the last Mercury retrograde cycle for this year and is also the culmination of a grand trine in air. Mercury’s previous retrograde cycles this year happened in Aquarius and Gemini (the other two air signs) and formed angles to the current cycle that connect them all. 2015 has been a year of investigating thought patterns and the ways that thinking forms relationship and connection. When our perceptive organ (Mercury) goes retrograde, it’s metaphorically going backwards to pick up a piece that didn’t get picked up before. The air signs rule connections, thoughts, mental processes, and relationships. As we finish out this cycle it may be a good time to reflect on how your thoughts about relationships and relating have changed this year. Notice how your perceptive ability has changed and challenge yourself to see through your own biases in perception. Mercury will make some significant aspects throughout the month (see below) and those days in particular are good to be mindful of your communications, both on the receiving and giving end.

Below is a list of significant aspects for the month and small practice suggestions. Here are your horoscopes for October. Stay warm, be kind, take time to enjoy the moment.

In love and peace, Renée

10/6 - Sun square Pluto. Mercury sextile Saturn. Mars opposite Neptune A day to notice your ego. Don’t give into urges for power or control. If you feel aggressive go to the art museum or go see a movie. Don’t try and have important conversations today.

Practice today: loving kindness meditations


10/8 Venus enters Virgo A resonance with the end of July this year. Notice what shifts have occurred in your relationships in the last two months.

Practice: Acceptance, self-love, forgiveness


10/9 Mercury stations Direct (1 Libra, shadow through 10/24 at 16 Libra) On days when planets station be aware of a feeling of slowness and sluggishness. Since Mercury rules perception and cognition it wouldn’t be a great day to take a test or try to make big decision.

Practice: Shamata, watching thoughts come and go without attachment


10/10 Venus in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius Where our ideals and desires for everything to be just so gets into conflict with what it’s actually going to take to manifest vision. Potentially a hugely creative day. Put it to use by getting to work on practical plans with long-range goals.


10/11 Jupiter trine Pluto. Sun opposite Uranus Huge healing. Breakthroughs in self-awareness

Practice: Journaling or another form of self-exploration.


10/12 New moon at 19 Libra The seed is planted for relationships, beauty, art, harmony, and justice. Find 19 degrees Libra in your chart to know which area of life (which house) to make your new moon wishes in. The best days for wishing are the two days following the new moon.


10/13 Venus sextile Saturn Let what you love inspire you to commit more deeply to it.


10/15 Mars trine Pluto Let what you desire be nothing less than absolute self-mastery


10/16 Venus opposite Neptune Calling up themes from early June. This is HUGE love. This is complete absorption in love.

Practice today: praying to the gods and goddesses of your understanding with absolute devotion, complete surrender, and total trust. Choosing to see gods and goddesses dwelling in the people you encounter and honoring them.


10/17 Mars conjunct Jupiter (14 Virgo) Take. Action. To. Heal.


10/19 - A day of many moon aspects, a few of them are heavy hitters Lots of feelings.

Practice today. Knowing that all things change. Breathing.


10/22 Mercury square Pluto A confrontation between mental constructs and power. The urge of the mind to conquer the universe.

Practice today: Embracing the unknown mystery and appreciating the magnificent power of thought to manifest.


10/23 Sun enters Scorpio. Venus trine Pluto. Venus makes a loving aspect to Scorpio’s modern ruler. Find the house that Scorpio rules in your chart and consider how you would like to embody yourself fully here. Ask for guidance, ask for gentleness, ask for love. Wherever this space is the space to go deep, so be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.


10/25 Venus conjunct Jupiter. Mercury opposite Uranus This is the third Venus/Jupiter conjunction in the last three months. The first was beginning of July, the second was beginning of August, both were in Leo. Themes that come up today may bring about a sense of understanding towards whatever was happening then. Add in Mercury opposite Uranus and you can expect some surprising insights.


10/30 Sun trine Neptune Practice today: Finish the month in gratitude. Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces could have a lot of feelings. Channel your feelings towards faith.