New Moon in Scorpio, November 2015

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The new moon for November occurs on Wednesday the 11th at 9:47am PCT at 19 degrees of Scorpio. Every new moon is the beginning of a cycle. It is a time to plant seeds of intention for the coming month and to ask for illumination to grow in the coming weeks as the full moon approaches.

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To deepen your embodiment of this lunation you can listen to a 30-minute guided meditation here.

SCORPIO NEW MOON The new moon in Scorpio falls at the 19th degree, the Sabian symbol for this degree is:

“A parrot repeats the conversation he has overheard”

The message contained in this degree speaks to unconsciousness and mindlessness in communication and interpretation. The new moon is close to conjunct the planet Mercury which symbolizes our perceptive function, therefore we have the ability in this moon to either more easily articulate and perceive, OR to more quickly speak or perceive from a place of mindlessness.

I would like to clarify that mindlessness means that we are in the grips of thought and behavior patterns that are not up-to-date with our current level of awareness or intention. Mindlessness occurs in the absence of mindfulness. Mindfulness could be defined simply as noticing. Ellen Langer gives a great interview on mindfulness and mindlessness with Krista Tippet for the On Being podcast. Listen here.

Since this moon is also trine to Chiron in Pisces there is a great potential for healing and learning from the lessons that are presented here. We can all be careful to notice when the opportunity for healing is present by feeling into shadow as it presents itself. Healing occurs when we make new choices consciously and address the ways in which we have been wounded and unconsciously wound others.

The new moon and Mercury receive helpful aspects from Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio in Capricorn) and Jupiter (in Virgo) as well as agreement by sign from Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio, also in Virgo) This moon is interested in making inquiries that can lead to deeper healing and transformational awareness of power (im)balances. Jupiter’s influence is emphasized by Sagittarius as rising sign for the chart. Sagittarius here can offer the guidance of the teacher/mentor and seeker of truth. What is being sought is healing, attentiveness to the small details that lead to greater change and shifts in awareness. On this moon we are asked to look for the big picture within the details and we are reminded that a path is laid one brick at time. It is important to keep the big picture in mind and it is important to know the space of mind/heart/spirit/psyche that you are aspiring towards. We make changes through simple decisions in each moment to notice; to be with what is arising; to make new decisions when we catch ourselves in the grip of destructive or toxic patterns. The key to our collective evolution is the awakening of each individual. The key to individual awakening is the intention of consciousness in each moment.

Remember that to be human is to be of limited perspective and to contend with the smallness of that perspective. Forgive yourself and DO NOT blame yourself when you notice that you have made a choice from a place of mindlessness. Simply notice and allow yourself to feel the emotional repercussions of that choice. When the emotional repercussions become strong enough you will shift because you have no other choice. Otherwise you have your strength of will. If you choose to shift based on your strength of will then be careful of the tendency to polarize and become rigid as well as the tendency to be sneaky and rebellious towards your own rules. Allow for the knowing that all perspective, including new and expanded perspective, will change. Let the new decisions be made from a true and joyful place to be healthier, happier and more honest with yourself and others.

Cautions for this moon are to avoid ‘parroting’ and repeating (to yourself or others) information that you have only heard but have not truly investigated for your own resonance. Be careful of gossip, misinformation, or making stories out of anything fragmented or partially told (including your subjective perception.) Scorpio is the space of deeply held and closely kept feelings. It is often the space where we hide from our own truth or where we hide truth from others. It is also therefore the place where suspicion arises. We know the times of our own deceit and therefore suspect the same from others. This moon encourages a ‘coming out’, at least to yourself. What are the stories that you tell to protect yourself from your own shadow? Where has your mistrust led you to be untrustworthy? What are the stories you are repeating to condone behavioral repetition.

Be as honest AND as forgiving as you can with yourself. Pluto and Jupiter in combination urge you to be grounded with this information and not to run away into your thought forms. Simply noticing is where to begin. Allow noticing as a daily practice. Notice where your decisions and stories create dis-ease in your being. Consider new choices that may initially feel harder because they require you to trust (yourself and others) more. Especially for those of us that have reasons to distrust (that would be everyone), this can be a challenge. Consider what it would be to make choices as if you have already proven and been proven to, that life is trustworthy, that others are trustworthy, and that you are trustworthy. Commit to honesty in each moment, even if that means honestly admitting that you were dishonest. We are all always beginning. This moment now is a beginning.

Uranus at the base of the chart forms a yod with Jupiter and the new moon. This tells us that great change and awakening is possible, probable and pressing. This aspect creates a feeling of tension and inevitability. Uranus in Aries desires individual freedom. Where will the freedom come from? It will come from willingness to penetrate the hardened layers of our emotional repetitions and to admit, or own up to the places where we are in hiding. It will come from the tenacity and discipline to make new choices, again and again: to commit to our practices and let our practices be a commitment to healing. Individual freedom is not autonomy, it is a clear and loving understanding of one’s place within community. It is seeing where we walk the party line because it is easier; it is calling ourselves and others out on behavior that is no longer acceptable; it is making choices that are conscious rather than habitual; it is knowing that it takes a village; it is being accountable on all levels.

On a body level Scorpio rules the reproductive and eliminative/excretory organs and functions. Pluto as the modern ruler of Scorpio also has affiliations with these organs and functions as well as aspects of the metabolism. Jupiter rules the expanding function and has affiliation to fat, lymph and the liver. Connecting with these spaces in the body is important as you consider the implications of this moon. Since these body places are culturally taboo and often hold much of our internalized shame, fear, and feelings of unworthiness. To connect more to your body and these spaces listen to the new moon embodied meditation.

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Love and blessings, Renée

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