November 2015 Full Moon Horoscope Affirmations

artwork by Lerson, via society6
artwork by Lerson, via society6

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ARIESI trust my vision and trust myself to make sure and confident steps towards it. I embrace the unknown mystery and delight in the spaces where I am at a loss for words. I understand the word ‘Awe’ means the experience of being human amidst the vastness of the universe. I gratefully surrender the need of my small mind to know, and instead I invite the experience of awe to permeate my relationships. I ask to remember the power of my words and I am conscious of their limiting factor. When I choose to give a name or articulation to something I do so with the knowing that one day it will outgrow the limits of this language, and I open my heart to perceiving it anew, again and again.

TAURUSI am savvy to my instincts to clutch and to cling. I notice when my attachments become obsessive or neurotic. I choose to practice holding that which I love with a wide open palm and I choose to practice trusting that I can have what I want and need without gripping it. I open myself to receiving inspiration from the wider world around me. I invite helpful influences to come to me through the channels of my greater social connections, the internet, and the news. I open my eyes and my heart to the world. I know that in my practice and trust of abundance that I serve balanced and mindful relationship to resource for all beings.

GEMINII know myself by knowing myself in relationship. I know that whatever is arising is the lesson and so I honor all of my relations (regardless of preference) for collaborating with me on the lessons that arise. I gratefully receive feedback from my intimates and I trust myself to navigate the balance between giving and receiving with graciousness. I understand that the direction I am going in life is dependent upon my healthy and functional relationships. If what is arising shows me where I am dismissing my path for the needs of the other then I commit to examining this choice. I choose to fulfill the highest potential of my being and I trust my own decisions in relationship to form the most effective, reciprocal, healthy, and loving collaborations on this path.

CANCERThe details form the priorities. The priorities are defined by the details. I am curious about the priority. I happily open my mind to receive insight, inspiration and new questions. I am determined and disciplined in my daily routine and I attend to my projects with enthusiasm and balanced vigor. I know that the greatest and most genius ideas are nothing without follow-through and so I commit to putting in time and effort every single day to achieve what I envision.

LEOMy creative efforts are received by others and have meaning in the world. I can be open to information and inspiration that comes through intimacy and I can express it through art. I recognize that any of my choices can be artful and I claim my identity as artist and maker of my own life. I claim my creative agency and I joyfully delight in playful exploration. I release judgments of good and bad. I release others from my perception of their judgments. I release caring about the judgments of others and I accept that I will never actually know what goes into someone else’s thought process. I choose to embrace my own creative experience and enthusiasm as the ultimate truth for me.

VIRGOI am at home in myself. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am safe, I am stable, I am whole. My relationships do not define me, and neither do I define them. I accept the impossibility of defining someone else in any lasting way. I release the need to do so. My relationships provide me with inspiration and an expansion of my heart that serves my sense of belonging and that serves my work in the world. I see others as mysterious and spiritual beings and I release them from my human expectations. I comfortably rest into myself and I commit to be with, and stay with myself always, and especially when others are unpredictable or hard to reach.

LIBRAI am learning right now. I am learning so much. I release any overwhelm, fatigue or frustration that is present. I remember that there is immeasurable value in being lost and so I connect to all the heros and heroines who have ever been lost in their journeys. I see myself lovingly protected by the whole of everything even as I face my own dilemmas and questions. I choose to be mindful of the ways in which I space out and detach from my life. I choose instead to make new habits of mindfulness, self-love, and openness. I trust that as commit to my own self-care ever more, that I will be guided towards the answers I seek.

SCORPIOI embrace my own worth. I concretize what I know that I can offer. I stand strong in my values and I know that I have arrived at them with care and thoughtfulness. When I experience the impact of others (any question around shared possessions, or in the energetic space of what is shared between us) I hold space for fluidity and I do not harden against them if they cause me pain. I practice softening my body, my brain and my heart regularly so that I can be generous and forgiving towards everyone, including myself. My creativity stems from my ability to feel. I trust this. I turn towards my creativity as an answer for my feelings. I express my feelings as art and I offer my expression to the benefit of all beings.

SAGITTARIUSI arrive in myself. I have arrived. I trust my being and I trust that I am here for reasons that I probably am not consciously aware of, but that are important and valuable nonetheless. My relations reflect to me my own inner knowing. I allow myself curiosity towards the experience of an other and am able to hold my own experience as well. I feel and honor my deep need for love and home. I trust that I am at home always. I trust that the home and the love I desire are here now. I open myself to all inspiration of what home can be. I open my home and my heart to others and trust that they will care for my home and my heart with me.

CAPRICORNI attend to my internal spaces. I easily and joyfully attend to the chores and maintenance that they require. I listen to my dreams. I receive guidance from angels and spirits who are here to aid and serve me in my highest potential. I am courageous in examining deeply held beliefs and thoughts that influence my life from the background. I succeed easily in eradicating unhelpful belief patterns and replacing them with supportive ones instead. I move past my own isolation and I connect heartfully with others. I trust that my words and communications are in integrity with my highest purpose and deepest healing.

AQUARIUSI recognize and honor the place I hold in my community. I take responsibility for myself, for my beliefs, and for my actions. I playfully approach my creative process, my lovers, my children, and my childlike curiosity with awareness of my own guiding principles and highest aim. I trust that I have the resources I need. I trust that I am able to both give and receive and that the decisions I make to give and receive are made from a place of clarity. I see that my larger community, my hopes and dreams, my lovers and my children all have the possibility to either drain me or inspire me. I choose to take the time I need to discern appropriate boundaries so that I am able show up in my life with vitality.

PISCESI trust in my direction. I trust in my path. I trust in my life. I respect and honor my lineage and hold those who have come before in my heart. I forgive others for the choices they have made from misguided beliefs. I choose to awaken on my path and to not be a victim of habit. As I awaken I increase my ability to trust and to love. I can expand beyond the confines of my identity and embrace plurality. I have no need for binary. I celebrate complexity. I trust in my direction, path and life as they are in relationship to all that has been. I choose to move forwards with awareness.