Horoscope Affirmations for June 20th Full Moon in Sagittarius

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I've included a different kind of guided meditation this week. This one is a dharma talk given on June 13th, the day after the Orlando massacre. The talk is on the subject of Ahimsa, the yogic practice of nonviolence and compassion. It focuses on the impossibility of nonviolence in a violent world and emphasizes practice and mindfulness of healing and forgiving our own personal violence as we seek to become more tolerant of others. Listen here

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These horoscopes are written as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can request a reading here.


ARIES This moon speaks to your curiosity, and illuminates (or is illuminated by) difference, newness, and connection – possibly with foreignness of some sort. It also speaks to the moment when curiosity becomes skill, and the transition from seeking to settling in to what you know you are capable of. I have learned enough to know that I will never know it all, and so I keep some room for mystery as I stand strong in my own knowledge. My sense of humor and joy serves to expand my wisdom because I know enough to know that all the smarts in the world don’t matter if I can’t have a good time too. And as I look towards the future I also look towards the past – honoring the wisdom that has come before and the perseverance and humor of those whose efforts laid the path for my own.

TAURUS This moon illuminates how the intimate becomes infinite. It shines a lot on the close-in spaces you share with others – the spaces where energy, intention, and resources get all mixed up and tangled. It shows how the search for understanding that is the deepest and most personally poignant becomes the drive to seek outside of our familiar and quest for larger truth. I allow my heart to expand past the words ‘me’, ‘mine’, ‘I’. I allow my questions to become bigger than you, or us. I invite the love of learning to open all the doors here. I put out the call to my teachers that I haven’t met yet, to practices that expand me, to journeys that help me remember how big the world is, and how differently folks do things in other places.

GEMINI The areas that are illuminated by the full moon are the ways in which your self-identity becomes that which influences your values (personal values as well as material,) and how relational identity in partnerships influences shared resources and values, as well as the experience of ‘depth’ between two people. I am willing to see how my thoughts about myself affects the capacity with which I receive wealth, sustenance, and value. May that which brings love, joy, and beauty into my life be that which sustains me. I am careful about which beliefs I place upon my relationships. When I believe in their goodness, I solidify the good in them. May I have clarity and discernment in my relationships to myself and to others. May these relations serve the health and vibrancy of my home and my work in the world.

CANCER The full moon illuminates the parts of your chart that relate to your self-care, habits, and daily experiences including your job and how you work. These quotidian items become what Jung called ‘the collective unconscious’, the sea of information, experiences, and impressions become our notions of ego and identity. I am willing to question my beliefs about self-care, and to inquire as to whether they are coming from places that I choose to identify with. If I find that I am enacting habits or embodying beliefs that I picked up without realizing it (from my family lineage, culture, or another kind of impression) I have the agency to clearly disinvite the thoughts that serve dis-ease, and invite thoughts which serve happiness into my heart. The ways that I treat myself daily set the standard for how I expect to be treated.

LEO The full moon reveals how you do or do not include your passion, play, and sense of adventure in your daily rhythm. This in turn affects what you put out into the world, and how you feel that the world receives and supports your efforts. I allow myself to honestly address the commitments I’ve made to my heart. Am I living in ways that expand my sense of possibility? Can my daily life, (including my jobs, appointments, and all that I do to care for the space around me) include a sense of adventure and play? The artfulness that I bring to each moment is a reflection of my own inner acceptance. The artfulness that I bring to each moment becomes the stuff that the next moment arises from.

VIRGO This full moon illuminates the places in your chart that feel like home – the home you came from, your chosen home now, and the people and places that bring up familial instincts in you. From our roots we grow. I feel my roots are vital, healthy, and whole. I am willing to look into the past with grounded and mature compassion. I easily include the influences that serve the brightness of my expression. I easily discern which influences are not to my best (or the world’s best) advantage, and with a calm heart I make peace and separation – I let them go. I am the agent of my own becoming, and I create with love, a strong sense of purpose, and deep, intuitive joy.

LIBRA The full moon amplifies themes of communication and learning. The ones who you learned from early and the ones you learned from later (siblings, friends, teachers, mentors, gurus, and guides) and how your knowing translates into your sense of stability and purpose. I attend to the one in me who is still young. I take care with how I internalize information and I don’t make assumptions about my own capacity to hold it. Like I would with a child – I hold my own self and allow for story, explanation, and wondering. I am the adult voice of love, not belittling or rushing… but in full support of awe. I give myself all the space and time in the world for it to not make any sense at all.

SCORPIO This full moon shines in the areas of your life that have to do with wealth and value(s). Your own and what you share with others. The question is how what you have and what you hold as important impacts your perception and the meaning you make from it. I’m going to take it all as a chance to learn. The beliefs that I’ve had can be tested and I allow myself to stand back a bit and just observe. There’s nothing to prove – not to myself, and not to anyone else. If I leave room for expansion upon what I used to think was the answer, I’ll find that love comes through in the open spaces of ‘I don’t know.’ It’s better to love the learning than mourn the mystery.

SAGITTARIUS The full moon lights up your sense of self and the relationships that push and pull on that sense the most. Who you think you are and who you think you love bring up questions of what you have and how you’re going to share it – what will you get back, and is it worth it? I value the safe spaces that allow us to love who we are without trying to change ourselves or each other. I’m stabilizing myself to love me more, and in the loving to make space for you, whoever you are. I’m getting real about all the possibilities of who I could be, and clarifying the structures of who I am. There will be no more apologizing. My heart can make space for all the shadows. I am not afraid of realness.

CAPRICORN This full moon shines light on some of the spaces that have been hidden, perhaps underneath the cloak of ordinariness. What has been secret, maybe even from yourself is now ready to be known and revealed. I let my brain relax. I let my body relax. I let myself be surprised. I let myself be supported. I let myself be revealed. I let myself let you in. I let my dreams remember me. I let my work be appreciated. I let myself be influenced. I let go of going it alone. I let myself be known.

AQUARIUS This full moon has something to show you about your hopes and dreams for the future, how these are intimately tied to your creativity, children, and joy. What you create and who it affects will be temporary in some ways, but the resonance and intention will live on and continue to influence both your personal health as well as the collective health for a long, long time. May my vision be wise and far-reaching. May my impact upon my community be of benefit to our collective wellbeing. May my curiosity serve my compassion, and may my compassion be a guide through the rough waters of the unknown. May I receive and trust all guidance that comes with the purpose of assisting me navigate through discomfort. Every day I commit to taking time to tend my heart – breathing in and breathing out in gratitude and with love. PISCES This full moon lights up the ways you work in the world and how others perceive you in your work. Your work and how it spreads into your community and beyond is supported by your home, foundation, and those who help you keep the fires burning. I take risks to reach out and beyond the familiar. I try on at least one new habit every week – just to see how it feels to do things differently. Investigating newness and difference is an act of care. It allows me to see my own preferences and bias, which in turn gives me the capacity not only to understand others better, but also to make choices that are more in line with the present and future me than the past.