What Kind of Dream Are You? February 26th, 2017 New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

February 26th brings a new moon and solar eclipse in Pisces. The sun and moon are flanked by Mercury and Neptune infusing this event with intense psychic energy and the ability to mentally recognize what at other times is far below the surface of consciousness. Chiron leads the pack through Pisces evoking a healing message in all that we experience these next few weeks. Healing will only come though when we recognize that our personal healing is healing for all, and attend to our work accordingly.

Pisces rules the totality of fluid on Earth. It is the ocean, the saltwater of our bodies, amniotic fluid, and tears. Pisces is the inter-permeating experience of everythingness that you and I, and everyone else is swimming in. It is the way my dreams affect yours, yours affect theirs, and how the future arises from the dreams we all share.

These new moon horoscopes reflect an area of your life that is open for questioning. They are invitations to consider, invite, make space. For the next two weeks these horoscopes and affirmations are guides for you to reimagine this place in your life. It is an invitation to go deeper into your dreams or perhaps to choose a different dream. Sometimes this means ending, often this means expanding. Regardless of what the experience seems to be in this moment, remember that all experiences are temporary and dependent upon each other.

To learn more about the astrology of this new moon and eclipse listen to the podcast here. Note: I mentioned an intuitive I occasionally work with in this week’s podcast. For those of you are needing some deep spiritual support and guidance, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I create guided meditations for each new moon and full moon to support you in embodying the most healing and productive potential of current astrology. The meditation for now is a walking meditation and exploration of trust and contentment. Listen to it and practice with it over the next two weeks.


'Float' 'handmade collage by  Janna Dorothy

'Float' 'handmade collage by Janna Dorothy

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These horoscopes are written partially as affirmations. Affirmative thinking and speaking are a form of magic that works through magnetism. If your horoscope affirmation resonates with you, print it out and place it somewhere visible for the next two weeks. Repeat it to yourself often and notice how the magic works. I suggest reading horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs. If you’re interested in a more personalized approach to your astrology you can schedule a reading here.

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Pay attention to your dreams. Write them down. Ask for guidance. Before you go to bed at night offer prayers for protection, clarity, and understanding. When you wake up in the morning ask for interpretation. Ask for signs and symbols. Ask for clear messages. Don’t be afraid to speak out loud. You can also write, make an altar, or form any other kind of gesture that makes sense to you. But be clear with yourself what you are asking for, and ask for clarity in return.

This new moon and eclipse bring a huge expansion into the realms of the unseen. They mark the beginning of a phase that gives you access to your own super-consciousness and the collective unconscious. To be an adept student of this space you must be humble. If you come across frightening figures offer them gifts and respect. Never offer anything you know is not yours to give, including your future. Always be honest. Always be generous. In your waking life consider the dream we all share. Consider all strangers who cross your path as potential teachers. Be respectful. See what is underneath the surface and look for complexity and magic.

As you navigate the unseen realms you liberate yourself from previously limiting concepts. You give yourself permission to be less concrete and more mystical. A little bit of magic will do you good. You are ready now to take a stand and assert yourself in new and perhaps surprising ways. Ask for guidance and guides to opens door for your higher knowing to come through. If you are unsure of what to trust check in with your intention. Don’t lie to yourself. If you know that your intention is muddy with selfishness, fear, or mal-intent, it will come back to you with more ferocity. Do the work you need to do to stay aligned with your heart and goodness, and then trust the answers that come.

Your relationships will benefit from, and will be catalysts for your growth. Know that those who present themselves to you as equals (anyone) has something to teach you about yourself. Enjoy the negotiations and debates. Relish them. Don’t get so stuck on one side that you can’t see the other.

What is being prepared for you is transformation into a deeper knowing of your power here on Earth. You’re building your skills to lead, to face fears, to work with complex and perhaps treacherous situations in whatever realm you work in, or lead in. This may be your career, this could also be your place in community, your role as a parent, or any ways in which you have authorship in your life. You affirmation and protection for the next two weeks is, “I honor and respect all that I cannot see. I trust that I will be guided and compelled towards situations, relationships, and experiences that serve my highest good. I easily listen to my intuition.

The tendency we have as humans to predict and grasp onto the future is one of the main causes of our suffering. Not only do we create false expectations and attachments which can lead to misguided efforts, but by projecting ourselves into the unknown we essentially rob ourselves of whatever experiences we may be having in each present moment between now and then. Additionally, we very rarely have the ability to conceive of the intricacy our paths will take, and the most important parts of our journey usually involve the mystery and the finding out.

This new moon and eclipse are acting to reset the future for you. It is a moment of shifting ideas and idealism; letting go of some dreams to allow others space to grow. This time is also one of dissolving boundaries and borders between you and the bigger, wider world of your connections and networks. It is a time to pay attention to how you feel and what you know intuitively, rather than what you think you understand. Especially if your journey involves foreign lands, foreign others, or foreign ideas. Especially if you find yourself getting the kinds of perspective that come from meeting difference.

Your job right now is to not worry about what the future is bringing. Trust that you will get there with everything you need, and that each step is an important part of the process. Continue to attend to your daily tasks with as much relaxation and balance as you can. Write simple lists with what must be done today on top, and what can be done tomorrow on the bottom. Concern yourself with right now. Your affirmation and protection is, “I don’t need to analyze or explain any experience while it is happening. All I need to do is be present for the experience. I trust the future. I trust a broader vision. I trust others and our collective intelligence.

It’s an interesting time on Earth to think about success, authority, or leadership. The future is perhaps not any more uncertain than it ever has been, but perhaps we are more aware of uncertainty now, which may give many a reason to reevaluate what success could look and feel like. Meanwhile, concepts of authority and leadership are drastically shifting. Though it may not appear to be so in the immediate news, undercurrents are swelling with greater value of collaboration, shared authorship, and intersectional respect. Historically marginalized peoples are gaining voice, and regardless of what might seem like overwhelming oppression, those voices will soon be too loud to ignore.

These questions and ideas are looming large for you now Gemini. February’s new moon and eclipse fall in the area of your chart that rules public image, leadership, and career. This area of life has been in some kind of flux since 2012 which has potentially included abundant inspiration as well as confusion or even loss of what might before have felt like certainty. The current moment is bound to bring more of the same, so open yourself to whatever dreams and intuition are available to you, but also let yourself relax if nothing feels solid yet or if there’s confusion in how to attain what you envision.

Some helpful tips for working with mysterious futures and uncertain destinies include: performing your life from a place of creative expression and childlike awe: allowing relationships to teach you and letting intimacy transform you: and finally, being open to unexpected invitations or sudden inspirations that might come from a far-off friend or distant acquaintance. Furthermore, what you are dreaming up now has the potential to bring a different kind of resource into your life, but only if it is aligned with what you know as your own integrity. Pay attention to which dreams feel generative and true, let anything that feels misaligned, even on the slightest level, pass on by. Your protection and affirmation is, “I lead with the power of my dreams and the guidance of my inspiration and intuition.

Never underestimate your ability to learn, your desire to know, or your instinct to question. Never sell yourself short on opportunities to expand your mind – through education, through travel, or through faith. Never turn your back on a true teacher, regardless of whether or not you like what they teach... you know the ones I’m talking about because their lessons continue to unfold in your being every day. And never discount another for a lack of common language or reference. Remember that we are all foreigners somewhere, and 360 degree of reference make a complete view.

February’s new moon and eclipse are an invitation to open your mind. They occur in the area of your chart that rules higher education, philosophical inquiry, teachers, gurus, and travel to far-off and different places. This area of your life is ripe for a reset and you are invited to inquire of your curiosity, pay attention to your longing, and leap into the unknown. If you take this chance you make it known that you are ready to heal and resolve the ways in which you have previously been rigid, uninspired, or too self-doubting to acknowledge your own intelligence.

Heeding your hunger for expansive experience may also bring about a boon to your home. This may not look like anything you expected, especially because it might involve something new or surprising in your work or career. You will also continue to have to work for what you want. I don’t think this is such a drag right now, but it does mean that daily discipline is required if you want to go far.

Finally, make sure that your partners and important relationships are on board to support your need for empowered relationships and shared agency. If you have been struggling in a situation that doesn’t really feel right, or that doesn’t truly honor the gifts you can bring, you should listen to what you know sooner than later. Remember that is always better to make your own choices than to have the universe make them for you. When you act with your own intelligence it means you need to face your fears, but it also means you get to know your own power. If you let fear keep you back, you give permission for unconscious forces to act on your behalf. Your protection and affirmation is, “ I trust my inner knowing, inspiration and intuition to lead me to the right experiences, the right teachers, and all the right places.

Oh Love! Tearin' me apart from the inside out so I can see myself from the inside...
Oh Love! Tearin' you apart from the inside out so you can see yourself from the inside...
Leo, these lyrics from Wildlight are stuck in my head as I look at your chart. Please go listen to the whole song for the essence of what this horoscope will also strive to speak.

Oh love. It tears us apart so we can see ourselves. So we can see the walls and barriers we build against love; so we can see the ways we cheat ourselves out of love; so we can see how we refuse to admit to our own capacity and responsibilities in love. If we let ourselves really love another it means we have to face all the ways which we deny our own lovability. If we let ourselves really be loved it means we have to face the projections we have about what should be and let go of avoiding our own disappointment. No One will ever love you in all the ways you want to be loved. No One will ever satisfy that crazy deep hunger to be immersed in love. No One will ever keep you there forever, regardless of the promises they make.

This new moon and eclipse is bringing a new idea to your intimate exchanges. It’s letting you soften a bit around what you expect from others as well as what you expect from yourself. It’s giving permission to let go and in the letting go to find that you have always been, and will always be held. This is a moment for tenderness and truth. This is a moment to bypass the bullshit that keeps you from connecting. This is a moment to recognize how precious it is to feel connection in whatever moments it arises. And this is a moment to let that be enough.

Don’t let your busy-ness and all the tasks divert you from what is available. That said, don’t let the spaces you share with others encompass all your priorities. The balance you seek will come with a softening of your demands. When you let yourself, and others, just be… and when you trust that expressions of generosity and love are genuine… then you can let go of the insecurity you’ve been carrying around about whether or not you’re worth it, or whether it’s worth you. When I speak of love it might mean your partners and intimates but really it means whoever has access to the places you would otherwise hide, and the resources you would otherwise keep to yourself.

Your protections and affirmation is, “In the letting go is the loving. I let go of all demands I place on others. I let go of all demands I place upon myself. I am available to respond.

What do you think “chemistry” between people is? Is it timing and motivation? Is it pheremones and a cocktail of endocrine release? Is it spiritual recognition? Is it past life remembering? Is it a dance you two were put here to do? Is it biological function wrapped up in human meaning-making? Is it the ways we see ourselves in one another and recognize the chance to know? The spaces we occupy in our relationships are vast. Sometimes they seem full of the everything. Sometimes nothing at all. Most of the time these spaces are changing and evolving, yet most of the time we want to hold onto something fixed and put names around who we are to each other. It’s bliss when the chemistry is good. It’s devastating when something that was good changes into something that feels bad. It’s confusing a lot of the time.

This new moon and eclipse sits in the space that represents your “other.” In traditional astrology this is the place of marriage. In contemporary times we understand that partnerships come in all forms, marriage being one of them. So for now we can say this is about the people who keep you accountable. This is about those who are not your immediate family, but who have enough impact on you to bring you to a reckoning. This is about who you share power and responsibility with, whom you depend upon, and anyone you might consider a partner in life, love, or leadership.

What’s available right now in these relationships is tremendous love. The absolutely encompassing, completely dissolving, utterly fascinating kind. What’s also available right now are all the feelings. I mean all of them. All your past feelings, all their past feelings, and the future feelings, shared feelings, forgotten feelings. Whether feelings lead to healing or drowning is up to you.

The ultimate teaching of any partnership is that we alone cannot be everything, but that we also cannot imprison another to complete our lack. Holding your partners with an open heart takes huge trust and the absolute commitment to be healed and whole in yourself. Letting go of fears of loss is usually exactly the thing we need to really let someone else in. Your protection and affirmation is, “Thank you for teaching me how much love I am made of.

“God is in the details.” Something to remember right now Libra. As you attend to all the details: of your chores, of your everyday needs, of your home and family, of your pets, of the others who ask your attention and might not be able to give back, of your body and its constant need for upkeep, of any plots of land or any potted plants you keep, and of your many jobs. God is in the details is something to remember when the abundance of what life is offering keeps showing up minute by minute, day by day. The work might not ever end.

Letting go of outcome. Letting go of the goal. Letting go of the idea that, “if I could just be this then… If I could just do that then… If things were just this way then…” All those futures that could be perfect aren’t here. What is here are the details. What is here is the attending to, and the intention towards. When you let go of the idea that the work will end then you come to understand that there is no perfect point. No moment of satisfying closure. No happily ever after. There will be details to attend to then as well. So don’t bother keeping happiness, or God, in places where the details aren’t. Those places don’t exist.

What the details might describe though are conditions to pay attention to. Because some details are just more important than others, you might find in your attending that certain details can be released. So while this is a moment for swimming in details, this is also a moment for cleansing of details. Don’t hold on to the details that aren’t yours, and don’t be afraid of shifts in relationship that could result. Know what is joyful for you to hold and let go of what is sorrowful. Some details might be too heavy for you alone… so drop them, and then be surprised by who, or what, arises to help. Your protection and affirmation is, “I don’t have to work alone. I am easily receive assistance to take care of everything that needs taking care of.”

What do you do with the resources given to you? Your body, your money/possessions, your intellect, your past conditioning… What do you do with the elements that created you and continue to form the substance of your identity? What do you do with your ideas? What do you do with your instincts to express? What do you with your lust? Is your doing the kind of doing that satisfies? Does it generate a feeling of vitality, excitement, and playfulness? Or is your doing more of the depleting kind, the kind that feels awash in obligation and doing for others rather than for your own curiosity?

This new moon and eclipse are bringing a wave of creativity and questions about creativity to you. Your creativity is, of course, your art and artistic expressions… but it would be sad to limit the concept of creativity to “art” in the limited way we tend to think of it as objects or products made by an artist. This new moon and eclipse are suggesting that no matter what you do, it can be art. In fact, considering your entire life as a creative inquiry would be to your benefit. How you relate with others can be playful and collaborative, how you parent can be inspired and intuitive, how you make money can be a response to your higher visions of possibility, how you do your chores can be a proclamation of your empowerment, how you speak and gesture can and should be an embodiment of your integrity.

The trick for you right now is to work with the striations of your mind that tend to separate your life into compartments. You are especially vulnerable at this time to compartmentalizing your day-to-day existence, including your job(s), from your spiritual path and connections. I know that it can be challenging to recognize deeper meaning and purpose if the quotidien feels obligatory. But at this point you are being called to fully assert your autonomy as an agent of your every day. If it hasn’t happened already, the next few months will bring an abundance of movement and change into your daily habits. Your protection and affirmation for this time is, “I choose how to spend my life energy.”

This new moon and eclipse are bringing big waves into the part of your life that holds your home. This is your place of origin as well as whatever/wherever you currently call home. This is your biological family, its lineage, and genetic roots. These are the people who raised you, blood related or not, and their customs, habits, and mental, emotional, and physical health. This is how you think of home and how you make your home now. This is who is, or is not, at home. This is the ocean of feeling that home evokes that includes your deepest sense of security and comfort, as well as all the ways you long to belong and be known.

This is a moment for reimagining home. This is a moment for letting all the dreams of home – what it was, is, and could be – blend into a new composition. This is a moment of profound healing for you and your ancestors. This is a moment of releasing home’s failings and losses. This is a moment for experiencing home as the deepest love. This is a moment for recognizing that home can be all that you want it to be, but that the nature of home will never be contained to one physical location. This is a moment for being at home in the world, and for fully embracing a sense of home that can carry you wherever you may be.

How you define yourself, your needs and identity have been solidifying and materializing into a deeper embodiment of your beliefs and core values. As you continue to strengthen your sense of alignment you will find that home no longer needs to be the same kind of container it once used to. You might find also that a burgeoning sense of creative autonomy as well as an expanding notion of your possible futures is provoking a new examination of your immediate resources and what you can do with them. As you consider the questions of security vs risk, consider also what ultimately will be the safest for your spirit. Your protection and affirmation is, “I am at home in all that was, is, and will be. My home shifts and changes as my dreams evolve.”

What are you communicating my friend? What is coming through your words – spoken or unspoken? What is coming through your gestures – internal and external? Do you feel that you’re in flow between what you feel and what you say? Or do you get lost in the translation and find yourself putting out information that has no substance underneath? This new moon and eclipse is an invitation to immerse yourself in the question of reality and what part you have in creating it. This is a moment for letting go of all the things you think you think, and all the things you think you say. This is a moment for paying more attention to the ways that your less-than-conscious urges and dreams seep through into your actions and inactions.

Who you are has been changing. For the last 8 years you have been going through a slow and painstaking process of transformation that by the time it’s done (not for another 7 years) will have left no corner of your psyche unexamined. As challenging and painful as this is and has been, what is important here is that you are learning what you are made of. What is important is that you are facing, one by one, the misconceptions of your being that have created an identity that is not aligned to what you are at the heart of your matter. And yes, it feels like dying a slow death a lot of the time. And no it probably won’t help now for me to say that there will be rebirth. But I am saying it. There will be rebirth.

There is no avoiding the process of change. But there is a recognition of the part you play in it. This eclipse is giving you the opportunity to start dreaming a different dream for your life. This eclipse is calling you to embrace what is divine, transcendent and utterly beautiful in temporariness. This eclipse is an invitation to examine your motivation and ask whether or not you want the same story anymore. Your protection and affirmation is, “I choose to stay in the confusion or I choose to release the need to know. I choose to stay in the heartbreak or I choose to release what is done. I choose to hear the dissonance or I choose to hear the harmony.

This new moon and eclipse is a push to reimagine your relationship to finances and wealth. It is a moment to consider what your core values are. It is a moment to consider your ability to trust and to be comfortable in uncomfort. And perhaps it is a moment to surprise yourself with your words and thoughts. It seems that your mind has been expanding quite a lot recently and maybe what used to feel like rules now feel like suggestions. When your sense of possibility is blown open it means that your sense of reality here and now also shifts. What you used to value may now seem arbitrary, what you used to hold precious may now be easier to let go.

Remember that money is just energy. It is a gesture of exchange. It is power and control. It is magnetic and its ability to attract and repel are strong. Remember that money is a form infused with human belief. It is an agreement our minds have made about value. This belief is not the same as happiness, but it can be closely linked at times, and can dramatically influence life circumstances that undoubtedly have an effect upon one’s mood. And though money is the currency of exchange our human world runs on, and at the end of the day it is meaningless and will also die.

This eclipse is a call for you to redirect any ways you might be losing your life energy to money. It is a moment for honoring what, where and who you have come from, and for doing whatever spiritual work you can to heal dysfunctional karmic relationships you’ve inherited in regards to your wealth or lack of it. This is a moment also to redirect your attention to sources of wealth that are bigger than money, and to see how resource is available around you. This might call for a bit of magic, so your protection and affirmation is, “I ask for and easily receive angelic support for abundance and satiation in my life. I ask that I am provided for in the ways that I need (name them clearly to yourself.) I ask that I see clearly how to access the resources that I need. I ask that any personal wealth I gain is honored and respected by me and that all support I receive directly supports the health, happiness, healing and abundance of all.

If you ever had any doubt that you were connected to everything else, the next phase of your life is here to make that certain. If you ever thought you were alone, this is a time to expand your sense of loneliness until it encompasses every other being who ever felt alone, and to feel that together with them. If you ever thought you could ‘get away from it all,’ I’m sorry to say that this is all there is.

This new moon and eclipse occur in the area of your chart that represents your most immediate self. This is the lens you view the world through, and in turn the lens that others perceive you through. This is your manner, your dress, your body, and the instinct to assert yourself as “I”. Since 2012 this part of your chart has been slowly expanding its boundaries and dissolving its borders. Whether this has been conscious or not, you have become more permeable and less solid. This is neither bad or good, and it presents challenges as well as opportunities.

Your challenge is to accommodate without losing yourself. You are now being tasked with an even bigger immensity of feeling than you have felt before. How do you allow it all in and still hold on to what you need for yourself? This will be a trick akin to holding poison in your mouth without swallowing or spitting. You do not need to identify with what you feel, you do not need to take it on as your own or let others’ pain reside in your being. You also need to resist casting it outside yourself or becoming self-protective in ways that throw walls up against any perceived threat.

The gift and opportunity of this time is aligning with your true purpose here on Earth. To be in intimacy with what it is, to be able to hold space for what’s here… That’s some healing magic. You know something about where we’ve all come from and you have keys that can help us all remember. Your affirmation and protection is, “I am one with everything, and everything is one with me. I am made of love and love is all around me. I see through all other false concepts.”