Between a rock and a hard place, on the road to freedom. Astrology for the full moon in Sagittarius – June 9th, 2017

This month’s full moon in Sagittarius sits between Lilith and Saturn. Illuminated by the light of the Gemini sun, currently conjunct Ceres, this is a moon that features themes of acceptance, clarity, deep love, freedom and commitment... and all that it can take to get there. What this kind of awakening takes – more often than not, is some degree of heartbreak, some amount of rejection, and the kind of internal awareness that only comes with the need to heal.

Sagittarius is a sign that holds belief, religion and foreign others. Here our emotions are prone to optimism, though they also run the risk of being inflamed by righteousness. Sagittarius opens doors out of the fragility of our egos by presenting us with options we didn't even know we had. It urges us to think bigger and further – to get outside the binary, either/or, fear patterns we have been trained for by human socialization.

This week take care, and question what you think is true at least a couple of times before you act on it. The aspects of this moon speak to the tendency to hold back from our own truth and cling to what feels safe. However, this doesn't mean you need to jump into chaos. There is also the need to anchor yourself in integrity and have a strong degree of trust in the strategies you employ. Luna has also just moved on from her conjunction with Lilith and is approaching Saturn. Feelings might be thick with conviction, though also uncertain about what upcoming tasks might demand.

Lilith speaks to the ferocity that arises when we know we’ve been wronged. It is the feeling of being denied and pushed out/away from what we want and think we should have. It can feel like the need to avenge, take revenge and assert your right to be in whatever spaces you feel you’ve been forced out of, or rejected from. It is also a big Fuck You to whatever or whoever didn’t know a good thing when they had it… it’s being fed up with playing nice and ready for a revolt instead. It It is rioters who would rather burn it down than seek peace. It is the militant instinct regardless of which side you’re on. And it is the fear that comes when confronting those feelings as they burn inside.

Approaching Saturn is the need to make something concrete. It might be the declaration of more walls. It might be putting your foot down. It might be solidifying an idea and taking action on it. And perhaps, it is some degree of temperance. Saturn can act like a big rock in the road, which might not necessarily be a bad thing coming hot off the heels of Lilith’s force. With Saturn we’re held up before we can go too far, though in the hold time there’s always the chance that we sit and simmer a little bit more.

Thankfully, the intensity of lunar emotion is held in check by its opposition to the sun and Ceres in Gemini which bring a playful, curious, care-taking instinct to the whole thing. The Sun and Ceres remind us to look around at the immediate environment and pay attention to what we’re learning day by day. They urge us to not get completely carried away in the big thoughts and to remember that right here and now there is plenty to be grateful for and appreciate. They offer us the sanctuary of readily available information… This again is a reminder to question what you think is true, look at the facts not just the feelings. Take care of what is around you, even if you're on your way out.

The moon is bolstered by its ruler Jupiter who will have just turned direct in Libra, the sign of relational balance. Simultaneously it is trine to Uranus conjunct Pallas Athene, giving us more clarity to see patterns and big pictures at play, and more courage to take steps in the right direction towards our personal evolution. We're given an option for spiritual transcendence through a square to Neptune. Use your creativity, your prayers and honest spiritual devotion, your authentic intimacy, your altered states to find the answers that don't come so readily in the broad light of day. Though be cautious of inebriation or anything that feels like a quick fix, or to good to be true.

There is possibility for evolution when we allow ourselves to be curious about our deepest needs which lie beneath our insecurities. When we listen to fear we can't listen to anything else and we are driven towards "sin". Sin is simply acting upon illusion rather than truth. When we are focusing on fear we make choices to violate, steal, envy... But instead we can seek within ourselves the knowledge that everything is already given, that we have the answers we've been seeking. There is opportunity to be had through expanding negotiations and exercising altruism. There is always the choice to seethe in the illusion of our separateness or to seek our spiritual sameness. Always act with love, even if love needs to break free or draw a firm line.

I talk all about of it and more in this week’s podcast on the astrology of this full moon. To learn more listen here.

To make the most of this astrology it’s always helpful to bring it back to the body. With every new and full moon I offer a guided somatic meditation. Somatic meditation is a body-centered approach to mindfulness. It is a practice of recognizing the intrinsic spiritual energy and life-force that the planets represent in your flesh and bones. This week I’ll be offering another walking/running meditation (you can also do it sitting or lying down) that focuses on resiliency, dynamism and balanced force. Listen here.

Your full moon horoscopes and affirmations are below. xo- Renee

The sign of Sagittarius is home to the galactic center, or the the center of our universe. This full moon shines bright from the birth place of everything. Collage by the brilliant  Janna Dorothy

The sign of Sagittarius is home to the galactic center, or the the center of our universe. This full moon shines bright from the birth place of everything. Collage by the brilliant Janna Dorothy

Throughout the summer I'm offering special sessions at half price for creative, daring folks who want to create their own employment by doing what they love. These sessions will focus specifically on how astrology can help you organize, plan and implement creative ideas into action and income.  Schedule your session here!

Throughout the summer I'm offering special sessions at half price for creative, daring folks who want to create their own employment by doing what they love. These sessions will focus specifically on how astrology can help you organize, plan and implement creative ideas into action and income.
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June 24th, 2017 Financial Flow: Astrological keys for prosperity
Thursday June 29th, 6-8PM
at Works Progress Agency - 811 E. Burnside St. Ste 124, Portland 

What kind of relationship do you have with money? What kind of relationship do you want to have? What are your core beliefs about your own personal value, and how does this affect the ways you attract value into your life? This workshop explores money and resource through the astrological lens. We will learn how to identify some of the most important astrological markers that can give clues about how and where you can encourage more abundance into your life; which ways you may unconsciously be blocking financial flow; and how to best align your inner values and intention in order to attract what you most value.
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The transition from student to teacher doesn’t happen with a mere graduation or hiring. It’s not a change of clothes or status. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age or time. It’s nothing you can buy and definitely not something you can fake.

Students become teachers the moment they truly understand that there is no limit to their learning, and that any ideas of expertise they might have had are a laughable goal. Students become teachers when they know enough to know it’s worth sharing, when they decide to invest in their learning by offering it to others.

Though confidence is an important attribute in communication, it’s a dangerous path when a teacher thinks they know all there is to know. We’ve all seen, and possibly experienced, the destruction that occurs when curiosity and the willingness to listen are lost.

As you enter the second half of the year you are stepping onto a threshold of sorts. Regardless of whether you literally consider yourself a teacher, there is a transition you are ready to make from novice to one who is practiced. In the wake of this transition your sense of personal power and self-authorship are increasing, your sense of possibility is radically expanding, and you are hopefully finding that you have ample support from the ones who mean the most.

A balance of confidence and humility is your key to success. You are stepping into a new phase of life that will bring you opportunities for power, especially in regards to your role as a leader. The kind of leader you can be, and the examples you can set, will be defined by your ability to remain in a beginner’s mind. Absolutism will quickly calcify and shatter what you are building, while curiosity and enthusiasm for exploration will continue to expand your potential and reach. Your full moon affirmation is, “The best teachers are always learning.”

Battling giants, slaying dragons and evaporating monsters are now items you should add to your C.V. You have shown that you are willing to do the work of digging through your shadows and confronting the unpleasantness there is to be found. You have navigated terrain that has been beyond tricky, that quite possibly felt tortured and terrifying often. You are starting to emerge.

The growing light of self confidence and the willingness to value what and who you are is no small prize for the journey. You should be proud of where you’ve come from and what you’ve come through. You should wear your pride like a badge, and put it forwards in any and all negotiations that have to do with how you are compensated for your future efforts.

You might still feel confused however, about your future ambitions and where to head next. You might be trying to sort through your web of relationships and decide which ones will continue to hold you and which to let go. You might understand that the nature of your spiritual path for the foreseeable future has to do with innovative sharing, but what that means and how it will manifest is still forming.

As the month progresses so too will your motivation and materialization. For now it’s enough to continue to show up every day for the work you’ve committed to and look forward to that work gaining traction and clarity. Self care continues to be a priority – remember that no matter what the past accomplishments have been, the present moment still needs you to be well fed, adequately rested and content enough in your body. Your full moon affirmation is, “I make peace with the demons.”

The best relationships will always gift you with at least a few power struggles. They will show you the ways which you bend too far in order to bring you back to balance. They will confront your rigidity and control trips, and force you to surrender. You will lose yourself and find yourself. You will die and be reborn. The best relationships will show you your worst in order to uncover your best, and then they will help it grow and keep you honest about what that means.

It’s unfortunate that we’ve been fed fairy tales and happily ever afters. We would all do better to realize it’s a balance of challenge and ease that we need. If it’s too much of a good thing it’s too easy to get lazy. That said, pleasure and fun are essential ingredients. A full time struggle isn’t one that’s worth it. There needs to be an ample amount of sweetness that surrounds the occasional suffering.

This full moon brings the evolution of your relationships into a more focused view. You can see the progress you’ve made in the last few years as you’ve sorted through your priorities, especially as they pertain to beliefs about yourself and your desires. It seems that you’re much more ready to love who you are, and that can’t help but bring lovers, partners and other intimates who want to love that person with you.

The upcoming months are a transition phase from having ideas about the relationships you want into practicing those ideas in increasing intimacy. This transition brings with it a sense of spiritual expansion as you recognize the infinite possibilities that exist within mutual self-acceptance. I hope for you that in this shift you can actually let your ideas and criteria go. Rather than checking off boxes, allow your instincts to lead you towards what feels fun, generative and creatively compelling. Commit to maintaining balance between what you give and what you get. Let the rest take care of itself. Your full moon affirmation is, “I am in love with love.”

The need to be recognized for work well done is not a selfish need, nor is it an uncommon or strange need. It is a basic need that is shared across the spectrum of animal species (and perhaps plants too) that reflects our desire and ability to learn and evolve. The need for recognition is an important part of the feedback process, it lets you know if what you are doing is effective and how modifications can be made that continue to improve the circumstance. The need for recognition is an important part of empathy, it means that you are attuned to those you are serving and relating with, it means that you care enough to want to do a good job.

You can recognize others’ communication styles may be different than yours. You can strive to pay attention to, and receive their feedback in the forms that it comes. This willingness to learn someone else’s emotional language though, is also an effort on your part that deserves recognition. Ideally in the form of someone else striving to adopt and adapt to your emotional language in return.

Ultimately the lesson in this moment is one of recognizing equality. You are here with just as much to give and take as anyone else. You are here to be seen, heard and felt, and to see, hear and feel. Moving past the barriers of your own belief systems does indeed require a letting go of expectations… What is important for you to remember is that letting go of expectations doesn’t mean allowing someone to treat you like shit. It means that you are willing to let go of preconceived notions of what you do or do not deserve and to truly adopt the motto that you will get what you give. It’s time to be honest with yourself about what you’re giving. Your full moon affirmation is, “I am open to trades, barters and expansive exchanges that accurately compensate me for my time and energy.”

This full moon is a great time for some sort of a feedback survey. If you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into something, or someone, now is the moment to pause and assess. How’s it going? Is your audience receptive? What would work better? Are you happy with the outcome? Are you happy with the participation?

This full moon is a great time to check in with your feelings of work, effort and quite possibly fatigue. It’s a great time to appreciate how much you have done, and how much there is yet to do. It’s a great time to ask for the resources you need to keep on doing, and an excellent time to recognize that those resources are as available as you are to the ones who will give them you.

This is not a moment to doubt your own worth. This is not a moment to give it all away for free. This is not a moment to reject because you feel insecure or rejected. This is not a moment to get carried away in fantasy about either the highs or the lows. This is a moment for practical examining. This is a moment for asserting your expressiveness and recognizing the value it brings to others. This is a moment for grounded humility.

You’re rapidly moving into even more production and materialization of your creative instincts. The next few years will require your all-out hard work and steady concentration if you want to go as big as you’re dreaming it can be. The next few weeks are ripe for you to consider your long-term sustainability. It’s a lesson for you to recognize that what’s sustainable is going to be a collaborative effort and not only the product of your genius or control. Getting more comfortable asking for feedback means that you have to keep your pride healthy and in check at the same time. Your full moon affirmation is, “I have what I need to keep going. What I’m going for is needed.”

Commitment often brings uneasy tension. Most of us tend to find it easier to think about having what we want, than wanting what we have. Sometimes the things you have feel like burdensome obligations, and the temptation to burn it all to the ground in order to start lighter and clearer can be overwhelming.

In times like these it’s worth considering the aesthetics of suffering. What is attractive about loss is sometimes the feeling that in losing what is familiar there will be a gaining of something that isn’t yet know. That peculiar feeling of displacement, of yearning for what isn’t and might never be, is certainly some of the most potent and attractive head/heart space around. It’s what all good movies, music and art try to touch upon. It’s an ages-old longing that constantly places our heart’s desires just out of reach.

My question for you is what you actually value in this feeling… Do you value the experience of it as it manifests through all its crazy-making and emotion? Do you value the clarity that can sometimes come with both commitment and release? Do you value the product of emotional turbulence as it is turned into art or action?

Projecting dissatisfaction on what is known is a set-up. It places you in a position for repeating the same circumstance again and again. There will always be mystery. There will always be the potential for more. That’s true in the “known” and “the unknown.” Just because you know something doesn’t mean you know it all, in fact, sometimes the things and people we feel we know the best are actually the most mysterious.

If you’re going to let something go, it’s a good idea to let it go with as much love as you had for it when it was new. If you’re going to let something go, don’t do it out of frustration or resentment. If you’re going to let something go do it because you know that the letting go is a freeing act of love. Your full moon affirmation is, “What is known is an adventure to explore. What is unknown is the adventure of right now.”

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your life is, sometimes the world just seems small. Sometimes the people you know all feel the same and the same feels limiting. Sometimes the stories are redundant and obnoxious. Sometimes you think it’s the folks around you, and sometimes you realize it’s your own mind, turning in circles as it observes the same old spaces.

These are times to remember how big the world is. These are times to get in touch with the ones who live differently, and to remember that other ways of living are still full of life. These are times to travel as far as you reasonably can, whether through body, mind or dream.

Repetitiveness and routine will find you though, wherever you go. And you might even be someone who recognizes that constant movement and change can be routine as well. So it’s important to hold both together – to see the diversity of experience in your own neighborhood, and to remember your neighbors across the world.

Your every day is needing some kind of a shift right now. The smallness of what’s close is being illuminated by what’s far away. Your attention is dancing between the two, searching for the vibrancy of right here and right now. Let this dance be all about the questions. Your full moon affirmation is, “How can I infuse my mind with more connection to grandness, sacredness and sublime? How do I live this infusion day-to-day?”

These next few weeks could bring a few things… There could be a creative outpouring of affection and play caused by beneficent joy upon realizing the value of your most important relationships. There could be a trend towards fantasy, dropouts or possibly inebriated  diversions that move your attention away from stressful factors of financial realities and/or overthinking your relationships. They could be a love affair that begins and ends as a projection upon someone else, but also transforms you from insecure to securely independent in the process.

Whatever the situation may be, a few tools you should keep in your tool belt are: Appreciation in the power of transcendent experiences to contextualize the more frustrating aspects of reality. Your creativity and a list of possible projects that can provide welcome outlets for emotions that can’t be articulated. The knowledge that your spiritual being (and the spirit in others) is stronger than any feelings of separation or dissonance, no matter how painful they might be.

Right now it’s important for you to recognize that other people’s nurturing nurturing styles can look all kinds of ways that might be different than the ways you instinctually care for them. Learning to recognize the gifts you get in your interactions requires you to drop your ego and expectations of what those gifts should look like. You might not understand until many years have passed, what a privilege it is to feel the things that other people can make you feel. No matter what the feelings, your sense of creative agency and your relationship to a spiritual purpose will only be allies. Your full moon affirmation is, “Energy comes into my life. I give energy out. Everything is an exchange. I make art with our movements.”

It doesn’t matter whether they’re “good” or “bad.” It doesn’t matter whether you “have one” or don’t. Relationships will show you your shadow.

Those you want, those you wait for, those who arrive, and those you never will. They will all give you reason to reflect upon the ways in which you define yourself based upon them. They will all present opportunities for self-abandonment. They will all, at some point or another, confront you with the divide that separates your beliefs from your actions.

Notice how the ones who inspire insecurity force you to balance in one way, while the ones who push upon your need for freedom force you to balance in another. We are all, always, negotiating balance. Internally and externally. And remember, to be in balance is a momentary occasion. Nature will always seek homeostasis but with everything and everyone continuously changing, balance is a constant negotiation.

Currently, the light of the sun is bringing your consciousness to the ways in which others can nurture you through their words, ideas and curiosity. Enjoy the ways in which you are asked to open your mind. The moon is reflecting the need to open your ideas of identity, though it seems that feelings of rejection and restriction might also be present. If so, I hope that you can easily find your way through to a space of empowerment and understanding that challenge brings refinement.

Your work right now is to continue to find peace at home. It is to bless the space you’re in with your most abundant love. Your full moon affirmation is, “When I remember that I am part of everything then I am constantly inspired and never lonely. I attract the partners who help me care for this space.”

What kind of effect does your immediate environment have on you? Not just the landscapes and objects (although yes them too,) but the people who are around you, the news and gossip that they’re sharing, and other streams of information that make their way to you. Pay attention to your immediate locale – its norms, its values and its biases. Pay attention to your thoughts, and how they shift and scatter towards what you see and hear, towards who’s around and what’s in fashion.

Notice how your personal experiences color the world around you. Track the ways in which your physical body and health blend into your perception of day-to-day events. Feel the ways in which your dreams and deep emotions bleed into the interactions you have and what you choose to see, hear and feel. Notice how what you perceive and how you behave are two sides of the same coin.

As individuals we might like to think that our thoughts and behaviors are personal and unique, but we are all products of our environments. How you direct your energy into the world, put your ideas in motion and wield your personal power does not come from a vacuum, it comes through the alchemy of absorption and assimilation of environmental factors. It comes from the ways your mind has been shaped and continues to be shaped.

There are times when it may feel easier to get lost in fantasies of disempowerment. You can give the responsibilities of your mind and emotional state to others. You can act as if you were not a vital and active contributor in the world around you, as if your (in)actions or (lack of) communications were not an intrinsic element of whatever the situation is.

Your choice now is become increasingly conscious of your motivations, until you recognize distinctly that every thought, word, action and deed invoke the laws of magnetic attraction. Know what you’re saying and thinking, and be aware that those words and feelings will resonate and resound into the future. Your full moon mantra is, “I am the master of my own mind. My mind is connected to everything else.”

Currently, it may feel that a million obstacles are between the possibilities of this moment, and those of the future. How can you turn what feels generative, playful and interesting right now into a path the supports your long term visions, wider circles and communities, and greater networks of interconnectivity?

One important factor will be what you believe about the value of your current pursuits. It’s good to be reflective, refining and even critical at times. But watch for the ways in which you project ideas of rejection onto what hasn’t happened yet. Watch for the instincts that would pull you back, wall you off, or infuse rigidity into your process. Watch for what you do with your perceived audience’s response, and remember that everyone is here having their own experience and everyone relates their experiences differently. Bottom line is that that there really is no way of knowing what’s going to happen in the future, or what anyone else is thinking. Ever.

To find joy and meaning NOW in what you love is more important than what will happen in a time that isn’t yet here. To inhabit your creativity with a curious and willing mind that draws support and nourishment from the world around you is to recognize yourself as one who supports and nourishes the world with your questions and connections. Remember that no single human is here to make an impact, but we are all here with the capacity to respond, and our responses together are what shapes culture.

Finally, there could be the opportunity to give a lot of something – yourself, your self-worth, maybe your money – into an endeavor that you hope will pay off someday… It will be good for you to consider the nature of resource and resourcefulness. Don’t drain your wallet and don’t drain yourself emotionally. Rather, let resources come to you by committing to the present path as one of ongoing connectivity. Know that the right doors open at the right times. Your full moon affirmation is, “Value in the future depends upon value now. I appreciate and love what I have.”

The last few years has been a somewhat slippery and mysterious chapter in the story of your personal evolution. While your priorities and path have hopefully been becoming more refined and in-line with your intentions, your intentions have also been shifting in ways that are hard to predict. Fantasies of future goals come and go, possibilities emerge and then just as quickly evaporate. You’ve probably gotten pretty good at taking things one day at a time.

If there’s anything to know about this moment it’s that healing is your priority.

The ability to let the world permeate you without getting caught in everyone else’s currents is a master alchemist’s magic. Opening, in the ways that you can open, to the vibes that are presently filling our emotional airwaves, takes a certain degree of dedication to process. You must be willing in every moment to examine what you’re feeling and discern whether or not those feelings are yours. Every time you make the choice to return to yourself it is an act of love. Every time you are able to recognize someone else’s pain as an energy you can witness without needing to fix, you give them a nudge to come home to themselves too.

Returning home to ourselves is deep spiritual work. It is recognizing the ways in which we have been consuming and consumed by false narratives about our worth and value. It is refusing to live in shame. It is refusing to hate. It is accepting all that we did or did not get in life so far and letting go of the judgments we place upon ourselves about what we have or have not attained.

As you start to shift into more clarity of future ambition and work keep coming back to the states of surrender and unknowing you have found. As the next few years unfold I hope you will find that those states are no longer full of fear and confusion, but rather they are sanctuaries of forgiveness and devotion to something much bigger than you. Your full moon affirmation is, “I trust my direction. There is nothing holding me back.”