Go With The Flow - Astrology for September 6th, 2017 Full Moon in Pisces

Wednesday’s full moon in Pisces brings extra Pisces vibes. Conjunct Neptune, Pisces’ modern ruler, this is a full moon full‘a feels. Illuminated by the Virgo sun, full moon in Pisces is always a reflection of what’s real and unreal, what’s tangible or not, what’s useful in the moment and what’s ultimately most important.

Pisces is the feeling of being immersed and absorbed. It is ineffable infiniteness like the ocean, the cosmos, dark matter and empty space. It is the void and the unknown. Pisces is the place you came from and where you will return to. It describes endlessness and overwhelm. It is pure grief, longing, bliss, union and transcendence. The only real way to explain Pisces is without words so in this way Pisces also describes the instinct for creative expression and clairvoyance.

Pisces is the everything and the nothing that includes you but also includes everything else as equal. Pisces doesn’t make sense because our minds actually can’t comprehend it and Pisces likewise can’t comprehend the smallness of our minds. When we reach these points of inner expansion Pisces becomes the feeling of losing oneself – whether through drugs, relationships, art or God because sometimes the only thing that makes sense in this world of separation is finding ways to merge with something else and leave yourself behind.

With Neptune conjunct the moon we have extra expansion of waters. Literally, floods. Water, the element of emotion washes over us. What have we not been expressing? As cities and lives are washed away we remember the poignancy of here and now. How could we have forgotten to express love in the moments between? How could we have forgotten to cry, for so long now, at the devastation of our communities as they are forgotten and forgone in the name of profit and product?

The sun sits between Mars and Persephone on one side and Vesta on the other. We are motivated to make changes. We know we have to heal. But how? In order to move forward we have to remember how to be in service to one another. In order to be of service to one another we will have to find ways to accommodate, not ignore, our differences. In order to accommodate our differences we must face our own fears of irrelevance and stop gripping so tightly to our own righteousness. The time is now. It will not wait.

Square to the sun and moon sits Saturn with Lilith now moving on from their moment of conjoining. This is hopefully, some empowered and forward thinking decision making. This is, hopefully, claiming freedom of mind over dictate of moralism and reductive binary. This is the time to leave the black and white mind-states behind. If we’re going to be a rainbow we best start by doing our damndest to shine bright and appreciate each other’s brightness. Do not get caught up in petty arguments. We are all much, much better than that.

The grand fire trine triggered by last month’s new moon and solar eclipse has just been stimulated again by Mercury who turned direct yesterday. Mercury turning direct on this point asks you to remember something, or see what you didn’t see before. It’s some kind of question or revelation that what is most useful now has to do with honesty, creativity, courage, and whatever or whomever ignites your heart. Mercury is conjunct Mars and is ready for action. As Mars moves into Virgo where it joins Persephone it's a feeling of being ready to move forward with the details and practicality surrounding however we know we need to move. The prayer for this moment is that we remember the big picture in whatever small, decisive actions we take.

By the next new moon in two weeks time there will be even more clarity and go-ahead. For now as Mercury gains speed and Mars gets used to Virgo's need for accuracy, it's best to maintain some amount of patience and perspective. The heart sometimes speaks slowly and abstractly, especially if you’ve been more accustomed to listening to your mind. Continue to take time and stay present. Things are moving very, very fast right now and there is no doubt that the pieces in your life will move too. Right now though the larger forces are infinitely stronger that the individual minds and goals. You might think you know, but all knowing is still subject to change. Wait, wait until you are certain. You'll know you're certain when it feels like peace and resolved clarity. Do not force anything. Do not grasp.

Learn more about this full moon and how it’s affecting you and everyone around you by listening to my podcasts. This week I'm offering the astrology podcast in 2 parts. I recorded Part 1 while Mercury was still retrograde and Part 2 the morning of the full moon. I pick up on very different ideas and themes in each part. Part 1 finds peace and sensation in the Pisces vibes while Part 2 is a stronger call to action.

I know that astrology can seem abstract and esoteric and that’s why I offer guided meditations with every full and new moon. Listen here to this week’s meditation that focuses on working practically with addiction through mindfulness. To understand the Pisces/Virgo axis is to see the ways we lose ourselves and learn to return. Pisces rules addictions and distractions. We all have addictions and cravings, learning to come back to the present moment and be grounded with ourselves is not only helpful personally, but will be of benefit to your community and environment!

WANT TO HOST A WORKSHOP WITH ME? I'll be visiting the East Coast mid-October and am looking for people and spaces who want to work me. I'm open to small groups, workshops, classes and private sessions. If you're in the NYC area and want to work together   get in touch !

I'll be visiting the East Coast mid-October and am looking for people and spaces who want to work me. I'm open to small groups, workshops, classes and private sessions. If you're in the NYC area and want to work together
 get in touch!

"Press" by  Janna Dorothy

"Press" by Janna Dorothy

This is a full moon for dreaming. This is a full moon for sleeping. This is a full moon for drifting off and away, and into other worlds that follow other rules. This is a full moon for connecting to the long-since-passed of ancestors, mysteries and what has been forgotten. This is a full moon for visiting the places you don’t see every day. This is a full moon for reaching across the veils, partitions and divides and saying hello to whatever and whomever is on the other side.

And yet… Here you are in the material world with all it’s details, schedules and chores. Here you are with your plans and ideas and the ways you know you have to keep on growing. Here you are with all the things that still aren’t right and need to be adjusted, which means stay focused and keep at it.

In case that you find yourself torn between priorities and uncertain how to bridge the gaps between ephemeral realms and material life, I would highly recommend art as a vehicle. Since it’s not always easy to sleep 13 hours a night, can you instead take 13 minutes of your morning and draw a picture of your dreams? Since the intangible might begrudgingly stay that way, and the spiritual can often seem aloof, I suggest poetry instead. Since ghosts and ancestors don’t often speak through words perhaps you might find their communications more clear when you dance.

This is a full moon for healing the rifts between the sacred and mundane. This is a full moon for remembering that magic exists in materials and will be obvious if you take the time to look for it. This is a full moon for recognizing spirit is everywhere and only waiting to be asked to accompany you. Your full moon affirmation is, “I am awake in my dreams and I remember that nothing is only what it seems.”

In any creative projects there are more than a few moments of discomfort as you consider your original intentions, ideas of what/how it will become in the future, and the reality of other’s perceptions now. The tension of communication and the space of sharing is vulnerable at best and worst. No matter what it is that you’re expressing, there’s always the test of another person’s ears and eyes.

Similarly, issues that come up in community (community can be as big as the world and as small as your household) are usually within discrepancies of aesthetics and style. On the one hand we all have the same basic needs. On the other hand we all have very different ideas of what those needs look/taste/feel like and which approaches to take towards attaining them.

So right now it seems that you are in a moment that requires trust and determination. You have to trust that what you’re expressing is useful and needed. You have to maintain determination in your expression, and be willing to share it even if the applause isn’t thunderous. You have to trust that the details you focus on are ones that should get attended to. You have to be determined to stand by your choices and be willing to patiently explain them again and again.

Simultaneously it’s important to let the future get more fluid. The more you can let go of what your expectations are, the more likely it is that you will find your way to fulfillment that is actually in line with what you’re putting out. Also, remember that though many, many others may be doing similar work, it will be all of our influences combining that make the coolest outcome. Your full moon affirmation is, “I release the need to be special and fully enjoy the process.”

The ways you need to heal are starting to make more sense. Your perception has softened and become more sensitive and subtle. You are ready to move on from relational challenges of the past three years and fully embrace your autonomy and empowerment. This includes all kinds of relationships, the romantic ones just as much as the business ones. In order to do this, here are few things to keep in mind:

1.) Do not confuse your healing with endless giving. It should always be a mutual balance. This means that if you are part of someone else’s healing, than your involvement with them should bring joy to your heart and a sense of loving purposefulness. At this time it is important to leave behind any resentment, resistance or spite. No one owes you anything. You don’t owe anyone anything. You and your people are here to care about each other because it feels good. Simple as that.

2.) Resist over-complication by stepping back from critique. There will always be problems and areas for growth. There will always be the places where friction arises in difference. The less mentally focused on the details you can be, means more availability for the actual sensations of care to arise. Less mental and more heart is good for you in general, and particularly good for you right now.

3.) Transparency around your needs and expectations is an area of growth for you personally, and will continue to be for a number of years. The more you can value yourself and invest in your own ethical uprightness, the more you can trust that your needs and expectations are grounded, realistic and necessary.

Your full moon affirmation is, “It feels good and healing to give and receive.”

May this full moon be a prayer and path towards healing. May you heal your mind, your beliefs, your self-concepts, your faith.

May you cease to dwell upon self-criticism. Instead, may you turn the sharpness of your mind towards severing ties with those who fill the space of conversation with negativity, pettiness, judgment and small-mindedness. Instead may you expand your mental space to include heartfulness, compassion and a radical sense of humor.

May you step away from living in whatever prisons of belief you have been living in. May you recognize the ways you choose to be a slave or you choose to be free. May you have the courage, determination and fierce empowerment it takes to leave behind whatever constructs, commitments or schedules you’ve been bound to because you thought you had no other choice, or were too afraid to take it then.

May you check, then double check your own values and priorities. May you affirm, then reaffirm that your heart says YES to the changes you are making.

May you easily and consciously expand your work in the world so that it undoubtedly includes your honest ambitions and total transparency. May you trust that the path you are on is the right one for you.

Your full moon affirmation is, “I win at the game of life by refusing to play by anyone else’s rules. My own rules align to my highest purpose and my most creative spiritual philosophies.”

You will value yourself as much as you feel truly useful, and in service to others. This will requires a skillful blend of pride and humility. You must know your own worth and maintain your own confidence in order to not be a drain of neediness for affirmation. You must also stay open to suggestion and be willing to adjust if what you’re trying to offer isn’t actually what is needed.

At this time it’s important for you to meditate upon the connection of your mind and heart. You may think you know what to do, you might even be right… But if you’re not truly, empathically connecting with the others involved then not only will you not be received in your intent, but they may resent your efforts entirely.

This means you must navigate the space between giving and receiving. You need to make sure you’re getting what you need, so please soften your heart and give yourself lots of time to be present with whatever you’re doing. Be receptive – to compliments and gratitude as much as feedback and requests. You need to make sure that what you’re giving is in alignment for you personally and for those to whom you give. Do not overextend yourself now. Be patient and graceful. Wait to give until you confirm that what you have to give is wanted, and that you can easily give what is asked of you.

This is an important moment of healing for you in regards to your creative energy. The world will continue asking more of you, and you will want to give it. But if you are going to succeed in all your plans then it’s essential that you don’t get drained, or drain those around you. Your full moon affirmations and questions are, “Is it joyful and fulfilling for me to give what I am giving? Am I being adequately compensated for what I give - emotionally, mentally, physically and financially?

The crux of the matter now is your stability. You have built some kind of structure based on beliefs or philosophies surrounding your needs to feel safe, secure and wanted. These structures have been tested and you know something now about what is actually needed. Do not let your fears of falling keep you trapped in anything that doesn’t actually benefit your being. Do not let your fears of aloneness keep you tied to neediness or co-dependency.

That said, give yourself time to make the decisions. The next few months will bring ample opportunities for change, so there is no need to force the issues. That said, the longer you ignore your instincts and intuition, the more drastic and painful those changes might have to be to convince you that it’s time.

It’s time to put yourself first in a way you probably never have. It’s time to be of service: to your creative evolution, to your true nature, to your radiance, to your purpose here on Earth. This means that it’s time to actually let yourself be touched the world. This means it’s time to cease the mental calculations of what you think you want, and actually let yourself feel.

Ultimately you can count on loss being inevitable. You can count on everything changing. You can count on humans being fallible and flawed. You can count on your life’s relative meaninglessness in the context of all things. And you can count on yourself as being the only one responsible for your experience. Your full moon affirmation is, “I trust in the goodness of others and I trust my own intent to encourage and support everyone’s goodness through radical honesty and courageous self-expression.”

This full moon brings a ready and hopefully welcome revelation about your health and day-to-day output. It seems that you may have been burning the proverbial candle at both ends for a while now. It seems that you have ample opportunities to give A LOT every day, and also to receive A LOT every day. So let’s take a look at what will help you make wise and discerning choices about how to spend your energy and take what you need.

First of all, you currently need some serious psychic space. This means plenty of sleep and enough alone time. This means time in nature. This means creative space. This means deep listening instead of constant talking. This means not always having to-do lists nagging at you, this means permission to take breaks away from other’s requests for your time and attention.

You might ask how you’re going to manage this with the amount that’s being asked of you. What I can tell you is that your work will be more brilliant and effective when you are present for it. What I can tell you is that if you continue to draw upon diminishing resources of your energetic capacity it will manifest as physical depletion, endocrine imbalance and glandular fatigue. It’s a long road to recovery if you give more than you have to give. So do yourself a favor and be conservative with your commitments.

Secondly, it’s important for you to continue strengthening and refining your mental capacity. You must continue to dis-identify with negative belief patterns and strengthen the positive ones. You must continue to place empowerment and self-valuing over obligation and doubt. When you are mentally strong you will make the right choices. Trust your own best intent towards yourself before you get lost in the rabbit hole of what you think you owe anyone else.

Your full moon affirmation is, “I prioritize wellness and sustainability.”

This is a full moon to set you straight about what is really the most important. If you have children this means them. If you are an artist this means your creative life. If you are a human this means your heart and vitality. For some of you, this means all of the above.

This is a time to cut yourself free from restrictions of confidence and moralistic obligation. Please stop worrying about whether what you have to give is enough or wanted. Please stop worrying about whether you can or will receive adequate compensation. Please stop worrying about whether you’re doing it right.

What is needed from you right now is a full and unapologetic embodiment of your hope for the future. This means the opposite of worry. It means behaving and emanating as if what you hope for is already here. It means radical faith. It means the willingness to extend to others as if they share your vision and intent.

There are still a few details to work out with some plans it seems. Don’t rush. Trust that the right decisions will be made when you’re ready to make them. Trust that you can listen to your highest intent, and then meditate upon listening for it.

The more you can get beyond scarcity fears, the more you can initiate the changes you need to make. The more you can show up transparent and tender-hearted in the world, the more you can expect the same from others. The more courage you have in defining how you want to give your time and energy, the more you will be compensated for the value you bring.

Your full moon affirmation is, “I create the world around me through expansive vision of what is possible. My creations promote empathy and connection.”

This is what I can offer you right now… The world is a constantly shifting landscape. Civilizations rise and fall. Leaders and dynasties come and go. What feels obvious now will be shifting sands tomorrow. Do not place the requirements for your wellbeing upon dependability.

Issues of security, safety, home and belonging may be arising in deep and engulfing waves. Waves of grief, waves of ecstasy, waves of transcendance. If revelations of oneness, loss and ephemerality move through your being, then let your heart expand to include all that you have come from and all that is yet to be. Do not grip too tightly upon the here and now.

Your work in the world is to serve the moment as it arises. Your work in the world is to heal others through your own knowing and processes of healing. Your work in the work is devotion to the details. Your work in the world is with bodies and earth and the materials that we are made of. Your work in the world is attending to the most easeful transitions of our bodies, earth and materials as we collectively change.

You know something now about forming yourself. You know something now about leaving yourself. You know something now about the need to balance and adjust between form and energy. Let your mind and self-concept be an open and continuous question. There is nothing you need to prove. Your full moon affirmation is, “I take refuge in knowing that all things change.”

You may have the vision and the long-term plan, but what about attending to the details of right now? You may have the big ideas, but how to do you use your words to describe them so that others can get on board? You may hear the wide open world beckoning, but can you remember how to expand your mind in your own neighborhood?

This full moon illuminates the axis between immediate mind states and the mental discipline you must cultivate. It is a continuum of near and far, immediate and hypothetical. It is a reminder that if you spend long enough anywhere it will become normal, and no matter how far away you go you’ll be taking yourself with you on the journey.

The subconscious materials you’ve been working with recently are part of the tension. You’ve been unearthing motivations that may have been buried for a long time and now you want to figure out the ways you can incorporate them skillfully. You can’t lose yourself again. Now that you’ve seen what they are, they can’t go back to being buried.

There’s something to remember right now about intimacy and exchange that feels honest. There’s something to remember about your own creative agency. There’s something to remember about love, passion and desire. There’s something to remember about the moments when you were able to let yourself go and actually just feel alive and happy about it.

Your situation is shifting in ways that you can’t even comprehend right now. I think this is a good thing, and probably something you’ve been wanting for a while. If you’ve been holding on tightly to fears of the unknown, this shift could feel like a chaotic mess. If you’ve been working on recognizing, accepting and advocating for changes you need, this shift could be starting to feel pretty exciting, pretty soon.

My offering and affirmation for you right now is your own prayer. You don’t need to know how to build the bridge between here and there. Any plans you make right now will probably change anyway, so better to let them rest. Focus on the feelings of what it is that you know you want, and then from that sensory place reach out to whatever spiritual guides you can imagine and ask for their assistance in finding the right roads. Ask that your work will be given to you easily and ask for support, protection and information delivered in ways you can understand. And then trust.

Issues right now surrounding value(s) and worth need to be attended to. This may include finance but could also be the sentiments and beliefs we find buried underneath the $$. Your self-worth is a complex subject, built upon the foundations of your earliest experiences and the values of those who raised you. This is a great time for examining beliefs about what you’re worth in order to decide whether you still want to believe them.

We find your finances and values/valuables in the exchanges you share with others near and far. It seems that currently some details are sharp and need to be noticed, and it seems that there may be some kind of strong and demanding force that wants to determine what the future could be.

My hope for you is that any criticisms can be delivered with compassion and in service to healthy evolution. If you’re dealing with criticism (blatant or implied) coming towards you, please soften your ears and hear only what is important for you in order to refine and define who you want to be. If you’re working with self-esteem issues (and really, who’s not?) it’s doubly important that you work with discernment in your listening. Do not let another’s critique (blatant or implied) drain you of your will to give what you have to give.

Alternately, you may be feeling flush and highly aware of others’ tendencies towards prudishness. If this is the case, then now is your time to cease judging anyone else and serve them as fully as you can. This is the time to recognize that it is not your job to tell anyone anything, but to show them everything by providing empathic and loving reflections. Your full moon affirmation is, “We heal and provide for each other.”

What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? How can you do and be in the ways you want while also providing for yourself? What would this look like practically? What are the details and how will you schedule it?

It’s time now to admit again what you have already admitted and continue to steadily move on from what you know needs to shift. But as you move on remember also that you don’t want to burn bridges, so take the time you need to skillfully cut ties and be empowered but not aggressive.

By Spring of ‘19 you’ll have figured something out about how to sustain whatever it is. Between now and then it will be necessary to get a bit more radical in how you conceptualize your needs. Get a bit more creative about how you can take care of your day-to-day. Get a bit more free by liberating yourself from bills and obligations that you don’t really need to keep or pay.

To be the person you want to be is to be present with your experiences. You don’t need so many plans, or at least not in the same ways you used to need them. So now the structures you’ve built around your future have to transform. You’ll have to let go of the ideas that got planted by your past selves or by your family and culture. Rather than grasp onto what you used to think you wanted, practice being completely honest about what you actually want right here and now.

Above all remember that the ways you want to relate to others have to serve healing. And what is most useful to our healing has to change as our environments, politics and era change as well. Ultimately, what you will do probably isn’t drastically different from what you have been doing, but it will be updated as a more creative, liberating and expansive experience. Your full moon affirmation is, “I’m available to evolve and I grow towards what is most needed from me.”