One More Turn Around The Wheel – Astrology & horoscopes for January 2018

Nope. Sorry to tell you that 2018 isn't going to get any less strange, but here's another amazing image from  Janna!!

Nope. Sorry to tell you that 2018 isn't going to get any less strange, but here's another amazing image from Janna!!

Greetings and happy new year!

This month I’ll be posting just once. This is a crazy hectic month for me because I’m finishing a 3.5 year graduate program (!!) and presenting my final project and defense the week leading up to the new moon. If you’re in Portland, come check out my final project (a series of experimental art/life workshops January 12,13,14) or come to the graduate lecture I’ll give at the OMSI planetarium (January 16th 6pm) and learn more about how I use astrology as part of my art/life practice.

You can listen to my podcast for detailed information on both the full and the new moon this month as well as the weeks between. Your audio horoscopes are for the full month as well, and the guided meditation is probably applicable most days of most months, so keep checking back in with that one as long as you need it. I’ll be back with you for regular full and new moon offerings towards the end of January with an edition on the full moon and lunar eclipse on the 31st.

Thanks to everyone who’s donated to Embodied Astrology! Preparing these columns, podcasts and horoscopes takes me about 30 hours every month. I love to do it and I want these resources to be free and accessible to as many people as possible. Every dollar you donate (except for the pesky transaction fees) comes directly to me and supports the production of these resources. If you’ve enjoyed Embodied Astrology’s regular horoscope columns, audio horoscopes, astrology podcasts, or guided meditations over the past few years and want to see them keep going and keep getting better–please consider making a one-time or recurring donation. Even a few dollars here and there adds up. If you don’t have extra cash but do have an extra few minutes please share my site and podcasts with your friends. Comments on the blog, Facebook, and Instagram also drive traffic to the site and help spread the word!

Once again, listen to my podcast for information on astrology for the month of January. The guided meditation I’ve made for the month is a guide to practicing tolerance. Even, and perhaps especially for, those of us who consider tolerance to be a virtue, consistent practice of it is something we have to continue to choose and improve with. Tolerance is often a challenge and usually a lasting benefit. Listen to the guided meditation to learn simple awareness techniques for discerning boundaries between healthy tolerance and intolerance, and how to track the somatic effects of both.

For more nuance, to learn astrology, and to work systematically with it in your chart, download my 2018 Jupiter in Scorpio mini-course. To keep track of the moon phases with me, get your Embodied Astrology 2018 lunar calendar.

Catch you in a few weeks! xo - Renee



Listen to your horoscopes for sun, moon and rising signs. Print out your affirmations and keep them with you through the month.

I create my professional and public identity to include my tenderness and wildness. There is no reason to pretend to be more adult than I am, and every reason to consider maturation as a process of more joy and experimentation.

I build foundations for my personal philosophy through listening, attuning, inquiring, and abiding. I learn and become wise through sensitivity and responsiveness. I make meanings and adopt beliefs that include the complexities and nuance my relationships present.

Spaces of exchange and emotional vulnerability provide opportunities for growth and self-mastery. I take control of my money, my sex, my fear, my desire, and my power.

I prioritize my own pleasure to become more mature. I recognize that giving myself what I want eases the instinct to cling and grasp. I gain confidence and authority in my relationships by committing to my own authenticity.

Efficiency, practicality, groundedness, determination. I settle in for the long haul of building what I’m now ready to build. I release myself from the distractions and energy-sucks of unhelpful emotional entanglements through releasing others from my need for affirmation and reward.

I speak my truth, create boundaries, and self-advocate as acts of love. The more clearly I identify myself, the more capable I am of appreciating and growing with difference.

Liberation comes when I take responsibility for the choices I made in the past but release the expectation of their outcomes. Being in the middle of a process is the perfect space to experiment with shifting trajectory.

I have cultivated the capacity to listen deeper, now I attend to my articulation and speech. I present myself honestly and appreciate how much courage and vulnerability that takes. I choose to see my courage to be vulnerable as one of the biggest assets I have.

I’m curious about the ways that magnetism works. I notice how joy invites joy, pleasure invites pleasure, mistrust invites mistrust, anger invites anger… I consider what I want to accumulate and then proceed to embody and exude just that.

I create boundaries and advocate for myself with clarity, discernment, and love. I release motivating factors based in survival mentality and move instead from heartfelt desire for universal happiness and freedom for all.

The physiological effects of honesty include presence and vitality in the body, mental relaxation, and emotional levity. I practice these states as I’m speaking and gesturing. There is no need to be anything that I am not, or to hide who I am.

I embrace beginner’s mind and heart by giving myself to experiences which compel my curiosity and enliven my engagements. My current state is what will form my future conditions. I choose a state of presence and joyful absorption.