Shifting States of Power: Astrology for the Libra New Moon Cycle- October 8-24, 2018

A visual affirmation for un-tethering, “Bound” by  Janna Dorothy

A visual affirmation for un-tethering, “Bound” by Janna Dorothy

New moon in Libra, October 8, 2018

Sun and Moon conjunct Ceres in Libra
Balance is a shifting state. The centerline of any life form grows with curves and waves, responding to light, wind, and motion. The centerline of any life form always begins from its root and is pulled by the need to express, manifest, survive. Seasons come and go then. The season to the left or the right, up or down, warm or cool. We fluctuate to stay centered. We pull each other out and pull each other in.

New moon square Pluto in Capricorn
Power is seductive and magnetic. It consumes our soma with the drive to control. We resist death, again and again, in ways subtle and small, gross and encompassing.

The question becomes, what to do with this? I heard through the psychic layers that humanity was, at one point, offered immortality, but that we refused, because we wanted to keep giving birth to things. What do we do this power? We form and form again. When we recognize and integrate the inevitable end, then grasping on endlessness loses its luster. The façade is breaking.

New moon trine Mars/Lilith in Aquarius
We have been taught to consolidate power by building divisions and walls. Always trying to get a leg up on someone else, trying to be better, have more. What violence this is–that cuts us off from our own innate prosperity. The magic that happens when we resonate with the Earth and its eroticism–we are capable of creating anything. We are joyful and happy. Joyful, happy, erotic people are harder to control. We decondition our programming by remembering how to connect, and by giving ourselves back to the kinds of pleasures that reside in connection (not consumption.)

Scorpio is full, Jupiter sextile Pluto, trine Neptune, Venus retrograde conjunct Persephone square to Mars/Lilith in Aquarius, Medusa conjunct Vertex square to Uranus in Taurus
The underlayers and underworlds are opening. He said he would drain the swamp, and indeed there is draining, but as it drains, the shit condenses, the layers harden, and the stench stifles. We see the products of our own creating and becoming. The sickness, shame, perversion, corruption… It keeps coming in waves. Don’t let yourself get lost or drown. Let yourself be purged. Let the reflections of the external world teach you who you really are, and what you really care about. Let the shit-stench galvanize your rage. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS! Take your power back. Take it back from the people and their systems that you have given it to. Don’t let them control your mind. Don’t let them control your heart. Feel, heal, feel, heal, connect, feel, heal. Don’t let them separate us from our bodies. Don’t let them cut off our screaminghowling, feel, let it out, heal, let it out. Don’t stop until its complete.

The asteroid Brett, conjunct Uranus retrograde in Taurus.
He is a figment. He is not real. He is a symbol. See him as that. See him as the symbol of entitled white, cis, rich, straight, Christian masculinity. See him as the embodiment of what has been declared supreme. As you see him, see how fragile supremacy is. The pouting, pleading little boy that just wanted to play his way. See him as symbol that helps us all see. That finally brings it so clearly to light, that there is nothing left to do but stare, and wonder, why was I ever afraid of you? See him not as what he represents in our small experience, but as what he represents in our big experience. He is a pebble thrown that hits a weak spot. The structure was already coming down. No pretense is left. We can’t continue to pretend, that justice is blind or non-partisan, or that any court can ever be unbiased when it’s filled with folks who’ve known power all their lives. Let the shit hit the fan, let the chaos erupt. Revolution requires change, and change is mostly messy. Trust your awakening. He is not real. He is a symbol. What is real? You decide. You make it happen.

I discuss all of these aspects in depth, in the podcast for this new moon. Listen here.

The new moon in Libra asks us to contend with our balances and imbalances. One of the ways we get out of balance most extremely is through the construct of gender. When children are socialized based on their genitals, we miss the actual story of their humanity, and all of us grow into wounded beings, cut off from our completeness. My guided meditation for this new moon is called Dissolving Gender and works through felt-sense awareness and visualization to bring attention to your own vast possibility of expression. Practice here

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, August 26 - September 9, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

Energy is magnetism: attraction and aversion. I clear what I have collected in my own energy, which no longer sustains or inspires.
I call in the energy I desire, by exuding it to the world around me.
I see how the forces of judgement and separation serve to strengthen opposition, so I soften.

Health = Wealth. I care for my body and environments.
I balance my effort and output with rest and selfcare. I show up every day for the work that needs to be done, and I give myself space from working, to be present with what else, is.
When I am honest and forthcoming about my needs for balance, all of my relations benefit.

My vitality is strongest, and my expression is at its best when I am in service to something greater.
I align my efforts, so that I can trust my intent and decisions, and advocate for my own worth and values.
I attract and exchange with others in ways that keep me aligned and empowered.

Boundaries and responsibilities in relationship define possibility and preference.
I make moves to work with people I respect, and who respect me in turn.
I trust that the right relationships will open the doors I am meant to walk through.
I hold myself with care, courage, and pride.

My communications are deliberate. My connections are conscious.
I take time to understand my own motivations, before I set anything into action.
I take time with my colleagues, collaborators and partners, to ensure we are all on the same page, and that each of us comes with honesty, integrity and pure intent.

My worth will never be defined by a dollar amount, someone else’s praise, or a societal standard.
My value is defined by the depth of my love, the wholeness of my spirit, and the integrity of my actions.

I am remade from the impressions of what I was, and where I have come from.
I integrate the lessons, heal the wounds, resolve the conflicts.
I free myself from past debts and confinements.
I define my own terms, by showing up, absolutely present, and knowing that I am enough, exactly as I am.

Veils come down. I turn towards what I have been afraid to see.
Without regret or struggle, I see the ways I have resisted my own power and authenticity by hiding myself, and hiding from myself.
In acknowledging my darker motivations, I make space to work consciously with them.

Friends and social groups shape my awareness of worth and value. My values and worth influence my social spheres.
I allow it all to shift. I anchor in my core values as I understand them more deeply.
I receive and accept nourishment and sustenance from sustainable sources.
I invest in relationships that will help me, and the whole world, thrive.


Who, and how, do I want to be when I grow up?
I will express myself with courage. I will know my own heart and mind. I will be free of past distresses, and will easily release resentments.
I commit to my own growth. I commit to my own goodness.

Path and purpose evolve.
I recognize the influences I have come from, and how they’ve shaped my notions of self.
I release all influences that keep me bound and stuck.
I make space for myself to grow.
I reach for ways of being that feel the best.

Sacredness is everywhere. It was never born, and will never die.
It infuses all life: my body and being, all of my relations, and the phenomenal world.
I rest in sacredness. I make space for sacredness.