Hello Down There! A Guided Meditation for Embodying the Pelvic Basin - New Moon in Scorpio Offering

Happy new moon in Scorpio my friends. Sunday, October 27th’s lunation is a powerful one. Exactly opposite to Uranus in Taurus, this new moon urges us to confront what’s strange, new, different, and to let go of deep holding patterns and emotional entanglements.

In Depth Perception, the Embodied Astrology podcast for Scorpio Season, I discuss the embodied associations for Scorpio in the genitals and pelvic basin. These parts of our bodies are so loaded with cultural baggage, religious shame, objectification and ignorance! When we hate, judge and shame these parts of ourselves we effectively cut ourselves off from our creative-regenerative spiritual essences and internalize misogyny and rape culture. As we learn to recognize and love these parts of our body, we claim our power and actively resist oppression and violence in ourselves and the world around us.

For today’s new moon in Scorpio I made a guided meditation for exploring the pelvic basin, pelvic organs and genitals. This meditation is simple and playful with invitations for gentle exploration of your parts and the memories, stories and energy they hold. 

Listen here

I truly believe that embodiment is one of the most radical political actions we can take. The more we actually know our bodies and can feel them, the less susceptible we are to marketing, fear tactics, manipulation and occupation by life-negating narratives and beliefs. As we move into Scorpio Season and honor the new moon and upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle, let’s dive deep into the spaces of our bodies that have been held in mystery and shrouded in shame. Let’s change these narratives and change the world :)