Full Moon in Aquarius Q&A - Embodied Astrology for August 15, 2019

“All Together Now” a visual affirmation by  Janna Dorothy

“All Together Now” a visual affirmation by Janna Dorothy

In today’s episode I give a reading for the full moon, which is stimulating my questions about Self and Group. How do we use our energy - alone and together? How do we (alone and together) shift our consciousness towards transforming massive human-made trauma and destruction, and move collectively towards regeneration/repair/renewal?

Some of the things I’m thinking about on this full moon: how we use our voices, expressions and platforms effectively, for elevating each others’ wisdom and our own consciousness? Reparations! How would/do they work and work well? I know that reparations need to be financial, but they also can’t only be financial… there has to be actual repair work (structurally, environmentally, psychologically, spiritually, physically) what does that mean… for me? for you? for us?

And… I’m thinking about you! In the last 5 years since starting this project my community has grown in strange and wonderful ways. Strange that, for the most part, I don’t see you IRL and we are connecting here and through a podcast, wonderful that you are here and listening to the podcast and enjoying this work that I love so much! Thank you for your support! It means so much to hear from you and I’ve loved doing this Q&A segment. Please don’t feel shy to reach out if you feel compelled. I always love to receive your emails and social media messages - they remind me that this place called the Internet is connecting living-breathing-actual-people.

Click here to listen to the reading for the full moon and the special new Q&A segment. In the Q&A I answer listener questions about:

  • My approach to embodied astrology and how my intuition works

  • Why/how to listen/read horoscopes for your sun or rising and the difference between whole signs and other house systems

  • Cusps! Between the signs and between the houses

  • Uranus Opposition (happens when a person is in their forties)
    And, at the end of the segment I give a short reading for a listener with a very personal question

As I mention in the podcast, my sweet familiar and dear friend of 23 years, Miss Shadow Mae, is leaving her earthly body and transitioning to her spirit body with the full moon. If you’ve ever been over to my house for a session, there’s a good chance she sat on my lap while I read your chart and helped me anchor in my intuition. Every podcast I record, she is here. Her wisdom and grace are exquisite. I’ve been so blessed by her presence in my life. Please send her sweet thoughts and warm wishes for her next adventure. She’ll be departing just as the moon moves into Pisces (sign of self-undoing, the dream, the mystery). 

Miss Mae

Miss Mae