Caring for Your Energy Body - Embodied Astrology for the Pisces Full Moon - September 13, 2019

Portrait of the Pisces full moon - 9/13/19

Portrait of the Pisces full moon - 9/13/19

Friday the 13th of September - Full moon at 21º Pisces

This full moon will manifest for many as a sense of clogged or confused energy. If priorities are purely personal or material, the days around this lunation may feel confusing or lead to confused decisions. Beware of both manic states of optimism (I can do anything and it’s going to be amazing!) and deep states of lethargy and depression. Both states are transient and neither will give you the best information. What’s most helpful now is to consider your deepest and broadest priorities. Our lives are temporary and fleeting. This is a profound moment on Earth. How will the choices we make now and in the future impact the collective whole?

The healing potential of this moon is to elevate our collective energy. Take time to process your feelings and clear your energy, practice bringing peace into your body and mind. Be honest with yourself about what’s important. It’s unhelpful to live or behave unethically. If you lie, steal, create violence or otherwise act in ways you know are harmful, your spirit will suffer. Align your intention towards the good of all and then be practical about what that looks like. Don’t beat yourself up or set unrealistic expectations. Simply discern where you can get clearer in your energy. That includes how you spend your money, the resources you use, the waste you create, how you treat yourself and others, and the excuses you make for inaction.

Leading up to and following the full moon, we may receive clear, intuitive messages about what needs to be released and transformed. Don’t hold on for fear of not knowing what comes next. If you find yourself in arguments where you’re positioning for your own stance and feeling defensive, consider why you’re arguing and if there’s actually a better, softer way. That might mean compassion, it also might mean walking away. Notice when you get hooked into tug-of-war games (with yourself and others). Rigidity, grasping, dominance, competitiveness and arrogance create inflammation in the body and aura. These energies only attract further negativity. Any exciting stimulation they bring is short-lived and leaves toxic residue. Consider especially the Virgo and Capricorn-ruled parts of your chart and their associated themes as areas ripe for transformation and needing release of negativity and impurities.

For this full moon I’m offering some practices I use for clearing my energetic body. Energy-body care is so important! Especially for empaths, healers, creatives and anyone who’s trying to work with their intuition. These approaches are very simply and easy to do and I find them incredibly helpful all the time, especially during times when my energy feels distracted, confused or sluggish, after working or when I’m taking in a lot of stimulation in my environment.

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