Serving Sacredness - Astrology & Horoscopes for Pisces Full Moon - August 26, 2018

Visual affirmation by J anna Dorothy

Visual affirmation by Janna Dorothy

Pisces is a sign of abundance and overwhelm, and as this month’s full moon in Pisces arrives, it does so with a torrent of fires and floods. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, Piscean vibes can be unruly, uncontained, expansive, eerily expressive, and limitless in their potential. The sign of collective impact, and the waking dream, Pisces submerges us in the stuff of our unconscious accumulations.

The deluge of images from across the world this week pushes confrontation with the reality of our interpermeations. The atmosphere and oceans are inundated with excesses of greed and shortsightedness. Human-caused climate change is now inseparable from Earth’s response. The feedback loop between our colossal carbon footprint and the ramifications of methane contained in melting ice, or heightened conditions for naturally occurring microorganisms, is beginning to echo back with as-of-yet unknown volume.

Together we stand in the anthropocene. A time when human impact is the greatest cause of environmental change, and the root of massive species die-off. In the next years and decades we will face a future the likes of which our ancestors couldn’t imagine. The “usual” apocalypse fears of human-caused and perpetuated suffering–war, oppression, and exploitation–now meet with the inevitability of a shifting climate. And yet… choice remains. It is still, not too late, to revise our global priorities and preoccupations. If we can manage to wrestle our attention away from capitalist-driven momentum, there’s a great possibility we can invest instead in sustainability. If we can root out the toxins of white supremacy and misogyny, then we can take root in equitable exchange.

The sun has recently entered Virgo. Virgo is the sign of the servant. In an ideal world, we all would serve sacredness, and know ourselves as priestesses and priests who attend and cultivate life force and magic. Virgo is the sign of plant life and plant medicine, of healing and healers. In an ideal world we would live in ways that worshipped listening, where we spoke the language of plants and nature, and knew that keys to health are the same as our interspecies interconnections. In the body Virgo rules the processes of discernment and discrimination, absorption and assimilation. In an ideal world we would feel empowered to trust abundance and take exactly what we needed, knowing that our strength and vitality relies on receptivity as well as restraint.

The human-made world is not ideal however, and in our current iteration, half of humanity lives in deep poverty while a very few live with the kind of wealth that will fund their insulated exits, and shield them from the ramifications of environmental exploitation. Currently, an estimated 40 million of Earth’s 7.6 billion human inhabitants are slaves. But the nature of slavery keeps it invisible and hidden, so for 40 million counted by the U.N., add uncounted millions who are slaves by forced marriage or sex trafficking, or millions more who flee war-torn countries to work under the table for less-than-minimum and no rights, or the 2.3 million (mostly black and brown) people who are held in prison, whose labor is almost entirely unpaid and invisible.

While Virgo is symbolized by service, slavery, jobs, and chores that are unpaid, and the labor of bodies that work to manifest, remember that Pisces is the unseen and unknown impact that is too big to be spoken, and too obtuse to be identified. Pisces here might represent the profits that incarcerated workers labor earns through in-house operations and convict-leasing partnerships between prisons and for-profit businesses. Inmates are miners, agriculture workers, and staff all manner of manufacturing from making military weapons to sewing garments for Victoria’s Secret. Prison programs extend into the services sector; some incarcerated workers staff call centers, while others are currently fighting forest fires for $1/hour.

For those of us who find ourselves in none of these life conditions, our choices lie in our consumption and our consciousness. Pisces is the sign of confusion, delusion, and illusion. When fantasies begin in our egos, we convince ourselves of scarcity. For those of us who know that we’re here for sacred service (probably you, if you’ve made it this far in reading) it’s up to us to wake up where and when we can, and live in persistent encouragement for awakening in our families and communities. For this full moon, meditate on the mechanisms that are unseen in your life–both the human and the sacred. High-vibration Pisces teaches us to transcend separateness and live with empathy, compassion, and generosity. This can't only be done through prayer and meditation however, Virgo reminds us that emotional sentiment creates material reality, and urges us to heal from the toxicity of our misidentifications by taking small steps and clear actions to build the world we want to create.

I continue to muse on Pisces and Virgo (their beauty and magic as well as their cautions) in this month’s podcast. Listen here.

This month’s guided meditation is titled Serving Sacredness. It explores the felt sense and intuition of alignment with spirit, and offers support for divestment from egoism. Listen here.

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, August 26 - September 9, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

My body, mind, and will are mostly mysterious and unknown to me. Undefined vastness is the true essence of anything I think I perceive. Since life and its reasons are enigmatic, I choose to offer myself to sacredness. I am a channel and a vessel. I attune to the cosmic question and stay present with the ways it seeks to express through me.

My true nature is made of stardust, sunlight, and vast mystery. I creatively express the influences of my human conditioning so that I can observe and understand them and so that I can choose when and where to identify or separate. As I become increasingly aware that I am everything that ever existed, I gain more freedom and choice in how I exist.

I put myself in service to something greater. I feel how devotion, love, and care expand in my heart and bring me joy in ways that no relationship, job, or achievement ever could.

The stories I tell become the reality I experience. I observe my internal conversations and choose my words wisely. I use language and self-talk to sculpt self-growth. I assist myself, and all of my relations, to recognize our evolutionary potential.

Trust. Trust. Trust. Trust is a body state I vibrate. Trust is a brain state I practice. Trust is a heart space I share. I use my discernment and am clear with my boundaries, and simultaneously, I trust. I trust in the order, the rhythm, and the working of things. I trust others. I trust myself.

Other people are conduits of spiritual substance, and so am I. We treat each other with respect to our essence. We cultivate the growth of our mutual reverence.

The emotional atmosphere and cosmic everything-ness moves through, in, around me. I feel what is mine to feel. I release what I can’t comprehend or hold. I trust in chaos and inevitability. I offer myself fully, to the most graceful and loving evolution I can imagine.

The magic of creation and creativity is beyond my personal control. I simply participate. I lend myself to the making of… Yet, I see how anything and everything I create is a mirror of me, in the moment of my expression.

My homes and families are infused with sacredness. I am a conduit for this energy to move out into the world. I come home to my sacredness. I open and extend sacredness, so that others may come home.

When I sense from my ego, I become toxic and inflamed, and my relationships fill with confusion and disappointment. When I sense without ego, I easily and joyfully give, receive, and share in my relationships. Sensing is attunement and listening. Sensitivity is a skill that I will hone and refine.

All wealth comes from Earth. Humans, animals, and plants all labor with Earth to use, reuse, recycle the wealth that we have. I meditate on my place in this order. I gain wealth through serving and sharing.

If I give to the world because giving brings me joy, then abundance increases. I set my sights and intentions towards a future that integrates and increases the ways I find personal happiness and fulfillment. I trust that circumstances will align themselves to support me, because I also trust, that from a place of fulfillment I will be ever more supportive to the wellbeing of all.