Taurus Earth and Sky Above

7248822918_0d326dd134_z Sometimes we recognize the weight of our steps, and our footprints upon our Mother. We, born of the Earth. She, providing, giving and nurturing us with all that we need. Abundance of all life. We receive so much, and yet, how do we give in return?

We are working up toward a New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse on April 29th, the day of our next Embodying The Zodiac gathering. Eclipses used to really freak people out, and can still do so at times. This eclipse should be less dramatic than the recent Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse, but that’s not to say it’s going to be easy. Eclipses rarely are light or easy. But, this one holds great promise for transformation. We could benefit from taking some time to think about how we communicate and what we truly value. This eclipse in Taurus is also a prefect time to break out of old survival patterns and patriarchal conditioning. A great way to do this is to give. Give back and help others and, maybe even ask for help yourself. How can we ourselves be outwardly nurturing like our Mother Earth? How can we give, help and be of service?

At the same time, Taurus/Venus asks us to take time to *injoy* all of nature through good food, drink, gardening, putting our feet in the grass, hiking, playing, singing and just being in all of nature’s luxury. Reminding us that we already have everything we need.

More on TAURUS at our next Embodying The Zodiac gathering on Tuesday, April 29th from 7-9pm.

In Love With Nature,