Taurus new moon, solar eclipse, embodying Beltane!

Dear ones- Happy solar eclipse! Happy new moon in Taurus! Happy Beltane! We have arrived.

"Taurus" by Yuhon

The season of Taurus scoops up the initiatory spark of Aries and opens the throat to blow a steady bellows breath and build the fire. We hold the season of spring close to our hearts and love the new life that is blossoming around us. The abundance is intoxicating and we want these blossoms and exciting sparks of new to last forever! Taurus (and the ruling planet Venus) ask us to let ourselves linger in love. To wait and not rush on, but to sit still for a moment and drink it all in. Ah! What a gift.

The new moon is a time to make wishes and plant seeds of intention for the coming month. Every one of us has Taurus and Venus in our charts. Do you know where yours are? You can look here to find your birth chart if you don't have it yet. Wherever Taurus and Venus are for you, they are asking you to pause right now, settle, take in the abundance that is, count your wealth and blessings, and then from that place be the profound healer/lover/artist/friend/activist/visionary being that you are.

"The Bull and the Butterfly" photo by Lotus Carroll

Just before midnight (here on the left coast) an annular solar eclipse takes place early in the sign of Taurus. Eclipses are moments for change, evolution, re-set, and clarity. Their effects can be felt for months after. This eclipse in Taurus is asking us all to bring awareness to our ideas and feelings of wealth (financial and otherwise), resource, and security. Do your relationships with your possessions bring you healing or bring you crisis? Now is a time for clarity, consideration and deliberate action towards creating wealth for yourself and all others through conscious loving avenues.

Want to find out more about Taurus and it's physical affiliations? Tomorrow night we will meditate and practice to open and heal the throat, neck and shoulders. Embodying the Zodiac classes are a fun way to learn astrology, call in the magic of the stars, and step into the month with a clear vision and a few tools for working with the energy at hand.

In love, Renée

Come and join us! Embodying the Zodiac with Renee Sills & Melina Donalson The People's Yoga 2nd Studio 4940 NE 16th St. (just south of Alberta) 7-9PM $10 *we will provide paper and pens but you may also want to bring your personal journal if you keep one*

Ferdinand the Bull by Buonaventura and Carla

The Taurus Moon

Instinctually I hold dear and close this abundance

It's been a lesson that holding too tight feels the same as having nothing

Desperation  I want only to be surrounded by your beauty And weave the flowers of this moment  into our story of ever after

I know your love is more than sweet and fragrant

I know bitter, acrid and decay will come and from that burnt ground

This abundance will renew itself again and the same desire to hold dear and close will arise with gifts and love and flowers and forever