Full Moon in Scorpio - Intensity and Transformation

Image Fixed Spring Greetings to Everyone. We are fast approaching this month's Full Moon in Scorpio next week, and it's all about intensity and transformation, as it finds it's polarity in Taurus Sun.Taurus, being the sign of stability and sensuality in our earthly realm, and what we experience in the here and now. With Scorpio, we seek to dive below the surface and experience connection that transcends the material world. This is a Full Moon to celebrate your own magical power, and transform what isn't serving you into forces that will guide you. But remember, even in polarity, Earth holds Water... As with any Scorpio Full Moon, we may ask ourselves about our own darkness, mystery, intensity, fears, strength? When this Full Moon shines down us, we can allow ourselves to feel a little bit wild and to remember our passion!

Next Full Moon class is Tuesday, May13th from 7-8:30pm at The People's Yoga NE 2nd Studio on 16th and Alberta.

Embodying The Zodiac: Illumination, Reflection and Polarity- An exploration of the Soul and Emotional Body- Embodying the Moon with Melina The Moon represents our interior life, our emotional self and subconscious. It also symbolizes our vast potential, which is often obscured by a veil of midnight in our awareness. When we view the Moon through the mystical telescope of focused awareness, we then can we shine a light on our inner self, and a whole new universe of self-understanding is made known to us. Each Full Moon brings heightened awareness, emotion and it brightens dark corners, illuminating areas that need light. Join Melina Donalson on Tuesday's nearest the Full Moon to explore the Esoteric and Emotional Body, as well as the polarity of the Full Moon and Sun. Movement, asana, mantra, meditation, visualization and conversation. Cost: $10 non members, $9 members

more info and to register; www.thepeoplesyoga.org