Cancer: Shedding the Shell

cancer crab With the Summer Solstice, the cardinal crab grabs the golden gates of summer with both claws, and throws them wide open. And there, The Mother and Moonchild, are shedding their shells and playing in the sunshine. Summer begins!

Inner life, feelings, emotions and the watery tapestry of the deeper self. Feeling into every aspect of life and consciousness. Inner processes. Inner world. Imagination. But, to truly live and love in this world, the Crab needs to learn to shed it's shell, open up and yes,  play in the sunshine.

Join us as we play and ring in Summer with Embodying The Zodiac: Intro to Cancer. This Tuesday, June 24th, 7-9pm at The People's Yoga NE 2nd Studio at 4940 16th near Alberta.

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