Hello Capricorn Full Moon. Now, lets get to work, shall we?

Full-Moon-Cap Hello Capricorn Full Moon. Now, lets get to work, shall we?

This Full Moon in the sign of the Sea Goat wants us to be realistic, responsible, steadfast and to reach our goals. Of course only in the most practical way possible. But, we may be feeling like we just don't want to work, and would rather run, play and be free of responsibility instead! I mean, it IS summertime, right?

But, this Full Moon wants us to succeed. It wants us to be present, practical, focused and task-minded, even if we don't *feel* like it. And, if we try to do too much and work too hard, we can lose focus of the big picture, and risk not showing ourselves enough loving-kindness, which is SO necessary. Especially during this time when the Sun is in feeling, nurturing and caring Cancer. We will need to recognize our own limitations, and stay grounded in a way where we can both work hard and play hard, only in the most goat-like and responsible way possible, of course.

Sunshine & Owl Feathers,



Please join us on Tuesday, July 15th for Guest Presenter, Lauren Balin. 7-9pm at The People's Yoga NE 2nd Studio, Located at 4940 NE 16th and Alberta. $10 drop or to pre-register go to: www.thepeoplesyoga.org  (under workshops tab)


July 15th – Guest Presenter is Lauren Balin “Experience Your Rising Sign!”

Your rising sign (Ascendant) is described in astrology books as “the mask you wear for the world.”

But it is also much more than that; it is the initial causation of your spiritual journey in this lifetime. Along with the first house it contains a wealth of information about your evolutionary unfolding and intent.  In this workshop we will do more than “talk” about your chart as a container for abstract symbols, we will have an experience of it. Through movement, imagery, chakra balancing, intuition, and dialogue you will come to understand the planets and signs in a way that reveals how they express as living energies within. Experiencing your chart in this way leads to a more realized integration and attunement of its nature, a deeper grasp of your spiritual purpose and personal expression.

*If you have your birth chart please bring it to class. If you would like your birth chart you can contact Lauren beforehand or use this nifty online tool to get it yourself!