The rules of new moon wishing

new moon Happy new moon my dears. Let's get down to business shall we?

The new moon, or dark moon relates to the time of emptiness and release in which we have let go of past structures and are ready for what's next. In some methods of organic gardening, moon cycles are used to determine when to plant certain crops based on the pull of lunar gravity to the water in the soil. The new moon is a good time to plant crops that produce their own seeds (other than fruit), such as grains, broccoli and cabbage. Every thought we make and every action we take could be considered as a seed for a future thought or future (re)action. The new moon is a time to meditate upon what it is we wish to sow in the future, and to plant our purest seed intentions for that growth. To find out what the new moon means for you, find the house in your birth chart that is ruled by the sign of whatever the new moon is in that month. Wherever that is for you is the area of your life that is ripe for planting wishes.

Here are the rules of new moon wishing:

#1: Wishing is different than setting intentions or making goals. Keep your language wishful. Embrace your starry eyed fantasies. Ask for easy, joyful, organic arriving in the manifestation of your wish.

#2: Wishing is different than setting intentions or making goals, part 2: A wish has no idea how it will happen. That's why it is a wish. Don't plan on how your wish will manifest, just trust the divine joker/ruler of your personal understanding of the cosmos. He/she/it/ "is" can probably handle your request fairly easily... I mean... the universe was created was it not? I'm sure your wish could come to pass. Your job is not to know how, but just to trust that it's possible.

#3: Do not wish for anything that would harm yourself or anyone/anything else. Be careful what you wish for. Check your intentions. If you're wishing for your gain at someone else's loss than you might find yourself on a slippery karmic slope. Wishing for abundance, love, health and happiness for everyone else and your sweet self??? Yes!

#4: Handwrite your wishes and for extra bonus points draw them beautifully or make them into a collage that you can keep visible somewhere throughout the month to remind you every day and add more power to your wish. Brandie Taylor of Magic Hour Astrology introduced me to a lovely practice of decorating candles with my wish collage. Lighting the candle every morning or when I sit to pray/meditate just reminds me to stay open to my wishes becoming manifest. (PS- Brandie also makes magic candles that she sells, you might be interested)

#5: Make 5-10 wishes max. Make 5 or less and be really darn clear about what wish seeds you're planting

The best time for making wishes is within the 8 hours after a new moon, but up to 48 hours is ok. For more information on new moon wish magic check out Astrology with Jan Spiller, she has a whole book on new moon wishing and what it means for you!

xx- Renee