LEO New Moon

Leo new moon conjunct Jupiter Greetings on this auspicious Saturday my lovelies! Today is the day that the Sun and Moon join exactly (with Jupiter not far behind) to usher in yet another expression of arriving.

The Sun, the source of our light, our lives, how we see, how we grow and perhaps the divine light of consciousness itself, can be considered as the masculine, yang principle or Purusha- pure consciousness. Just as we mortals are not able to hear the true name of God, neither can we look directly at the sun. The truth of consciousness, oneness, the "IS", is something that maybe we can philosophize about and meditate on, but to realize that truth would mean a release of the very stuff that makes us human: our biological instinct and psychological need to survive, and everything that need encompasses: the need to hold on (to anything or anyone), our bodies, food, water, the idea of gain or loss, the idea of me or mine, the idea of "better". To recognize the IS would be to recognize the IS in everything... Which would then leave us with literally, nothing to do.

The Moon however can reflect the light of the sun to our earthly eyes in an easy glow. She is the feminine, yin, Prakriti. She is the organic form of manifestation. That which is manifest is always changing, one form becomes the next and becomes the next and the next. The Moon takes a ray of divine light and consciousness and gives it a shape that we humans can comprehend for a minute, we realize and can articulate, then it's gone and a question, and new shape arrives. The phases of the Moon are not just her acting changeable (those women, they're so erratic!), the Moon doesn't change at all. Rather, our perspective shifts and perceives the soli-lunar relationship. Dane Rudhyar, the mystic and astrologer, author of "The Lunation Cycle", has this to say:

"The Earth represents the need of the dispersed and disintegrated materials found at the very end of any and all cycles. This need for renewed integration calls forth a creative outpouring of the divine spirit, symbolized by the sun. The solar power can, however, only be used and assimilated by the chaotic earth materials if it is released gradually during a process of organic unfoldment and concept-revealing illumination, of the which the waxing of the moon is the symbol. The waning period of the moon represents the disseminating of what has reached lunar integration at the full moon."

When the moon is conjunct (together with) another planet, that planet is also part of the new seed cycle, the new wish (see here for the rules of new moon wishing). Jupiter, the great benefic, the Santa Clause of the zodiac is sitting closely with the new moon this month. Jupiter has also just moved into Leo, and since Jupiter is a slower moving planet (changing signs only every 12 months) this is kind of a really big deal. Jupiter's essence is expansion, and Jupiter in Leo wants to expand the leonine principle in all of us. My teacher and guide Ani Mehary says that Leo is one of the most difficult (to be) signs of the zodiac, because the job of Leo is to just be. Leo rules creative expression, Leo is not here to strive or to try too hard. The job of a Leo is to trust that her expression is worthwhile and then to express it. That is all. One thing about this:

1.) This is not a "get out of jail free" card for anyone, even if you have all kinds of Leo energy illuminating your chart. There are other planets and aspects to consider. We all have our work to do. But in some parts of our lives we need to learn to just trust. Usually these parts are the closest to our personal essence (sun), our bits of creative magic that we often fear others won't approve of and we've learned to subdue. These are the parts to show, and where we're compensating and striving to be all that... Those are the parts to let go.

Eric Francis of Planetwaves describes Leo personality as one that feels the weight of responsibility quite keenly. I mean, the sun is always on right? Most of us know the place where we feel like it's our job to light something up, take care of it, and generally hold up the roof. The arrogant, ostentatious performer Leo cliché is also feeling like if they don't show up to be the big show then everyone will be disappointed, things will fall apart and general bad-ness will occur.

So the thing about Leo (as a Leo sun and rising with 3 planets in my 5th house... I think I can speak with some personal authority here,is this:

- The need to express, whatever it is for you, some kind of creative dream that could take many different forms, but somehow you need to express the thing that only you can express

- The fear that what you have to express is not good enough, not valuable and that no one will like it - The resulting self-confidence issues that might cause one to either hide and cower or assume all types of false bravado and compensation

- The inter-dependence of audience and performer. One needs the other and both need to feel valued, respected and seen.

- The value of ensemble. A one-dude show is only interesting for a little while. And even if the performer is solo, chances are good that they only look as good as the lighting techs have illuminated them, or sound good as their voice teacher has coached them... So it's best to appreciate all the support cast (and you could, theoretically, expand that cast to everyone on Earth.)

Alrighty... Jupiter in Leo conjunct the new moon wants you to think about what kinds of seeds your planting for your personal expression. How are you using your creative talents? The Jupiter, Sun, Moon combo is in a tight square to Mars (who just entered Scorpio), and the question is whether you're really using your creative juju for something that matters... Does it have any depth or is it all just show? Are you expressing what you really feel or are you just trying to please your audience? Mars wants you to dig into the depths and show what's true. Jupiter in Leo wants a damn good show. Maybe it can be both.

Meanwhile Pluto is opposite personal planets Mercury and Venus, creating a T-square and another trigger of Cardinal Cross energy of this spring. The question arises of right use of power, are you communicating lovingly and with sensitivity? Are you willing to let go of power/control trips that limit your feelings of stability? Be a revolutionary and your own personal leader. Courage is found in those who are willing to actually see themselves. Seeing yourself is not just you though. See yourself in the context of everything that has created anything that has anything to do with how you feel nurtured, and at home in the world. Assume the authority you need to in order to create nurturance for others and protect the place we all call home.

And finally, Neptune (in Pisces) and Venus (in Cancer) are both trine to Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. My loves, if there was ever a time to feel your feelings it would be now. Can you please explore the inarticulate images that arise in your deep knowing? Especially when those images evoke greater feelings of love. Taking action to heal wounds of the past and build your own solid structures for a future you imagine could give those images form.

Happy new moon everyone! May our wishes all be made in the greatest love, compassion and respect for one another and our Earth.