Embodiment Meditations for the AQUARIUS Full Moon

Happy full moon weekend my friends~ (warning... this is a long post. Embodiment practices are highlighted in pink if you've had enough words for now.) photo credit: woodleywonderworks

This Sunday at 11:09AM PST will be the years largest/closest SUPERMOON. The SuperMoon will be visible the night of the 10th, so make sure you get outside to see it!

The SuperMoon is at its apogee which means that it's the closest to the Earth, making for an even more emotional, intense and potent full moon than "normal". This weekend be sure to give yourself some space to reflect upon the seeds of your intentions, the actual stuff that makes the actual things that you desire. What are roots of said desires? Where do they come from and what do they align with?

Embodiment Practice: Stand or sit barefoot (with your feet on the floor) and close your eyes. Feel the soles of your feet connecting to sensation of what you're standing upon. Soften the soles of your feet and let that softness climb up through your legs, into your pelvis and into all of your organs. Relax internally. As your muscles release in your body invite yourself to also release any thoughts or habitual thinking patterns that "feel muscular". This includes all thoughts/thinking patterns that may be described as: striving, effortful, strained, tight, stretched, gripped, overpowering, forceful, weak, or depleted. Let your thoughts and thinking become vast and invite whatever part(s) of yourself that have the most health, grace, compassion and kindness to express themselves. Consider the differences between expression and thought... When does your mental capacity get in the way of your authentic expression? Are there times when what you express are the jumble of thoughts and mental habits, rather than the clarity of your true heart?

This lunar cycle began with the Leo new moon on July 26th. What have you been thinking about the last two weeks? What are you ready to now see, or have revealed to you in regards to your creativity, playfulness, inner child/inner tyrant, your performativity, your willingness to be seen, your self-criticism, self-absorption and the greatest idea of you that you can be...?

This full moon in Aquarius is a reflection back from the opposite side of zodiac where the sun is radiating in Leo. Leo signifies the true expression and wish to radiate out from our heart the unique and artistic perspectives we have. Aquarius is the reminder that successful collaboration is formed by those who are individualized enough to respect the variety of others' self expression. Negative manifestations of the Leo/Aquarius axis include the types of insecurity that lead to degradation and/or destruction of others, judgement, cruelty and stigmatization of those who are unlike you, and the arrogant largess that can't see the value in anything other than itself.

The seeds of our Leonine wishes have come full bloom in the collection of Aquarian ideas. Is your individual expression one that includes the collective? Do your creative pursuits come from the warmth of your own interest and love or are they seeking to mimic what you think is better than yours? Do you sacrifice your authenticity for social approval? Are your needs for attention being met, and do you give your attention to those around you? All good questions to ask now. What is revealed in the next few days may take form as less a question for yourself and more an expression outwards. The disseminating half of the lunar cycle is a chance to offer your own understanding to a broader world/context. Integrated and authentic expression are key words now. Express from your heart and do what you need to do to make sure that your heart is clear.

As you release tension, holding and effort, notice that you are not alone. Feel all of the people and relationships that you count on. Imagine those people and beings all with you, their feet (paws, fins and roots) connecting through into the ground, their hearts full of the sweetest dreams they carry. Feel the potential you have to reach out and lend a hand, can you expand your feelings of personal stability to include an investment in the sustenance of your relations? 

The sun in Leo is conjunct Mercury and the asteroid Lilith. Mercury gives a voice to the self who wants to be seen. Lilith (as asteroid) represents the eternal teenager, the idealized passion of possibility not yet tempered by fatigue or cynicism, and the one who is willing to shock for the pure delight, unaware that her actions awake all the quietly sleeping traumas of the adolescent journey in those who have (probably thankfully) moved on. In Judeo-Christian mythology Lilith the Goddess (the asteroid is not actually named for the Goddess, but the Goddess is invoked by the name) was the first wife of Adam, the one who SAID NO to being his object and under his rule. Cast out from the garden of Eden Lillith holds the resentment of patriarchy that exists at least just a little bit in every last one of us... Even if our minds or morals won't admit it, every animal body longs to follow its instincts and rages when it is oppressed. Modern day rage and the repression of the feminine (for all bodies, including oppression of connectivity in general, and especially to the Earth) is expressed brilliantly in the isolation-induced states of mental illness that we have come to see as normal, massive disconnection from our bodies and attending to their basic needs (just clean air, water and enough fresh food please), not to mention the everyday violence, especially against women, that permeates through our collective experience.

A Babylonian relief of either Ishtar or Erishkigal, the Sumerian queens of Heaven and the underworld. Lillith was handmaiden to Ishtar/Innana. These 3 are each part of the feminine pantheon representing the transformational process and interweaving of birth/life/death

This triple conjunction in Leo (authentic self expression, informed by desire to be valued and respected as equal) opposite the Aquarius moon (emotional attachment to ideals, emotional detachment from subjectivity), forms a tight T-square to Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is the patriarch of the zodiac and the one who represents earthly manifestation as a result of hard work and responsibility. Saturn in Scorpio's negative potential includes a huge amount of fear and the manipulation that one might seek to exert in order to control a situation that one is fearful of. Saturn in Scorpio can be a jealous hoarder of secrets and cling to fears of the past, repressing any and all who seek to move forward... The positive potential of this placement is a commitment to doing the work you need to do to make sure that your karmic closet is cleaned.

Imagine the threads of connectivity between yourself and your family, feel them as roots that extend from the soles of your feet into the Earth. Notice which ones feel binding and rotten. Feel the threads of connectivity that have bound together with threads of resentment, fear and mistrust. Take a deep breath. Imagine a sharp machete in your hand. Cleanly, clearly, make the action in your body to cut the threads and roots that are diseased. As you cut them see them turn to ash and fall away. Take as long as you need. When you are done breathe deeply in the spaciousness you have created. Feel the freedom you have now to nurture and attend to the healthy, vibrant roots and threads.

A T-square is formed by an opposition (Leo/Aquarius) whose two points both make a square (90 degrees) to another point. The point that is squared becomes the "focal point" or the point in which the key to the opposition will be found. Hard angles (as squares and oppositions are called) are formed by signs of the same quality. In this case we have 3 fixed signs indicating a whole ton of stubbornness. The question (opposition) in this case might be "How do I truly become an individual, committed in every thought, word and action to the highest potential of my being?" and "How do I, as an individual, serve and benefit my community?" and "What are the communities I wish to be a part of? What do they stand for?" The key (focal point) here is our dedication and responsibility (Saturn) to doing the deep emotional clean-up work, and seeing through the levels of falsity that we identify with (Scorpio). Resist becoming the tool of others' or your own fears and invoke Lilith as you "refuse to submit to the assumed authority of another or to compromise (your) beliefs."

Feel yourself standing, connected to Earth, ancestors, sky/space, other beings, and future beings. Remember how your body has been formed of the organic materials of the Earth, and remember how one day your body will become the Earth again. Consider what other parts of you will remain in the future. What kind of ideas and thoughts do you wish to leave here? Are your current thoughts and ideas those that heal or those that hurt? Locate the places in your body that feel most strongly aligned to your ideas of yourself, all of the ideas. In those places notice what feels strong, healthy and vibrant and what doesn't. Then let the healthy places permeate into the places that feel sad, shut-down, tense and uncomfortable. Don't judge yourself. Remember that healing happens quietly and that support precedes movement.

Finally we have a grand fire trine between the triple conjunction in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and the asteroid Pholus in Sagittarius. Pholus is the second discovered Centaur planet who is responsible for Centaur planets becoming a classification. Pholus represents small starts to major events, catalysts, turning points and vague precognition of huge changes to come. Eric Francis says, "Pholus seems to involve the transgression of known boundaries and limits; to exceed expectations of the effects or consequences; and to reach out to unusual distances in time and space. Thus, this includes multigenerational effects (three generations is usual) and the release of effects from causes that exist primarily in prior generations." 

A grand fire trine is easeful action, whole-system expansion and dispersion and a good amount of energy to move. The astrology of right now is the moment you find yourself in, holding the seeds of the past and looking at the soil of the future. You can no longer not see that some of the seeds you carry are not yours at all, but are seeds of fear, bitterness and fight that have been given to you by others. You see as well that some seeds are valuable and sustaining traditions that you will joyfully carry on. And some seeds are just yours, what are you planting?

Feel a relationship between your feet and your heart. Whatever that means to you... Imagine tiny pathways between them; feel the structure of your skeleton beginning at your feel and traveling up through your body to your ribs to make space for your heart; allow the beating of your heart to resonate into all your tissues and down into your feet. Expand that relationship into the Earth and remember that all of our ancestors are here; the dust of their bodies and the implications of their actions. Ask to carry on what is useful and let go of what is destructive. Venerate the best intentions of the ancestors and forgive their failures, let yourself stand taller as your release karmic baggage that isn't yours to carry.

To find out where and how this applies to you, get your free astrology chart and find the place that contains 18 degrees Aquarius. Whatever house this is in is where you can directly apply the themes of above and look for reflection and illumination.

Blessings to all you superbeings on this supermoon. I will continue to plant seeds of intention for our collective dedications to be more loving and kind with one another and ourselves. Happy weekend!

X Renee