The sky is on fire this Aries Full Moon!

On your mark…get set…..Glow!

(((Aries Full Moon)))

Well, then throw in a little Mercury Retrograde, a Grand Fire Trine and a Total Lunar Eclipse and this Full Moon just might light a fire under your a@@.


Before Mercury began putting it’s breaks on and stationing retrograde, I felt myself ease up on the effort of almost constant pedaling, and began to find that way of riding the wind. Coasting. But, it was fleeting in the way that many easy things are. Things that have been smooth, are now fuzzy, requiring more effort, more attention and careful communication. Thank You Mercury, every time, for reminding us to pay attention to the little things.

This Grand Fire Trine is feeling like three glowing torches in the night sky. Activating, Illuminating, warming, radiating and showing us the way. Even our weather here in Portland has become unusually warm after a cool down.These trines can sometimes prove to be somewhat passive to those seeking action. But, trines always reflect the energy of the element and the planets involved. Fire is a great motivator, and this one is building, bubbling and boiling with motivation. This firey trinity is ablaze with Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Confidence, creativity, inspiration, adventure and spontaneity are all supported at this time. But, fire can sometimes set energy aflame. If we burn too brightly, there is potential to leave a trail of ash behind.

Solar eclipses happen at the New Moon, and lunar eclipses on a Full Moon. A lunar eclipse happens when an opposition of the Sun and Moon (in the same degree but on opposite sides of the zodiac) creates a Full Moon. Eclipses are rare events, taking place about four times a year. Astrology is based on the concept of “as above so below”, so we can assume that eclipses can foreshadow unusual or unexpected activities. This month’s lunar eclipse happens on the 8th, when the Aries Moon opposes the Sun in Libra. These luminaries can possibly the trigger old patterns as new information is revealed. Eclipses can also be powerful course correctors. And Pluto is squaring the Sun and Moon during this one, so there could be some tension, urging us to purge, release and transform. The days leading up to this full moon and days following we can feel impulsive. We can expect passion and power to fuel our interactions and emotions. With Libra and Aries, think judge vs. warrior. Perhaps even a gladiator standing in the center of the arena, awaiting his fate to be determined by his Lanista who has finally come to a point of compassion for the warrior. The warrior is ready to fight and at the same time ready to embrace his earned freedom. Libra needs time to decide and asks us to respond and move forward in the most mature, patient and fair way possible. This is the polarity of the partnering and balancing sign of Libra, facing the self-assertive, go-for-it sign of Aries. Where and what are we needing to balance? And, what requires less thinking and more doing?


I myself was born with Moon in Aries. In my inner world, I am a Warrior and a “Womanchild”, as my Mom likes to call me. Aries is driven, active, passionate, curious, impulsive and moves head-first, fighting for what it believes in. Famous women with a feisty Moon Aries include the following; Grace Jones, Lynda Carter, Lucy Lawless. All powerful warrior types.

This Aries Full Moon wants us to reconnect to creativity, inspiration, and action. Being that it’s illuminated by the Sun in Libra, it wants you to do this while recognizing that you are one with those around you. All from one source. So, in order to move forward, you must see that oneness. You must hold compassion for All so that you can then be calm and clear enough to see the path light up before you. We can call in the trailblazing spirit of Aries, and explore our own inner mystery a bit more. So get up, put on your chainmail, grab a torch and light the way!!!

Love & LIGHT,