New Moon in Scorpio | Solar Eclipse

Scorpio2 Here we are again. The cycle is closing. The last few days of the Libra are dispersing seeds of questions born from the Aries/Libra relational axis of Self ⇦⇨ Other. The cycle of the moon is the cycle of gestation. At the new moon a seed is planted, at the first quarter it must prove itself and face the challenge of growth, at the full moon it reaches its potential; it sees itself and recognizes its place, and then it begins to disperse... Energy that has been focused on self-actualizing is turned outwards towards the environment with the wish to disseminate, attention is given to letting go, approaching the next full moon is the final letting go; the release of the self back into the seed of potential.

Each seed is a question. Each seed is a wish.

Cycles upon cycles of a question/wish arising, feeling new life and new perspective slowly spreading, the spark and inspiration, the wish to become, the challenge of becoming, the choice to continue and move through challenge, the eventual self-knowing, and then the offering, the wisdom that can be shared, the eventual self-questioning, the release of the form. What was known is now unknown. The form becomes formless. A new question arises.

This is the cycle.

We are moving from the cycle of relationship, contracts, and cooperation into a cycle of solitude and release. The Scorpio new moon on Thursday occurs at 2:56pm PST in the first degree of Scorpio. Each sign of the zodiac is divided into three parts of ten degrees called decans, or decanates. The decans each have their own planetary sub-ruler that lends layers of complexity to the sign. The first decan of Scorpio is ruled by Pluto (also Scorpio's modern ruler, with Mars as the traditional ruler) and is called

"The Week of Intensity"

Yes my friends, you read that one right. "What?" you ask, incredulous, "Hasn't this year already been intense? What about the Cardinal Cross? What about the lunar eclipse last month? How can it get more intense?" Please note that the intensity of this time speaks also to the end of Autumn, the time of distillation and preserving. The season of Libra brought the harvest, sharing of effort and abundance, cooperation towards our goals. Scorpio brings us inside to begin the processes of "putting up" for the winter. The questions that arise in this time have an inward moving, probing nature- "What do I need to survive?" We have now accepted that summer is over and turn towards the coming of darker months. It is a time of preparation. It can be a time of fear and unknown. It is a time to know who you can trust and to know what your resources are. It is a time when instinctually we may cling to our comforts. It is a time when we feel vulnerable and remember that even if our skin glowed in the summer sun, it is too thin to withstand the winter without protection.

Kali by anupamas

This week brings us a new moon with a solar eclipse, Venus is conjunct the new moon and in Scorpio she expresses her darker Kali-like side. Two days after the new moon Mercury will station direct while touching the Pluto/Uranus nerve. The week of intensity is a week of fortifying and strengthening from the inside out. It is a moment of tenacity and self willing. What is your drive? Scorpio Venus isn't interested in your niceties, she asks you to face the demons that keep you from loving- yourself, others, the world... What are you so scared of? Chances are that the fear which keeps us from loving arises a place that is also attached to some sense of power, control and feeling like you know what's going on. How terrifying it is when we realize that our frail bodies are temporary and the ones we love will eventually die but even before that they might change so much that our love is called into question. We grasp and grip and try to make ourselves feel safe-accumulating money, things, credentials, relationships, expertise... And yet we still know that none of these things will accompany us...

The sincerity of love lies beneath the forms of love.

Eclipses are times to rest, to begin and to end. The new moon is a time to wish for the healthy growth of your questions, to ask with all of your being that consciousness (sun) will come and gently illuminate your shadows. Venus traveling into the heart of the sun is a time to end that which keeps you from loving, and Venus in Scorpio reminds us that although love can be kind, gentle, sweet and rosy- it can also be the most loving choice to not be gentle, sweet or rosy... sometimes ferocity is what's called for. Political correctness aside, and do not say or do anything you will regret in your lives to come, sometimes the most loving choice is to do the thing that you fear the most.

The sincerity of your love lies beneath the forms it takes. If the intention of love is there than commit to it, and trust that what needs to be done will be done.

The dark moon, a sliver of outline visible, holding space for growth

This new moon happens two days before Mercury turns direct. During this span of days Mercury opposes Uranus and forms a square to Pluto, setting off the energy of Pluto/Uranus era and the cardinal cross once again. Mercury stationing direct is a time to trust what you have learned about yourself and begin to formulate your actions and words. November 10th Mercury will have left its shadow zone and will have arrived at 1˚ Scorpio, the site of our current eclipse and new moon signifying the formulation of our new moon wishes and eclipse insights into something we are able to communicate and intellectualize. The next new moon will be conjunct the planet Saturn and we will be ready to get to work and put our plans into action. Dig deep in the next 4 weeks. Dig into your own psychology. Why do you do what you do? Why do you think what you think? What is beautiful to you and how can you support beauty in ways that are consensual and non-harming to others?

Those of us with Sun or rising sign in early degrees of one of the fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo) or late degrees of the cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer) will be feeling this eclipse and new moon strongly. Remember the positive attributes of the Scorpio season: focus, penetrative insight, and the ability to let go and transform. If you find yourself in the grips of a more negative Scorpio moment: intense emotional overwhelm, paranoia/suspicion, attachment to power or manipulation... Take a moment to yourself and connect to what grounds you- get outside and get some fresh air, find a place to be where you feel abundant.

Note to every sign- This is a time to recognize the resources that we have. It's always a good practice to offer daily gratitudes, and to check our privilege. This is a time to remind ourselves that the greatest violence most often comes from feelings of lack. Remember the abundance that is around us in all things.

You will be taken care of. You can trust.

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