Bull Moon illuminations and Scorpio transformations!

Bull Moon illuminations and Scorpio transformations!

Dig Deep or Dive Deep?


I want to go, transform, move forward and beyond. But, here I am. And at the same time I want to stay and take root. I like it here. It's safe, beautiful and I have everything I need. But over there, it’s mysterious, dark and unknown. Shall I swim or keep rooting? Scorpio asks us to take the plunge, dive deep and embrace our fears. While Taurus wants to be here. This life. This place. This moment. What to do?

Fixed water meets fixed earth, and earth holds water. Water wants to move but here it’s fixed, deep, dark and swampy in Scorpio. Taurus is solid ground and foundation. Earth is stillness, but the Moon still pulls on it, asking it to move. Who will budge?

Attachment as in the way of Taurus, and surrender or death as in the way of Scorpio. Holding on or letting go? Life. Death.

This Full Moon is bringing me to ponder Abhinivesha, or the Clinging to Life. Abhinivesha is the fifth of the Five Kleshas. The Kleshas are believed to be the five ways in which we suffer. This fifth klesha is about our fear of anything dying or ending, not just our lives, but ANYTHING. A gripping to a particular version of reality, where we are unable to turn our gaze and twist deeply, looking over our opposite shoulder to the beauty of the non-dual world of which we’ve always been a part. The sages say this is the most difficult Klesha to overcome. I believe this to be true.

The Full Moon in Taurus is here on November 6th. We may be asking: What helps us to feel secure? What do we truly value? What helps us to feel grounded? What else do I need to let go of, and can I let go?

This morning I awoke from a dream where I was sitting in a garden, in the dirt and slowly pulling weeds. My feet and hands were covered in wet earth, and the weeds were coming up so effortlessly. There were so many flowers, plants and trees. There were butterflies, bees and tiny, busy microcosmic worlds. I could smell the soil all around me. I was calm, and felt I had nowhere else to be but right there. Hands in wet earth, taking it all in. This is a fleeting feeling for me, having an almost earthless natal chart. Grounding for me is key to survival. So this morning's dream was a welcome reminder.

To connect with this Full Moon’s power, take time to take it all in. Luxuriate in the senses and all sensing. Slow down, indulge in the beauty that surrounds you. Go out into nature and truly commune with it. When at home take hot baths with essential oils, meditate or get a massage. Be aware of your earth body. It truly is made of earth. Flesh, blood, bone.

Ask yourself why or what you have a hard time letting go of? And why are some other things so easy to shed? And lastly, be grateful for what you have, as well as what you do not have. That is Gratitude. So dig and/or dive deep my friends.

Full Bull Moon Love and Earthy Blessings to All!