Voyager New Moon - Set your sights

Sagittarius is the sign of the voyager, it asks us to dream big and dream vast but not to just be content to dream- go out there and see for yourself. Sagittarian pastimes include travel to faraway places and dates with foreign peoples, spiritual seeking, philosophical wanderings/wonderings, dreaming the possible, attempting the impossible not as a daredevil but as a researcher, and all higher levels of education regardless of their credentials- the knowledge that you want to know rather than the learning you are given as a child. It is the sign of aim, the direction that we shoot the arrows of our interest and attention. sagittarius

What are you hungry to know? What in your soul will ache if it does not see? We are only as limited as our imaginations, so what is the stuff of your dreams?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, optimism and traditionally considered the great benefic- the planet of good luck. Saturday's new moon (4:33AM PST) occurs at 0˚ of Sagittarius with the sun and the moon both entering the sign just a few astrological minutes before coming together. The first degree of a sign is a potent becoming, a moment of initiation into new astrological territory. In fact, the first ten degrees of any sign embody the qualities of becoming even more the essence of its ruling planet. Entering into the Jupiter's reign means letting loose of our tightly wound expectations of what will be, should be, or could be, and allowing ourselves to float into

The Span of Receptiveness

Tuesday's new moon sabian symbol is "Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories"... Alright, let's break this one down. Chances are good that if you've lived a few years you have had to go to battle for your dreams. Chances are good that they've been questioned by the external and the internal armies of ought to. Chances are that at some points somewhere you have compromised if not downright conformed and the big questions you wanted to dream, not to know the answers but to live the questions, chances are that those questions have taken backseat to practicality.

This is ok. It's something we have to do to grow up and get by, but it's not something that we have to accept all the time- especially once we're old enough and wise enough to see how the struggle for sustenance and practical life choices can actually inform the process of manifesting creative impulse. The key word here is Reawaken... Yes, you have battle wounds and you are tired and maybe your dreams seem far away. So what do you need to (re) awaken? There's a clue that maybe community can help- a gathering of likeminded, those who know what you've been through and who's stories can help you remember your passion, or at least why you once believed something was worth fighting for. It might also take some serious support and affirmation from outside influence to convince you to pick up some of those dreams again. Seek out your inspirations, guides, mentors and fellow seekers and remember that traveling companions are fun. Ask questions together and challenge yourself make the questions more important than the answers. Explore.

Tomorrow, just a few days before the new moon, Saturn will be conjunct the sun in Scorpio offering one last final push to dig deep into yourself, to examine how and where others' influences have become your own constraints, and to find the fortitude to commit to manifesting your deepest desires.

The ruler, or dispositer, of this new moon Jupiter is currently in Leo where the message is to be yourself, to let it all hang out and trust that only you can to do the job of fully expressing your you-ness. Jupiter in Leo is optimistic, but it's also forming a square to Saturn and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio. This is yet another reminder that Freedom comes with Responsibility, and while one task is to find a way to think levelheadedly about how to achieve, move towards and explore your far-out fantasies, another, perhaps more important task is to consider what connections will be made by committing to your journey, and how your personal liberation will serve the health, wellbeing and liberation of others.

Zodiac Wood carving

This is one new moon that is GREATLY served by a yoga practice.

Yoga- meaning to yoke or to bind, refers to the union we can possibly achieve with consciousness, or the Divinity that we all rest in. However, undertaking the path of yoga is undertaking a path of studied separation. To understand yoga (union) we also need to understand viyoga (not union). This is the practice of considering all that we are not... And letting go of it... In order to merge with the everythingness that we truly are. Dream. Big.

Practice your new moon Yoga, cast your wish-nets, and learn more about what this astrology means for you by finding the place that 0˚ Sagittarius is in your natal chart (and look to see what sign your Jupiter is in too). Bring your chart and your questions to our monthly Embodying the Zodiac Class! Tomorrow night!

7-9PM The People's Yoga Second Studio 4940 NE 16th St. $15

You are not your restrictions You are not the goals that you have defined You are not your family names or the stories those names carry You are not even your body though it is your blessed home for now...

What kind of idea are you? You are as vast as nothingness You are as empty as everythingness You are the place that dreams arise

You are not your restrictions You are not the debts you owe You are not your failures You are not your fears

What kind of idea are you? You are the idea of alchemy- the essence of this moment You are the idea of alchemy- this relation, this connection You are the idea of alchemy- this potency and becoming