Beginning Again

Early 2015 greetings and salutations to us all. We begin this first week back to work and back to school in the hours after the Cancer full moon. Cancer is cardinal water (initiates, evokes and provokes feeling), opposed to the sun in Capricorn, sign of cardinal earth (sets out to concretize, manifest and form). In medical astrology Cancer rules the chest, breasts, stomach and alimentary canal. Capricorn rules the knees, joints and skeletal system. This particular axis of the zodiac illuminates the polarity between contents and container. Capricorn is the container, structure and form that the contents of our organs and feelings reside within. The two absolutely need each other. The stabilizing and practical nature of Capricorn absolutely needs the feeling and nurturing nature of Cancer or else it becomes dogmatic, (f)rigid and detached. The flowy/feely nature of Cancer absolutely needs the clarity and foresight of Capricorn (not to mention the dry humor) or else it becomes overly sensitive, reactive and non-directive.

The sun rules the spine and back, the moon rules the stomach, digestive system and female organs. Capricorn rules the bones/skeletal structure and feelings of stability and Cancer rules the alimentary canal and feelings of comfort and nurturance.

This lunation sets off the Pluto/Uranus square and formed a grand cross with the sun conjunct Pluto, and Uranus opposite the north node of the moon. This energy continues the vibration of the cardinal cross that was exact last April, as well as the energy of the Pluto/Uranus square era that has been underway since 2011.

Chart of the Cancer full moon on January 4th, 2015

The full moon, 3 days after the beginning of the new year asks us to organize (Capricorn) our emotional landscape and instincts (Cancer). Feelings of fear, overwhelm and pressure (Pluto) arise as we contemplate the impact of our individual roles (Aries), and perhaps sets off our worry (Cancer) about what effort (Capricorn) it will take to manifest our intentions/goals (N.Node) for the new year. Themes of relationship (N. Node in Libra) vs need for autonomy and freedom (Uranus in Aries), home and the comfort of home (Moon in Cancer) vs work and ambition (Pluto in Capricorn) are present. Many of us are feeling the tension that arises as we negotiate how to express our feelings without burning down the structures that support us. All of these issues will continue to build... particularly themes of individual expression/freedom/agency within larger systems of power/organization (government and corporate systems especially) through the winter and spring as we head towards the 7th and final exact square between Pluto and Uranus in March of this year. In the coming months watch for more news of uprisings, struggles for freedom, and forced change to outdated policies. Systems of governance will continue to be challenged as the populace is swayed by emerging stories of individual experience. 

With Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn entering into Sagittarius we collectively enter the next 2.5 years with a sigh of relief. The last few years of Saturn in Scorpio have been intense, murky, mucky and deeply painful. The necessity has been to unearth and examine the seeds of our personal and collective shadow. We have brought much to light and are now at least grudgingly willing to examine a few of these seeds: long-held and deeply felt ties to racism, the question of who serves and protects against whom (this article illustrates the timeline of Pluto/Uranus from the conjunction in the late 60's during civil rights and recent events at the NYPD), common gender bias and the brutality of the gender binary are a few we are facing on the national level. In the next few years as Saturn moves through the sign of knowledge expect movement on the philosophical level. Seeking resolution may come through more theorizing and less reactive feeling. Religion and religious teachers will provide illumination (Pope Francis is really going for bust) but also watch for a rise in religious dogma leading to further oppression.

Pilgrimage by Unsplash


Saturn in Sagittarius is an invitation to broaden your horizons through travel, education and contemplation; to expand your world and let go of narrow/constricted viewpoints. At its highest offering this transit calls us to become our own spiritual masters and to claim self-authorship and self-respect on the deepest level. When we truly arrive at self-respect we also truly arrive at intimacy. We understand that 'as above, so below', 'as within, so without' we respect ourselves by respecting all others.

May it be so.

Enjoy this somatic meditation and move freely for the week

Embody the moment this week by practicing yoga poses that strengthen your structure and foundation while softening and supporting your organs. 

If you find yourself feeling stressed and crabby this simple energy medicine technique calms and comforts.

And if the pressures outside become too big, make some space inside by honoring the moment through ritual.

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